Best Commercial Baby-Changing Stations

Best Commercial Baby Changing Station Laws

There are different types of commercial baby changing tables. There are counter top baby changing stations, which have a base with wheels or other supports and a door on one side. These are usually used in restaurants and hotels where there is no room for a separate changing area.

They may also be used at home because they require less space than traditional baby changing tables.

There are also front facing baby changing tables, which do not have any support structure behind them. These are generally used in hospitals and nursing homes where there is no need for privacy or privacy is needed. Front facing baby changing tables can also be found in some public restrooms.

You will see these types of commercial baby changing tables most often in supermarkets and grocery stores where customers want to buy diapers from the cashier without having to stand around waiting for their order to come out of the kitchen.

Baby Changing Table Types: Counter Top vs. Front Facing

Commercial baby changing tables come in many shapes and sizes. Some commercial baby changing tables are simple round ones, while others have rounded corners and flat tops. There are also those that have a raised platform on top so the customer can sit on it when changing their child’s diaper.

Most commercial baby changing tables come in various colors such as white, blue, gray, brown, green and red. There are even some that are illuminated with lights so the customer can see what they are doing.

Where Are Commercial Baby Changing Stations Commonly Found?

These types of baby changing stations are common in public restrooms, especially those in restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places. There are many types of commercial baby changing tables on the market for consumers to choose from, as well as different stores to buy them from.

You can find them in your local department stores, baby supply stores, and even in certain grocery stores. You may also be able to find some types of these changing tables on the internet to buy as well. To get the best deal on commercial baby changing tables, you may need to shop around before you make your final decision on where to purchase yours from.

Is It Okay To Use A Public Changing Table If You Don’t Have A Baby With You?

While many people wouldn’t think of using a public changing table unless they absolutely had to, others feel that it would be okay to use if they didn’t have a baby with them.

Of course if everyone started doing this, then what would stop someone without a baby from using the table? And would there be enough space around the table to accommodate these added customers?

Still, if there was some way to guarantee that only those with babies or young children could use the tables, you feel that it would be okay to use them whenever you needed to.

Interesting Facts About Baby Changing Stations

Many fast food restaurants now have baby changing stations in their restrooms.

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These types of changing tables are also common in movie theaters, zoos and other public places where people are more likely to be in a hurry or have a child with them.

They are also good for parents that don’t want to miss out on something that they really want to do, or somewhere that they really don’t want to miss. So even if you don’t have a baby with you and you need to change your child’s diaper, you’re not completely out of luck.

Most Changing Table Reviews Are Positive

Most of the baby changing station reviews that you read online seem very positive. this is probably because the vast majority of people are satisfied with them.

If you’re a parent, you probably don’t want to be lugging around a bunch of diapers, wipes and other supplies in your pockets when you go out. With a commercial baby changing station, all you have to do is whip out a diaper, some wipes and change your child’s diaper on the table. This can be very convenient.

You May Not Want Others To Use A Public Changing Table

If you’re like some people though, the concept of sharing a public changing table with others may not appeal to you. This is perfectly understandable. After all, one person’s pleasure is another person’s displeasure.

Some people would rather use a restroom with no baby changing station than use one that is shared by others. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone.

The only thing that might make using a public changing table more appealing is if there were some sort of barrier or partitions separating your area from the other areas of the table. This would give you a little extra privacy.

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These types of baby changing stations are also known as family changing stations. You often find them at zoos, theme parks, large retail stores and other places where a lot of people transit through on a daily or weekly basis.

While you may feel perfectly comfortable using a family changing station without any type of privacy barrier, others may not. If you fall into this category, there are some things that you can do to maintain a little privacy.

Your privacy might not be as private as you want it to be, but at least the person sitting next to you won’t see everything that you have to do with your child or children. Here are some tips for using a family changing station in a public place.

Tips For Using A Family Changing Station

Choose a table with as many partitions as possible to give you the most privacy. While this won’t guarantee your privacy, it’s better than having no partitions at all.

If there aren’t any empty tables, see if you can place a bag or something else on an empty table to block the view of it. At least this way no one will be sitting there and watching you change your child’s diaper.

If all the tables have someone sitting at them or there are no tables available, you may have no choice but to change your child’s diaper in a corner or somewhere else out in the open. At least there probably aren’t a lot of people walking by when you’re changing them in these areas.

While it certainly isn’t ideal to have to change your child’s diaper in a public place, it can be done if necessary. Just make sure you take the necessary safety precautions.

You certainly don’t want your child to get into something that they aren’t supposed to get into just because you left them unattended for a few seconds. And whatever you do, do not leave them in a changing table or anywhere else in the vicinity of the family changing station. This isn’t a play pen.

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It’s only meant for changing diapers and nothing else.

If you follow all these safety tips, you should be just fine. Just try to ignore the fact that there are strangers around and just concentrate on what you have to do. If that doesn’t work, you can always think about something else such as a fun trip that you took recently or something else that is fun and pleasant in your life.

