Best Cat Flea & Tick Prevention

Best Cat Flea & Tick Prevention:

Cat fleas are parasites which live inside your home or anywhere else where they can get into. They feed on blood and excrete waste products when disturbed. There are many different types of fleas including ticks, lice, mites, roundworms, hookworms and others. Each type has its own life cycle and behavior patterns.

Some species may not cause any problems while other types can become severe if left untreated.

Fleas can transmit diseases such as malaria, typhus fever, plague and bubonic plague. Other parasites include tapeworms, hookworm (Helicoverpa armigera), whipworms (Ixodes scapularis) and round worms (Taenia saginata). These parasites can affect humans too. If you have pets then it is important to take special care to prevent these infections from spreading between them.

The most common way to control fleas is with insecticides. Insecticide sprays kill the insects but they do not always work well and sometimes they even make things worse. Another option is using natural methods like applying garlic oil, baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar on your pet’s fur or using petroleum jelly on your pet’s skin. These methods will not only kill fleas but also some of their hosts (other animals).

One of the best options available to pet owners is using monthly topical prevention treatments. These are applied on your pet’s skin and work their way through your pet’s body, keeping it protected from various parasites like fleas for the entire month.

Some of the monthly treatments include:

1. Advocate: This medication fights against heartworm disease, intestinal worms, fleas and ticks.

It also protects your pet from developing allergic reactions towards these parasites.

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2. Frontline: This medication repels and kills fleas, adult flea eggs and larvae.

It also kills ticks including those that may carry Lyme disease.

3. K9 Advantix: This is one of the best products to use for killing and repelling both fleas and ticks on your pet.

It also prevents and treats tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

4. Promeris: This medication kills adult fleas and prevents ticks for a month.

It also prevents your pet from getting heartworm disease.

5. Sentinel: This treatment protects your pet from both heartworms and fleas.

It also prevents the infestation of intestinal worms.

6. Trifexis: This is a product which protects your pet from heartworms, fleas and intestinal worms.

It prevents ticks too but does not kill them instantly.

7. Vectra 3D: This medication protects your pet from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

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8. Zodiac: This treatment prevents both fleas and heartworms in dogs.

It prevents and treats ear mites too.

These are some of the most popular monthly treatments on the market right now. While they all protect your pet from a variety of dangerous disease carrying insects they do have their own individual side effects. Before using any of these medications read the label carefully and be sure to ask your veterinarian any questions that you may have. Make sure to always apply the medication exactly as directed because improper use can sometimes make the problem worse or even cause new problems to develop.

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