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Wiley CFA Level I: A Guide To Get You Started

The first thing you need to do is decide which level of cfa prep book you want to buy. There are two levels of cfa prep books available today. The first one is the “CFA Level I” book, and it’s what most people start with when they learn how to become a certified financial planner (or fiduciary). These books provide a solid foundation from which to build your own personal finance education.

They’re usually pretty expensive, but if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of investing, then these are the best options out there.

The second type of cfa prep book is called “Adaptive CFA Level II”. These books are designed to give you a better understanding of how to apply the concepts taught in the Level I books. While they don’t necessarily teach you all the theory behind each concept, they at least have some practical examples showing how to use those ideas in real life situations. Since these books aren’t exactly cheap either, you might consider them as an alternative if you’re just starting out or want something cheaper than a Level I book.

Which type of cfa book do you choose?

This is completely up to you. If you’re serious about getting into the world of finance, then you should probably be looking at both. While the Adaptive books don’t teach you everything you need to know, they do give you a good idea of what the CFA Program has to offer. You can definitely learn a lot from these books, so it’s not like they’re a waste of money. I would only suggest getting a Level I book if you plan on taking the whole CFA Program. Otherwise, just get the Adaptive books and you should be fine.

Okay, let’s get down to the business of discussing which ones are worth buying. Since I’m not familiar with every single cfa prep book out there, I’m going to rely on reviews from other sites. We’ll start off with the Level I books…

Wiley CFA Level I – Overall, this is a pretty solid book. It has a lot of information in it and should prepare you for everything you need to know for the exam. The only complaint most people have with this book is that it’s too wordy at times, but if you’re serious about getting into this field then the extra reading shouldn’t be a problem.

McGraw-Hill Education CFA Level I – This is another good book. It has a bit more information than the one above, but it’s also a little more expensive. It seems to be a little easier to read than the other one though, so you’ll probably enjoy this book more.

CFA Institute Level I – This is the official cfa prep book, which means it’s the most up-to-date and has the seal of approval. However, it’s also the most expensive (and thickest). If you’re serious about learning everything there is to know about finance, then you should buy this one. If you just want something to pass the test, then one of the other books might be a better option for you.

CFA Institute Adaptive Level II – These books help break down some of the information from the official guide. They also provide plenty of practice exams and realistic questions to give you an idea of what to expect on the real test. These books are more of a necessity if you’re taking the Level II exam, but they’re still a good idea if you want a better understanding of all the material covered in the first place.

Wiley CFA Level II – As I previously mentioned, these are basically just like the other Level II books except they cover the information in a little more detail. Since you already have the Wiley Level I book, I see no reason to bother buying this one as well.

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McGraw-Hill Education CFA Level II – As with the one above, this is basically just a more in-depth version of your other Level II book. While it does have more information, it might be a little overwhelming at times given that you’re already familiar with some of the topics. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference.

Okay, so now that we’ve talked about which books you should buy, let’s talk about which ones you shouldn’t waste your money on. We’ll start with the Level I…

Wiley CFA Level I – I’m not really sure why people say not to buy this book.

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