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Best Clinique Perfumes:

Clinique Happy Heart (White)

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Best Clinique Perfumes is the name “Happy”. They are known for their fragrances with the word “happy” in it.

These scents have been created with a purpose. Some of these scents may even seem like they are just made because they were fun or something similar.

But what exactly is this purpose? Is there really any reason behind all of this?

There is no doubt that the company’s goal is to make money. There is also no question that they want to create a product that will sell well.

However, what if the purpose of creating such a scent was not profit? What if this was actually meant to help people? To give them hope? To show them love?

Or maybe it wasn’t even intended for anyone but themselves! Perhaps some sort of sick joke!

Who knows why they chose the names they did?

The only thing that is certain is that there is a great deal of mystery behind these perfumes. They don’t seem to be designed for any particular reason. There is no particular meaning behind their scent names or even an explanation as to why they are named as such. The people who make up this company are very private and have made sure that the information about them remains hidden.

So, why do these names contain the word “happy”? Was there a special meaning behind each one? Or were they created because they sounded good together? Were these names actually significant to the people who made them? Or are they just common names that anyone could have thought of? Why are there no descriptions indicating any relation to the name or why they chose it? What is so special about the word “Happy” that it had to be included in so many of their perfumes?

Many people have so many questions and to this day, they remain unanswered. Maybe the answers were lost in time. Maybe the answers will never be revealed to us at all. We can only guess what the real reason is behind the Best Clinique perfumes. There is no meaning. There is no hidden agenda. There is no purpose other than to make money. The brain trusts behind this company decided to use a word that sells. It’s as simple as that.

As we continue to look into these perfumes and try to make sense of their names, we are reminded of one thing. If there is one thing that was on their minds when creating these scents, it was profit.

They wanted to make money, and they did. They really pushed the envelope with the name Happy because it’s so generic. While some may see this as a flaw, others will see this as sheer brilliance. They wanted to use something that everyone loves.

Who doesn’t feel happy when they are happy?

Well, there are some exceptions of course, but the point remains the same.

Everyone loves the feeling of happiness and who doesn’t enjoy a great smell?

It’s extremely clever how these perfumes were named. Even the word perfume itself has a nice ring to it. It’s very appealing to the ear, which is probably another reason why it was used in the first place. The word perfume alone makes most people happy. They are conditioned to love the word itself. They have been seeing it their whole life and it brings back fond memories of shopping with their mother or father, perhaps even a sibling. The word has an effect on us that is undeniable. That feeling is what they try to capture with these perfumes and they do a good job at it.

When you buy a bottle of Happy, you’re not just getting a simple scent. You’re buying into an ideology.

You’re buying into their idea of what it means to be happy. You’re also buying into something that was created for YOU. Yes, you. It’s for everyone, hence why they used the word everyone in the first place. They want you to buy into this ideology because it makes them money. It’s that simple.

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Now that you have bought into their little scheme, you have become a walking advertisement for their company. You are now telling everyone you know to go out and buy this stuff.

Not only that, but you are now a regular customer of theirs. Since they know they have done a good job at convincing you to buy their product, they will probably offer you coupons or discounts in the future.

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