As I said before, the concept of sharing a baby changing station with others may not be for everyone. If you feel this way, I certainly won’t judge you. You can either use other types of baby changing stations or change your child’s diaper some place else entirely.

As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and it’s safe, that’s all that matters.

As far as your child’s safety is concerned, you should always make sure that they’re safe wherever you change their diapers or put on their clothes.

I remember one time when my sister was trying to get my nephew, Kyle, dressed and she was having a hard time doing it since he kept squirming all over the place. In her haste, she dropped him on the floor. Thank goodness he was OK since he cried for a few minutes and then was fine afterwards.

It certainly scared my sister though.

So remember, whether you’re at home, in a public place or some other location altogether, always keep your eyes on your child and make sure that they’re never in any type of danger at all times. It’s up to you to keep them safe.

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Baby Changing Stations Can Help With The Heavy Lifting

The next time you have to change your baby’s diaper, try using a baby changing station. These are padded tables, usually found in public restrooms, with a hole in the middle for your baby to be placed in.

Not only are these great for lifting your baby up to table level making it easier for you, especially if you have back problems, they also ensure your child’s safety while you attend to their dirty diapers.

These stations are designed with safety in mind. The openings are small enough to prevent your baby from rolling or slipping through them.

This is certainly a wonderful invention. It saves parents from having to bend over all the way to the floor. Since the openings are only large enough to allow a baby to fit through, there is no chance of your baby slipping through and getting lost or getting stuck on the way down.

While these are wonderful safety features for parents with babies that are just beginning to learn how to crawl, however these changing stations may not be as safe as they should be.

Here’s why…

Over the past few years, there have been cases of parents losing their children in these changing stations. While most of the time the children are found unharmed, a few of them haven’t been so lucky.

These types of incidents usually happen when the baby becomes frightened by something and tries to crawl away. Since they’re scared, they tend to move without thinking. In other words, they’ll crawl right through that hole without even thinking about it.

In most cases, parents have only been a few feet away from their children when this has happened. Because of the size of the opening, however, they haven’t been able to get to them in time.

If you have one of these changing stations in your home, it only takes a few seconds for your child to disappear forever. It might take you a few minutes before you realize that your baby is missing. By then, it might be too late.

These types of accidents tend to happen most often when the parent or caregiver is pre-occupied with something else. But even if you’re paying full attention to your child, if they get scared enough they’ll crawl right through that opening.

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If you have one of these in your home, you need to remove it immediately and replace it with a safer alternative such as a regular changing table or just lay a blanket on the floor.

And while you’re at it, make sure that all caregivers, whether its your parents or your spouse, are aware of the dangers of these baby changing stations and how to keep your child safe from them.

Should You Get A Baby Walker?

A baby walker can be a wonderful thing. It allows your little one to explore the world around them while still being able to pull themselves up using the floor.

But they can also be dangerous.

Baby walkers give parents a false sense of security. They allow us to move about the house doing our own thing while still keeping an eye on our babies at the same time. The problem is, however, that we’re not actually watching them all the time.

Most standard walkers have a harness which is supposed to keep your baby from moving too far away from you. The problem is, the harness isn’t all that effective and many babies have been able to wiggle out of them.

Even if your baby doesn’t manage to get the harness off, they can still move the walker close enough to something that they can use it to climb up and then fall down.

And because they’re practically riding on the floor, they can get where they’re going a lot faster than you might think.

When most people think baby walker, they think of a plastic tray that the baby sits in and can roll from side to side.

But did you know that there are also walkers on the market that look more like powered seats with three wheels?

The seat is usually shaped like an “L” and has a tray that comes out in front of the baby so they can reach it better.

The powered seats can go even faster than the traditional floor models and are often quite a bit noisier as well.

While some parents have used these with no incident, there have been quite a few cases where these have caused horrific accidents.

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In one instance, a baby was able to move the seat over to a coffee table. Without realizing it, the baby was standing up in the seat and leaning over the tray while grabbing for a toy on the table. When she lost her balance, she fell backward and her head landed right in between the wheels, causing severe head trauma that eventually led to her death.

In another incident, a baby was able to climb out of their walker and then get themselves over to the family pool. Before their mother knew what had happened, the baby had fallen into the deep end. The baby did not survive.

If you have a baby walker in your home, please get rid of it immediately. And if you know someone who does have one, please pass along this information so they can get rid of it as well.

Never leave your child unattended at any time. It’s just not worth the risk.

How Dangerous Are Baby Monitors?

Most new parents are overwhelmed when they enter the baby section of a store. With so many different types of items available, it can all be pretty overwhelming.

In addition to the usual cribs, strollers, and car seats, there are also monitors, bouncy chairs, play mats, monitors, and swings.

Which one do you really need and which ones are just a waste of money?

The short answer is that you only really need a crib, a car seat, and a stroller. Everything else is just a convenience.

However, if you really want one of the “convenience” items, a monitor is your best bet. A good monitor will let you hear your baby from anywhere in your house so you’ll never have to run upstairs to check on her again.

But are these monitors safe?

The jury is still out on this question.

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