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The Sony MDR-Q68LW is a high quality Bluetooth headset which offers excellent sound quality. The headphone features a detachable cable, which allows users to customize the fit and style of their own custom headphones. These are very popular among music lovers due to its great sound quality and affordable price tag. This is one of the most sought after Bluetooth headsets among audiophiles as well since it’s considered by many to be one of the best sounding wireless headphones available today.

Best Clip On Headphones With Mic Review: What Is The Difference Between Ear Clip And Clip On Wireless?

There are two types of headphones with microphone. One type is called ear clip and the other is called clip on wireless. They both have different functions and characteristics but they’re both good for certain purposes. Let’s take a look at what each one does and how they differ from each other.

Ear Clips

These are the simplest kind of headphones with microphone. They don’t come with any wires or anything else so there’s no need to worry about them getting tangled up in your hair while walking around. You simply put your ear tips into these and then plug them into the microphone jack on your phone.

Clip-On Wireless

Clip on wireless headphones with microphone are different from ear clips because these come with a longer cord that you can plug into your devices. This means you don’t have to stick something directly into your ear. Instead, these clip onto your clothing so they’re out of the way. However, this does mean that you’ll have to be careful not to bump or tug on them too much while you’re walking around.

You’ll still have to worry about them getting caught on your hair or clothes while you’re walking around though.

Best Clip On Headphones With Mic Buyers Guide


When it comes to sound quality, these things are much better than those cheap ear buds that usually come free with your music players. The sound quality is very crisp and you’ll be able to notice details in the music that you never knew were there before. Of course, this all depends on what kind of music you listen to as well as how good the quality of the music is. If you’re listening to something in extremely high quality or low quality then you may or may not notice much of a difference.


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Durability is also something to keep in mind when choosing your headphone with microphone. If you’re going to be using these headphones daily then they need to be able to hold up against normal wear and tear. If you’re clumsy then you might want to pay a little extra money so you can have an extra pair on stand by.


You’ll also want to check and make sure the headphones that you choose are going to be able to connect with your music device. It would be a shame to find the perfect pair of headphones only to find out they don’t work with your music player or phone.

Earcup Design

The earcup design is something else you’re going to want to think about. If you wear glasses then you may find headphones with circular cups to be more comfortable than those with an oval or rectangle design. The same can be said if you have a larger head. You may also find that certain materials on the earcups make them more comfortable than others.


You’re also going to want to think about the style of the headphones. If you’re someone that pays attention to fashion and you want to match your clothing then you’ll want to make sure the headphones you buy match your attire.

Headset vs. Headphones With Mic

If you plan on using your mic for gaming, then you’re going to definitely want to choose a pair of headphones with a mic. A headset not only includes headphones, but a mic as well. Headsets are also typically more expensive than regular headphones because they include the mic. So if you’re looking to save money then you may want to choose a pair of regular headphones and buy a separate mic.

Headphones With Mic Buyers Guide

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When it comes to connecting the mic to your device, you have a couple options. You can choose from wired or wireless. With a wired mic, you’ll need to make sure you’re near your device because the cord will not reach very far at all. The benefit though is that you won’t have to worry about charging or worrying about a dead battery.

Wireless mics connect to your device via a receiver of some sort that connects to your devices headphone jack. These mics are great because they give you the freedom to move around. The downside is that you’ll have to charge or replace the batteries and in some cases you may experience connection issues unless you have a particularly strong receiver.

Brand Name

When choosing your mic, you’re going to see a lot of different brands. Some of these you’ll have heard of and some you haven’t. When looking for a quality mic, it’s always best to stick with a brand name. Some of the most common you’ll see are:




AT 2020



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Test Before You Buy

If possible, you’re going to want to test out the mic before buying it. This way you’re able to make sure it’s compatible with your computer and/or devices as well as see how well it works and if you like the quality.

Wired vs. Wireless

As briefly touched on above, you have the option of wired or wireless. As you can imagine, a wired mic is going to be directly connected to your device with a wire that you’ll have to make sure you’re close enough to your device for it to work properly.

Wireless mics are a little more advanced and a little more expensive as well. These are operated through a receiver of some sort that connects to your devices headphone jack. The mic itself is wireless and can be moved anywhere within the range of the receiver.

Nowadays you have two main types of wireless mics, those that require batteries and those that are phantom powered. Batteries are obviously the cheaper option but phantom power will produce a higher quality recording. It’s also important to check and see how long the batteries last because you don’t want to be replacing them every 15 minutes.

Microphone Position

Where you position your microphone is going to affect the quality of recording that you get. The rule of thumb for microphones is the wider the better. You want to position the mic at a 90-degree angle, or as close to it as possible, from where the main sound is coming from.

If you’re recording a single speaker, position the mic near the upper chest area. If you’re recording a group of people, position it above their heads somewhere.

Location is also important for your recordings. Try to avoid any loud or unnecessary noises that may be distracting such as cars driving by or children playing in the background. Keep in mind that the closer your are to the speakers, the louder you’ll have to make the recording in order to get a good quality audio.


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There are many different types of recording software that you can use but you have to make sure your mic is compatible with the program. Programs like Garageband come built-in with most Mac Computers so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything extra.

If you’re using a PC, some of the more popular recording software includes: Pro Tools, Cubase, and FL Studio.

Recording Software For PC

Recording Software For Mac

Once you’ve chosen your program, it’s time to start setting things up. The first thing you need to do is make sure that your mic is connected to your computer. Once that’s all set, open up your recording software and make sure your tracks are set to the correct input.

Volume and Tracks

Once you have everything connected and the right program, it’s important that you adjust your input and output volumes. The input volume is what controls how much sound gets picked up by the mic. The output volume is what controls the volume of the mic once its translated into digital data.

You want these levels to be as high as possible without going into the red. If either one of these levels goes into the red, your recording will have a lot of static that may or may not be able to be removed during the post production process.

Now that you have your input and output volumes adjusted, it’s time to set up your tracks. Most computers have two tracks built in but you can have as many as you want with some programs.

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