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Best Caudalie Skincare Reviewed by Paula from USA on 04/03/2016 Rating: 5

I have been using Caolion products since 2011 and I am so glad I did! They are very gentle on my sensitive skin and they do not irritate it at all. My face feels soft and smooth after applying them. I love their moisturizing cream which helps keep my skin hydrated.

I use their sunscreen lotion as well because it protects me from the sun’s harmful rays. I highly recommend these products to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin.

The only thing that bothers me is that there isn’t a better range of skincare products available in North America. For example, there aren’t any other brands like Caolion here in Canada (although there are some overseas). I would really appreciate if Caolion had a larger presence in Canada.

Thank you for your time and please continue to make great products!

Paula from Canada. Rating: 5

Hello, I’m Pauline from France, and I’ve been using Caolion products since 2012. After reading many positive comments about our product line, I decided to give them a try myself. I’ve got sensitive, combination skin and I can tell you that I’m very satisfied with the results! My skin felt smooth and looked radiant immediately after the first use.

I had no allergic reactions or adverse effects from any of their products, unlike other brands I tried in the past.

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I have never seen any of their products in the French market, however, I do hope they expand to my country soon so everyone can experience these great results for themselves.

Keep it up, Caolion! I love your products.


Pauline from France. Rating: 5

Hello, I’m Jennifer from the US and I’ve been a loyal customer of your skincare range for over three years now. I have to say, this is by far the best skin care line I have ever used and I’m in my 30’s! My favorite products are the AHA White serum, Firming Serum and Seawater cream. These amazing products help keep my skin looking radiant and glowing.

I get compliments on my skin fairly often and I’m always confident enough to go make-up free when I know I’ll be photographed. My skin was never able to achieve this level of radiance until I started using your products and I have you to thank.

I just wish these products were easier to get a hold of in the US. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to get my hands on them especially since the shipment takes quite a while to arrive (if it arrives at all). I have to purchase them from eBay and I always have to pay a pretty penny for shipping as well since I have to have them shipped from Korea. I’ve had better luck finding your products on Amazon, but the results are still pretty iffy.

My main issue is that these online retailers often sell fake products so you really have no idea what you’re going to get. It also sucks because if the product doesn’t work as well as the real thing then it’s completely worthless to me.

It would be so much easier if you could set up distribution centers in the US. I know there is a huge Asian population here so I don’t understand why it isn’t feasible. Los Angeles and New York would probably be your best bets.

In any case, I hope you continue to create products that are safe for the skin and effective and I hope I can continue to rely on your company to fulfill my skin care needs in the future.

Jennifer from the US.

Dear Ms. Choi,

Best Caudalie Skincare - from our website

I am one of your many long distance customers, living in the U.S. I first heard about your company when I was researching the best AHA/BHA products for my skin type. After reading rave reviews online along with helpful comparison charts between various U.S.

and Korean products, I decided to give Caolion a try. I have to say, it was one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve ever made. The bottles last me a good 5 months using them twice a week. I’ve never gotten results like this from any American product and I don’t mind paying the extra shipping since it’s well worth it!

I also appreciate that your company is very eco-conscious. All of your products are recyclable, minimal plastic is used in the packaging, and simple cardboard boxes are used to ship. In addition, you donate a percentage of your profit to environmental conservation efforts. It’s companies like yours that make me proud to be a consumer.

I look forward to trying more of your products, especially the snail line!


Allison Rating: 5

Wow! I have tried many things in hopes of clearing my skin and nothing has worked. I was struggling with my self confidence because of my acne. I started using this product and my skin is almost completely clear, I am in love with this product!

I have tried proactive, RX medications, herbal remedies, etc. for years and this is the only thing that has worked for me. I wish I found this sooner.



Hi Jennifer, thanks for your order of the Toner and the Foam Cleanser! We are really glad to hear that these products are working well for you. We hope that you enjoy them! Let us know if you ever have any questions.

Best Caudalie Skincare - PurchMarketplace


All the best,


J. Oneill Company Rating: 5

You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to try more of your products. My skin has never looked better since I started using korean products but my wallet weeps when I buy them. It’s nice to find an alternative that’s affordable.



Rating: 5


Best Caudalie Skincare - from our website

I got the new package yesterday and they are all in order. Thank you for sending the extra Propolis Gel. It will come in handy since I am losing mine during my trip to Seattle tomorrow morning. I will make sure to bring it back with me on the return trip next Sunday or Monday.

Thank you also for the samples that you sent, they are very thoughtful!

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