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Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit With Reverse

The Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit With Reverse is a must have item for any home. It provides all the features of a standard ceiling fan remote control, but it comes with reverse so you don’t need to worry about accidentally turning off your favorite TV or stereo when you forget to turn on the lights. If you are looking for something different than what’s available from your local electronics store, then look no further!

Why buy a ceiling fan remote control kit with reverse?

Because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of using a ceiling fan without having to deal with complicated controls. You can use the same product that you already own, and save money while enjoying the convenience of being able to turn on and off your favorite entertainment center at will. No more fumbling around trying to remember which button does what; just press the one that works for you!

How Does It Work?

When you purchase the Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit With Reverse, you’ll get everything needed to make the switch: a wall mountable remote control, a mounting bracket, and instructions. All you have to do is plug it into your existing ceiling fan outlet and start controlling your entertainment center like never before!

Product Features:

– Kit comes with wall mountable remote and mounting bracket

– Mounting screws included

– Easy to follow instructions connected

– Remote control works up to 10 feet away

– Perfect for any standard ceiling fan found in homes today

Make the switch from a complicated 3 or 5 button remote to a 1 or 2 button remote designed with the average consumer in mind. No professional installation required. Comes with easy to follow instructions, and everything you need is included!

For full details about the product, please see the official Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit With Reverse web page.

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The Switch To A Remote You Can Understand

In this day in age, who has time to mess around with complicated electronics?

Nobody, that’s who! That’s why we created the Universal Ceiling Fan remote control kit with reverse. We managed to combine the best of both worlds into one easy-to-use product. You can easily use your remote to turn your ceiling fan on or off, or adjust the speed, but in the unfortunate event that you ever get confused, just press the “Reverse” button and you’ll instantly have access to your TV or Stereo again.

No more searching for the manual! No more expensive and complicated professional installation! Everything you need is right here, for a low price.

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