Best Car Window Shades

Best Car Window Shades: What are they?

Car window shades come in many shapes and sizes. They vary from ones that fold up into a small package to those that completely cover your windows. Some of them have different designs or colors, while others look like ordinary curtains. All of these types of car window shades are designed to block out light and keep you safe during the night time.

The most common type of car window shades are those that slide open when needed. These kinds of car window shades are called pull down shades because they require you to push them open. Pull down shades work well if you don’t want to take the chance of having someone steal your keys or other valuables while driving at night. However, they aren’t very practical if you need to drive at night in inclement weather conditions.

Pull down shades are great for keeping thieves away from your vehicle, but they’re not so good if it’s raining or snowing outside. If you live somewhere with severe winter weather conditions, then pulling down your car window may not even be possible due to the ice and snow covering the glass. If this is the case then a second type of car window shade may be a better choice for you.

The second type of car window shade is called a cover or a deflector. A cover or deflector attaches to the outside of the front of your vehicle, covering part of the windshield and the front side windows. They keep the heat in during the winter and keep snow and rain out during the rest of the year. One problem with deflectors is that is can be hard to see out of your windows. You can’t really tell what’s going on the other side, so backing out of a parking spot could be very risky.

These types of shades (both pull down and deflectors) are fairly easy to find at most stores that sell car accessories. The most important thing about choosing the right one for you is making sure that it fits your car. It won’t do you any good to buy a product that is either too large or too small for your vehicle.

Best Car Window Shades: FAQs

Q. I’ve been looking around online but I’m having a hard time telling the difference between shades and deflectors.

Could you tell me the difference?

A. The main difference between car window shades and car window deflectors is how they attach to your vehicle. Those classified as window shades are attached from the inside of your car with suction cups or adhesive and those classified as deflectors are clipped on from the outside. Car window shades are usually made of vinyl and you can find them at most department stores or automotive shops.

Q. I’ve seen some really nice car window shades at a local shop but they’re really expensive.

Is there any place where I can get cheaper shades?

A. Car window shades can range in price anywhere from $10 to more than $100, so you’ll definitely have to shop around before making a purchase. A good place to start looking is your local discount store or auto parts store. While you might not find the exact shade you’re looking for, you may be able to order one through the store’s catalog at a lower price than what they have in stock.


I really don’t like the idea of having something on the outside of my vehicle, is there any other option?

A. You can always try getting a car window shade that you can adjust and put in your window yourself. These shades usually come with suction cups so you can easily remove them when you want to drive at night or in cold or wet weather. These kinds of shades are a good choice if you’re worried about someone breaking into your vehicle while you’re away.

Q. I’ve looked around online and at stores but I can’t find a car window shade that I really like.

Can I just design my own?

A. Of course! You can order custom car window shades from specialty shops or online retailers. The process is fairly simple, you just have to take precise measurements of your vehicle’s windows so the shades will fit properly and provide adequate darkness when needed.

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Is there anything else I should know about car window shades?

A. While most people use their car window shades to darken their vehicle during daytime naps, you can use the in the evening or at night to block out light if you sleep during the day to workaround medical conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In this way, a car window shade can actually help improve your health and safety.

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