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Best Cooling Headbands: Mission Vaporative Cooling Lockdown Headband

Mission Vaporative Cooling Lockdown Headband (VCCL) is a new type of cooling head band developed by NASA. It was designed to reduce the heat generated during space flight. They are made from a special material called “thermoplastic elastomer” which is very lightweight yet durable. VCCL is designed to keep your body temperature down during long flights.

It works by trapping the air around your core body and keeping it there at a lower temperature than outside.

The result?

You stay cooler!

The VCCL cooling head bands were tested in space and they worked well enough to be used successfully on astronauts during their missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS). However, NASA decided not to use them because of cost concerns. So far, no one else has been able to make these types of head bands.

The VCCL cooling head band is available in two sizes – small and large. The size Large fits most adults. Both sizes fit heads up to approximately 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter. These head bands are made from a flexible material so they will stretch with your head shape and size.

The VCCL head bands are available in only one color – gray.

How to use the VCCL:

Before wearing the head band for the first time, you will need to soak it in lukewarm water for 10 minutes. This helps the thermoplastic elastomer become more flexible and makes it easier to put on. After soaking, the band will retain most of the water so you should let it air dry. From then on, soaking will no longer be necessary.

The head band should be worn tight enough such that it is not falling down over your eyes. However, it should not be so tight that it causes restricted blood flow to the head.

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The head band should always be worn as directed by manufacturer’s instructions.

How does the VCCL work?

Normally, the human body normally produces about 5 watts of heat every hour. In addition, an individual might also be subjected to other thermal stressors such as solar radiation, cold environments, chemical heat packs, warm water immersion and more. Each of these can produce an additional 5 watts of heat. So a person can produce a total of 10 watts (or more) during one hour of strenuous work in a hot environment.

The average adult loses about 300 calories per day through normal body processes. Obviously, if you are producing more than you are losing, you will gain weight. The VCCL is designed to help the body use less energy when performing strenuous activities in hot environments.

The VCCL is designed to trap air around the head and create a tight seal around the neck. This reduces the amount of skin that is exposed to the heat. Trapping the air also makes the head feel about 5°C (9°F) cooler than the outside temperature. This is called the “windchill effect”.

The amount of heat produced by the body is also reduced because blood will flow less to skin that is not being used as much.

The VCCL was tested in a hot environment and it was shown to reduce core body temperature, heart rate and rate of sweating in trained athletes when they performed strenuous work activities.

Does the VCCL really work?

Yes. The VCCL will help protect you from overheating during strenuous work activities in hot environments.

However, this head band will not allow you to do more work than you are able. It will simply make your work easier because you won’t have to worry about getting too hot.

How much protection will the VCCL provide me in a hot environment?

The VCCL is designed to help you stay cool when working hard in a hot environment, it will not make you superhuman. Your body is only able to do a certain amount of work before it overheats no matter what you are wearing. You should never push yourself beyond this limit no matter what protective gear you are using.

How do I know if the VCCL is right for me?

The VCCL is specifically designed for individuals who work in hot environments and are at risk of suffering from the effects of heat stress. If this sounds like you, then the VCCL is a great choice!

If you work in a cool environment and are simply looking for a head band to keep your hair out of your face, there are many alternatives on the market that will work better for you.

Does the VCCL come in any other colors?

At this time, the VCCL is only available in black.

Does the VCCL come in different sizes?

The VCCL is designed to fit all adults. However, if the head band is too tight it may cause restricted blood flow to the head, especially if worn for prolonged periods of time. If you feel any tingling or numbness during use, then you should remove the head band until the sensation passes. As a general rule, if the head band feels too tight then it probably is.

Can women use the VCCL?

Yes. Although the VCCL was designed with men in mind, women can also benefit from its protective effects.

Do I have to wear the VCCL below my hard hat, or will it work if I wear it under my hard hat?

The VCCL should be worn below your hard hat. It was specifically designed to work in this position.

Can I wear something under the VCCL or is it designed to be worn directly on my skin?

The VCCL should be worn directly on the skin. Wearing anything under the VCCL will result in reduced performance.

Should I take the VCCL off before entering a air conditioned environment?

No. The VCCL should remain on in air conditioned environments as well. This is one of the great benefits of this product.

If I am working in a cold environment, will the VCCL make me overheat?

No, the VCCL was designed to counteract the effects of heat, not make you uncomfortable in cool environments. When you start working hard enough to generate a lot of internal heat, the VCCL will start to release this heat via thermal radiation.

Can I wear a hard hat over the VCCL?

Yes, you can wear a hard hat over the VCCL. In fact, it is recommended that you do for additional protection.

Can I wear earmuffs or earplugs under the VCCL?

Yes, you can. Wearing earmuffs or earplugs under the VCCL will not interfere with its ability to release heat.

I work in an environment with a lot of airborne particles.

Will the VCCL clog up and fail to protect me?

The VCCL has been designed with breathing filters in mind. Even after filtering out large particles, the filter still allows enough air to pass through to keep you from feeling like you are suffocating.

Does the VCCL have any effect on my sense of smell or my ability to taste food?

No. The VCCL does not impact your sense of smell or your ability to taste food. You will be able to smell and taste just fine.

Does the VCCL make any sound when worn?

No. The VCCL is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Wearing the VCCL makes no more noise than wearing headphones.

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Can I wash and re-use the VCCL?

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