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Best Care Bear Toys are a brand name of a company in the United States. They produce various kinds of stuffed animals including bears, cats, dogs, and other animal characters. Their products have been available since 1991. They were founded by John Fitch and his wife Nancy Fitch. The company was originally known as “Bear Products” before changing its name to Best Care Bear Toys in 1993.[1] According to their website they sell over 2 million items every year. They also have a retail store located in San Francisco, California.

The company’s logo consists of two white bear heads with black stripes. On each head there is a small red heart and the word BEST (in gold letters).

There are three different types of bears: the Original Best Care Bear Toy, the Best Care Bear Plushie, and the Best Care Animal Friend Plushie. The Best Care Animal Friends Plushies come in many different colors and sizes.

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History Edit

In 1992, John Fitch bought out his father’s toy business and started selling stuffed animals under the Best Care brand. His first product was a bear called “Buddy”.

Buddy was very popular among children because it had a big round nose which made him look like a real person. Unfortunately, Buddy died after only one day of being sold to customers. John used the fur from Buddy’s body to create a new bear called Harmony Bear.

In late 1991, John Fitch and his wife decided what the company’s new direction would be. They came up with a teddy bear design they thought was cute.

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In January 1992, they held a contest to name the bear. After going through over 10,000 entries they chose the name Huggable Hairy. In March of the same year they held another contest to design a logo for the new bear. After going through 12,000 designs they chose the now familiar Best Care logo which consists of two bear heads with red hearts and the word “Best” in gold lettering. The Best Care website claims that over 2 million copies of the Huggable Hairy and its successor, the Best Care Bear Plushie have been sold every year since their inception.

Best Care Bear Friends Plushies come in many different colors and sizes. Each Best Care Bear Friend comes with a unique name and back-story.

They are available for purchase only at the Best Care Bear Toys website.

The Best Care Bear Company also sells other types of stuffed animals such as cats and dogs. They also have a “grown-up” line of merchandise which consists of drinking glasses, key chains, pillows, and thermometers.

The company’s most popular item is the Best Care Bear Plushie. Each Best Care Bear Plushie comes with a velvet heart attached to its chest with the word BEST stitched on it in gold.

The Best Care Bear Plushie has become so popular that there is now a Best Care Bear Friends line which consists of many different stuffed animals with the same design but different colors and patterns.

The Best Care Bear Company also sells other things that the Best Care Bear Plushies can wear such as sunglasses, hats, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The sunglasses come in many different colors and are shaped like bear heads.

The hats come in different colors and animal designs. Each necklace has a small golden heart with the word “Best” written on it in cursive writing. The bracelets are segmented into three pieces with each link having a different pattern. Finally, the rings are just plain golden bands.

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Best Care Bear’s Website and Stores Edit

The Best Care Bear Company sells its products only at its website and at its own stores.

Best Care Bear Store 1: The first Best Care Bear store is located in a small town named Oakwood inside the state of West Virginia. The store is located on the side of the road in front of a forest.

Best Care Bear Store 2: The second Best Care Bear store is located in the city of Los Angeles inside the state of California. The store is located on the side of a busy road next to a block of apartments.

Best Care Bear Website: The Best Care Bear website sells all the products that can be bought at the two stores listed above plus many other items which can only be bought online.

Best Care Bear Stores and Website Controversy Edit

On February 3, 2007 a blogger from the website Something Awful visited both of the Best Care Bear stores and wrote a rather amusing article about the experience. He claimed that both locations looked abandoned from the outside.

When he entered the West Virginia location it was completely empty except for a cashier sitting by himself in a corner. The walls were also completely barren with the exception of two Best Care Bear posters. The cashier informed the blogger that there used to be a huge Best Care Bear display there until someone stole it. The entire Los Angeles location was empty as well with its cashier sitting by herself in a corner. When the blogger asked about the West Virginia store the cashier became very upset and said, “They sold out to the enemy.” The blogger then asked what that meant to which she responded, “West Virginia has been taken over by a bunch of Care Bears unwashed hippies!” On March 2, 2007 the blogger returned to the West Virginia store and found that it was empty. The cashier informed him that the store was closed but he could still buy anything in their online store. This was all part of a scheme by Best Care Bear to steal money from people. The West Virginia store has since then been shut down and the Los Angeles location is also becoming increasingly unpopular due to several bad reviews on the internet.

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The stores have since then shut down according to the website. The company has since then refocused on the online store.

Now it has been taken down as well. John Fitch has since then died of Swine Flu and the company has since then been purchased by Hasbro. They have since then decided to relaunch the brand as a toy for girls. As of now there is no information on how they intend to do it. In the meanwhile if you need a new Care Bears toy then go to Ebay. They are available on there for extremely high prices.

Best Care Bear’s Website and Stores

The Best Care Bear Company sells its products only at its website and at its own stores. In the text below you can read user comments about Best Care Bear.

Best Care Bear is one of the most beloved toys and also characters in the world. If you do not agree with this statement then you should check yourself into therapy because you have some serious issues.

