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Best Windows Laptop Trackpad: Logitech Wireless T310 Touchpad Review

The Logitech Wireless T310 is one of the most popular touchpads for laptops. It is available in several models with different features. The keyboard is backlit which makes it easier to use at night when your eyes are tired. The trackpad has a large surface area and provides good precision.

You can easily navigate through your computer using the trackpad.

In this review, we will compare the Logitech Wireless T310 touchpad with other options.

Logitech Wireless T310 Touchpad Features

It is equipped with a small but bright backlight. It helps you sleep better at night. There are no buttons or knobs on the touch pad itself so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing anything. If you prefer, there is a mouse button on the bottom right corner of the touch pad.

It is made up of a smooth plastic material. The mouse has a glossy look that can easily get dirty. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, but be extra careful not to spill anything on the touchpad. The touchpad has an integrated scroll bar at the right side of the touchpad.

It is very easy to use and there are no complications setting it up. It can be used with a windows laptop or desktop pc without any issues.

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Logitech Wireless T310 Touchpad Pros And Cons


The large touchpad is easy to use.

The touchpad works quietly and smoothly.

The bottom right corner of the touchpad has a button that you can press to left click. There are two buttons on the top right corner which you can press to right click. The top left corner also has a button you can press to bring up the menu.


The glossy finish can get dirty easily.

It is one of the more expensive touchpads available.

You should not eat or drink near the touchpad as it can easily scratch.

There are no buttons on the touchpad itself. You have to use the two buttons on the right side to left click and the button on top to bring up the menu.

How To Install And Use The Logitech Wireless T310 Touchpad

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You should plug the receiver into a USB port on your computer before turning it on.

The touch pad will not work until you turn on your computer and wait for Windows to begin loading.

The touch pad will work with your computer once you turn it on and Windows begins to start.

If you want to change any settings, go to Start and type in “Device Settings” into the search bar. Click on Device Settings once you see it appear in the search bar.

A window should pop up that explains how you can change any settings for your touchpad within this window.

You can use this window to change the speed or enable/disable certain features for your touchpad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean The TouchPad?

If something gets on your touchpad you can clean it with a damp cloth. Dry it off and make sure it is completely dry before turning on your computer or using the touchpad again.

Does It Work With Android?

No, the touchpad was only made to work with a Windows-based computer. It cannot work with your Android cellphone or tablet.

How Much Dust Does It Collect?

After a period of time, the touchpad will collect some dust. Use the same method to clean the touchpad if this happens.

Is There A Way To Disable Some Of The Atteckulates?

Go to Device Settings in Start and you can disable certain features within this window. You can use this to turn off any of the features you do not want or need.

Can You Use This With A Xbox Controller?

No, you need to use a mouse to play this game. The mouse is not included with this package.

How Does It Work With A PS4?

The touchpad was not made to work with a PS4. You will need to look at other touchpads if you want to use one with a PS4.

Can I Use This With A Laptop?

Yes, you can use this with a laptop. You just need to plug the receiver into a USB port on your laptop.

Best Of Luck Using Your New Touchpad!

Thanks for reading our guide on the best touchpads available in 2019. We tried to cover everything you would need to know about these products before spending your hard earned money. We hope you found it useful and that you were able to find the perfect touchpad for all of your gaming needs!

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