Best Computer Reading Glasses

Computer glasses are devices which provide users with a virtual magnifying glass effect. They are used to enhance one’s vision when using computers or other digital devices. These devices allow the user to see images at a much greater distance than what they would normally be able to see, making it easier for them to read printed material such as books or newspapers.

The most common type of computer glasses is called “glasses” because they are typically worn on the face rather than around the neck like regular eyeglasses. However, there are also “computer” types of glasses which have special lenses and frames so that they function as computer monitors or projectors. There are also specialized computer glasses which use tiny cameras to capture images from different angles.

While computer glasses may seem like a relatively simple device, there are many factors to consider before buying any kind of computer glasses. Before purchasing your first pair of computer glasses, make sure you understand all the potential benefits and drawbacks of each type. You will need to decide if you want a pair that provides enhanced viewing capabilities while working in front of a screen or if you prefer to view images without having to look away from the task at hand.

The History of the Computer Glasses

One of the earliest forms of computer glasses was created by a company called Gunnar that specialized in high-tech eyewear. The company was started by two brothers who understood the importance of protecting one’s eyes while using digital devices all day long. The brothers were also concerned about the quality of their vision as they grew older and decided to create a line of fashionable glasses that could improve a person’s eye health.

The first pair of Gunnar glasses were a major success because of all the various benefits they provided. Over time, the company continued to provide eye care solutions for people who worked in front of screens all day long. People who needed glasses for computer vision problems soon realized that their eyeglasses could also be used to protect their eyes from dryness and fatigue.

Several other companies also started creating specialized computer screens that could be used to protect a person’s eyes from eye strain. There are now many different brands of computer glasses available on the market today, each with their own pros and cons.

What are the Different Types?

Gunnar Computer Glasses

Gunnar computer glasses are another popular brand and pair of computer glasses which can improve one’s vision while in front of a screen. The Gunnar computer glasses are designed to filter blue light and create a warmer, low-light environment. This helps to lessen the strain of looking at a computer screen for several hours. Blue light can be damaging to a person’s eyes as it affects the retina.

The computer glasses also come in various styles, from bold to traditional. People who wear these computer glasses generally experience a lessening of eye fatigue and dryness when using a digital device. These computer glasses can also increase contrast while viewing a screen.

However, these types of computer glasses do not offer any protection from eye strain due to staring at a screen all day long. They also do not protect against blue light emitted from other electronic screens, such as cell phones and tablets. Gunnar glasses may be best for people who already have good eye health and just want to lessen the effects of using a computer or digital device.


Best Computer Reading Glasses - Best Purch Marketplace

Improves contrast

Lessens eye fatigue


Does not provide protection from blue light emitted from other screens

Does not block out all blue light

Digital Eye Strain Glasses

These computer glasses are specifically designed to protect one’s eyes from the effects of eye strain when using a digital device. These glasses have several different color lenses that can be easily interchanged, depending on what you plan to do with your digital device.

For instance, if you are planning on using your digital device for gaming or watching a movie, you should switch to the blue lens. This will allow you to better distinguish between different shades and colors. The brown lens should be used if you plan on doing a lot of reading. Finally, the orange lens will block out the most amount of light and should be used at night or in a dark room. This will help your eyes from being exposed to too much light.

These computer glasses also come with an anti-glare coating to protect your eyes from strong light reflections. This coating can also be easily removed should you want to better see the natural color of what’s in front of you. Using these computer glasses will help your eyes from getting strained and tired when using a digital device.

These types of computer glasses can be beneficial for frequent digital device users such as bloggers, gamers, and writers. These computer glasses may also be an option if you have worn contacts on a regular basis and experience eye dryness and discomfort. For instance, the anti-glare coating may help your eyes from drying out due to long hours in front of a digital screen.

Best Computer Reading Glasses - Purch Marketplace


Anti-glare coating provides extra protection for the eyes

Various color lenses can enhance digital screen viewing

Can be worn over your regular prescription glasses


Does not provide protection from blue light emitted from other screens

Buying Computer Glasses on eBay

If you’re in the market for a pair of computer glasses, you’ve come to the right place. There is a large selection of computer glasses available at eBay. You can browse the various computer glasses offered by several sellers. When you find a pair you’re interested in, click on the name or the image and you’ll be taken to that product’s listing page.

The listings page will provide you with important information about the product, such as the seller’s name, the price, size, and color, if it applies. The page also provides photos of the product and has a section for customer reviews. Click on “see terms” to view the seller’s return policy, or “buy it now” if you don’t want to deal with bidding and simply want to purchase the product right away.


Eyes are an important feature that allow us to see and experience the world around us. No one wants to damage their eyesight by not wearing the necessary protection. Fortunately, there are several types of computer glasses you can wear to protect your eyes, such as anti-reflective and photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses allow the lens to darken in response to different levels of light. This is beneficial for when you’re outside in the sun and then come inside, as your eyes won’t need to readjust.

There are also blue-light blocking lenses, which are ideal for those who use a computer for long periods of time. Also, computer glasses come in various styles to accommodate different types of activities. For example, there are swimmer’s goggles for swimmers who want to protect their eyes from chlorine.

Best Computer Reading Glasses - Best Purch Marketplace

No matter what style or type of lens you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your needs. Protect your eyes and shop eBay for your next pair of computer glasses.

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