Best Computer Monitors

Best Computer Monitors: What are they?

The term “best” in computer monitors refers to the most powerful display technology available at any given time. A monitor with only one or two standard resolutions will not offer the full potential of your PC. The reason why many people prefer to buy a high resolution monitor is because it allows them to see more content without having to zoom in their browser window, which would otherwise take up too much screen space.

A good monitor should have a wide viewing angle, so that you do not need to turn your head around to read what is being displayed on the screen. A large number of colors are preferred when possible. This ensures that images appear sharper and more vivid than if they were rendered using less detailed graphics cards.

The resolution of the monitor should be sufficient enough for all your needs, but it may not be able to handle higher resolutions such as 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels).

When choosing a monitor, there are several factors to consider. These include the price, size, color depth and resolution. There are also other features like adjustable stand height and tilt that can make the purchase process easier.

If you want to get a better picture quality while watching movies or playing games then you should choose a monitor with a VA panel. They provide better image clarity than TN panels, but suffer from lower contrast ratios and pixel density compared to IPS panels.

Best Computer Monitors for work

1. ASUS MG279Q – Best Computer Monitors for Work

The ASUS MG279Q is an excellent choice for professionals who want a monitor for professional use. The color of this monitor is very good, making it easy to distinguish between various shades, which means that images appear more realistic and less distorted. The frame of this monitor is very thin and the screen has a diagonal of 27 inches.

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Compared to other monitors, this is relatively large and can be used for various purposes.

This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and hence can easily handle fast-moving images without causing blur or generating ghost images. It is a great option for gamers and others who need to handle moving images on their screens. It has a resolution of 2560×1440, which is relatively high.

The fact that it can display content at this resolution means that you can easily view multiple windows on your screen at the same time without much loss in image quality. It can be connected to a wide variety of devices such as desktops and laptops.

2. ASUS PB287Q – Best Computer Monitors for Work

Another best monitor by ASUS is the ASUS PB287Q. This monitor has a 28-inch LED backlight screen with a resolution of 3840×2160. It uses the Wide Color Gamut, which simply means that it can display more colors than most monitors.

Images on the screen appear more vivid and realistic because of this feature. The monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is relatively slow when compared to other monitors in this price range. It also has a fairly large footprint, which means that it cannot be used in small desks.

The stand that comes with this monitor can be tilted upwards and downwards. If you want to mount it on a wall, you will need to use a different stand or mount. The only video input that this monitor has is one HDMI port and one DisplayPort.

Hence, you cannot connect any other device unless you have an appropriate cable. It comes with built-in speakers that produce average sound quality.

3. BenQ PD3200U – Best Computer Monitors for Work

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The BenQ PD3200U is a good monitor for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. The screen is 32 inches with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and has an IPS panel. The images on the screen look very vivid and lifelike, making it a good monitor for movies and games.

Since the screen is very large, users can view multiple windows at the same time without much image degradation. The thin bezel makes it look elegant and the VESA mount compatible hole at the back allows you to easily mount it on a monitor arm or a wall mount.

The monitor is HDR400 certified, which means that it can display HDR images without much loss in quality. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and hence can handle moving images with ease. It comes with a single HDMI and DisplayPort input and has 4 USB 3.0 ports at the back for connecting peripherals.

The screen has a glossy finish and has moderate reflectivity. Hence, it might be difficult to view under bright lights.

4. Samsung U32J590 – Best 32 Inch Monitor

The Samsung U32J590 is an excellent high-end monitor for those who want something a little bigger than 27 inches. It has a screen size of 31.5 inches and an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is the minimum required resolution for displaying 4K content.

Images on the screen look very sharp and crisp. The screen has a variable refresh rate of 48 to 60Hz hence can handle fast-moving images without much difficulty. The stand that comes with this monitor can be tilted and pivoted, making it comfortable for you to view the screen from any angle.

It has 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports at the back, making it convenient for you to connect your other devices to the monitor. It has speakers built into the monitor, which produce rich sound quality. It also has a VESA mount at the back, allowing you to easily mount it on a monitor arm or on a wall.

While this is an excellent monitor for work and multimedia, it is not possible to adjust the height of the screen.

5. LG Electronics 29UM68-P – Best 29 Inch Monitor

The LG Electronics 29UM68-P is a good monitor for those who are looking for something smaller than 32 inches. It has a screen size of 29 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1080. The display quality of this monitor is excellent and it has a very thin bezel, which makes the screen look even bigger.

It can display images at a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz and hence handles moving images without difficulty. As this is a 1080p display, you can view content from your phone or tablet on this screen without any reduction in image quality.

Best Computer Monitors - Best Purch Marketplace

It has a very thin profile and comes with a glossy black stand that allows you to tilt the screen. It also has a VESA mount at the back, allowing you to mount it on a wall or a monitor arm. While this is an excellent monitor for office work and multimedia, it is not as suitable for gaming due to the lower resolution.

Buying a Monitor

When buying a good monitor for your desktop or laptop, you have to ensure that it has the right screen size, resolution and connection options. You also have to make sure that it can display images and videos without much difficulty. While a 17-inch monitor is good for editing documents and browsing the web, an 18-inch monitor is better if you mostly use your computer for multimedia purposes.

If you do a lot of work that requires you to look at images and videos, as well as edit documents and browse the web, a 21-inch monitor would be ideal. You can choose a 32-inch monitor if you want to use your computer like a TV and view movies and series from your laptop or computer on a larger screen.

You also have to select the right screen size depending on the distance at which you sit from the monitor. If you are a student or you use your computer on your desk most of the time, a 24-inch monitor will be fine as it will ensure that you don’t experience eye strain even after sitting in front of the computer for long hours. If you like to watch movies and series and play games on your computer, a 32-inch monitor would be a better choice.

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