Best Carpet Shampoos

The following are some facts about Best Carpet Cleaning Products:

1) They are made from natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree Oil and others.

2) They have been tested for their effectiveness against various types of dirt and stains.

3) Some of them contain no harsh chemicals which may cause allergic reactions or other health problems.

4) Some of them have been used for decades without any adverse effects.

5) There are many different kinds of carpets.

So there is a need to choose the right one according to your needs.

Best Carpet Cleaning Products For Your Home And Office?

Top 10 Best Carpet Shampoo Brands:

#10 – All American Carpets & Rug Care (AACR). AACR is one of the most popular brands among carpet cleaners.

Its products are manufactured in USA and sold at retail stores all over the world. AACR is known for its high quality, low price tag and its quick delivery service. It offers a wide range of carpet cleaning products including:

Best Carpet Shampoos - PurchMarketplace

• Carpet Polish – A durable product that helps remove dirt, dust, grime and even stains from hardwood floors.

• Carpet Cleaning Concentrate – A powerful solution for removing spills and stains from carpets. It also brightens and revitalizes the color of your carpet.

A single bottle can be diluted for up to twenty five gallons of cleaning solution.

• Wool Rug Shampoo – A gentle cleaning product developed especially for cleaning carpets made of wool. It gently removes dirt, dust, grime, mud and other pollutants without causing any damage.

AACR also offers carpet extractors, carpet cleaning machines, carpet installation tools and many other related equipment and consumables.

#9 – Turquatic (Formerly Known as Chem-Dip). Chem-Dip has been manufacturing high quality cleaning chemicals since the nineteen thirties.

It is now owned by Zep Inc, a well known name in the field of floor cleaning products. It sells a wide range of cleaning solutions, machines and equipment for home and commercial use. Its most popular products include:

• Carpet Cleaning Concentrate – A powerful solution which helps remove dirt, grime, dust, mud and other pollutants from carpets. It can be diluted to make up to twenty five gallons of cleaning solution.

Best Carpet Shampoos - PurchMarketplace

• Carpet Shampoo – A professional quality cleaning product that cleans and restores residential and commercial carpets. It is made from a unique blend of ingredients which leaves your carpet looking bright and new.

It is ideal for regularly cleaning all kinds of carpet including shag, berber, wool, cotton, organic and nylon.

• Carpet Stain Extractor – A quick and easy way to remove stains from carpets. It can be used to remove everything from wine, fruit juice, pet stains and much more.

Chem-Dip also offers a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment and machines including: carpet cleaners, shampooers, extractors, rotary brushes, scrubbers and much more.

Are You A DIYer Or Are You Going To Call The Pros?

If you are a DIYer and would rather buy your own equipment then you will need to buy a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners come in either a canister or upright style. They also run the gamut from cheap to very expensive.

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