Best Care Bear is one of the most adorable and most huggable characters in the world. They are available in all sorts of plush materials.

I own three myself. They are not only cute but also very durable and will last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

Best Care Bear is a brand that produces stuffed animals and toys for children. The most famous ones are the Care Bears themselves.

There are 26 Care Bears altogether and they each have a different character and symbol. There is a total of 7 characters and their respective symbols. Each one has its own unique colour and personality.

When I was a kid I used to have a Care Bear called Tenderheart Bear. He was my first ever toy.

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I loved him more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately I lost him when I was 15 years old. I’m still upset about it to this day.

Best Care Bear is a phenomenon that was created in the late 1980’s. They were originally created in order to market a line of greeting cards.

Since then they have managed to become one of the most popular toy lines for children in the world.

The following are some of the more popular Care Bears:

1. Tenderheart Bear (Very strong)

2. Bedtime Bear (Very sleepy)

3. Cheer Bear (Very Cheery)

4. Funshine Bear (Very Funny)

5. Grumpy Bear (Very grumpy)

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6. Lotsa Heart Elephant (Very loving)

7. Birthday Bear (Very birthday-centric)

8. Share Bear (Very generous)

9. Peace Bear (Very peaceful)

Tenderheart is one of the main Care Bears and in my honest opinion the most important one as well. Without him the whole Care Bear crew would have been doomed.

Tenderheart is responsible for bringing the Care Bears together and naming them Care Bears. He has a very strong sense of justice and always tries to do the right thing even when no one is looking. He is the leader of the Care Bears and the “big brother” of the crew.

Happy is one of the main seven Care Bears. She has a very cheerful and optimistic personality.

When she makes a new friend she becomes very attached to them. She’s like your typical high school girl who is obsessed with pink and all things that are cute and cuddly.

Because of her sweetness and kindness everyone likes Happy despite her tendency to become a drama queen at times. She is best friends with Cheer.

Cheer is one of the main seven Care Bears. She has a unique personality because she is always cheerful and literally brightens up everyone’s day.

Whenever someone feels sad all they have to do is be around Cheer for a while and they’ll immediately feel happier.

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Despite her personality she has low self-esteem and hates herself because of it. Her best friend is Happy.

Loves beauty and aesthetics. She approaches everything with class and style.

Most of the boys in Care-a-lot have a crush on her despite the fact that she ignores them. The only things she hates are things that are ugly and uncool. She is best friends with Tenderheart.

Chill is one of the main seven Care Bears. He loves to go on adventures whenever he gets the chance.

He is also known for extending invitations to people to come along with him whenever he goes exploring. He is very daring and isn’t afraid to take risks.

His desire for fun and excitement always gets him into trouble. He’s a bit of a thrill-seeker and at times can be a little irresponsible with his invites.

He is best friends with Share.

Loves to make things, fix things, and keep things organized. Whenever someone has a problem he’s always there to lend a helping hand in fixing the situation.

He is also known to make his own inventions that help him and his friends in Care-a-lot. He is best friends with Cheer.

Bedtime is the sleepyhead of the crew. This little guy rarely wakes up in a good mood.

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You’ll often find him napping on the job or trying to find somewhere dark and quiet to sleep. Despite his lazy nature he’s very loyal to his friends and has a huge sense of justice.

Gentle is one of the main seven Care Bears. She is the perfect housewife.

Whenever someone is sick she’ll gladly make them a warm meal to help them feel better. When anyone is sad she’ll do her best to cheer them up. She loves children and finds joy in making things clean and organized.

She also has a bad habit of falling in love with men that don’t love her back. Her husband, Trueheart is one of those men.

She thinks the world of him.

Trueheart is a human that was brought to Care-a-lot when he was a baby. He grew up alongside the Care Bears and became one of their closest friends.

He is the husband of Gentle and the father of their three children, two boys and one girl. He is very easy going and resistant to drama. He prefers to keep his head out of trouble and away from arguments. He also finds himself easily distracted by his hobbies.

She is one of the main seven Care Bears. Whenever there is trouble in Care-a-lot she’s always one of the first ones to jump into action.

She has a tendency to jump into action without thinking things through which often gets her into trouble. She hates it when people don’t do their fair share.

He is one of the main seven Care Bears. He is very silly and loves making jokes and entertaining others.

He is the court jester of Care-a-lot, despite his silly nature he’s actually quite intelligent.

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He is also an eternal optimist. He always seems to have a smile on his face.

The only time he stops smiling is when he’s forced to deal with his bossy little sister, Bedtime.

Bedtime is one of the main seven Care Bears. She loves helping take care of others.

She is often found taking care of someone who is sick and playing with someone who is sad. She always makes sure everyone is doing their fair share and hates it when others don’t do their part.

She also has a bit of a bossy side to her. In fact, sometimes she can be very bossy.

Being the youngest Care Bear she likes to give her older brothers and sisters a lot of advice even though they rarely ever listen. She is also the only female Care Bear with a male voice.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my custom Care Bears! The world would be a better place if we all showed more care.

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