Best Car Garage Mats

Best Car Garage Mats: What are they?

The first thing to know about garage flooring is that it’s not just a place where your car sits while you’re at work or school. It’s also used as a storage area for tools, parts, spare parts, and other miscellaneous items. You might have seen some of these things when you were working on something else in the shop or even taking care of some errands. If you need to move stuff around, then you’ll want to consider installing a garage door.

Garage Flooring: Types of Materials

There are two types of materials that you will encounter when buying garage flooring: vinyl and hardwood. Vinyl is one type of material that comes in many colors and patterns.

Hardwoods come in different sizes and shapes. For example, wood shavings may be used for floors while solid wood blocks would be better suited for walls or ceilings.

Hardwood Flooring: Pros and Cons


It’s durable. It lasts longer than vinyl.

If you don’t use it regularly, then it won’t get dirty easily. Also, if you do decide to replace your flooring with a new one, then it won’t cost much extra since there are so many choices available nowadays. The only downside is that hardwoods tend to be heavier than vinyl and require more space to install them because of their size.

Vinyl Flooring: Pros and Cons


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Vinyl is easy to clean. Just use a mop and bucket of water or a vacuum cleaner since it traps the dirt inside.

Vinyl flooring comes in many colors, patterns, and designs. You can find whatever you like the most. It is extremely easy to work with because it can be installed on top of concrete floors without having to do anything else to them. This type of flooring is also a lot lighter than hardwood.


It tends to become brittle and discolored after a few years, which is why you may have to replace it more often than you would like to. Vinyl comes with a slight chemical smell when installed that can be bothersome to some people.

Some vinyl flooring is so thin that you can still see the concrete underneath it.

Best Car Garage Mats: How it’s Installed?

Garage floors can be installed in just a day. It all depends on how big the garage is and what kind of materials you are using. It’s best to call in an expert to do this job if you’re not familiar with do-it-yourself practices. If you hate the smell of vinyl then you can always get the hardwood type instead. These materials are easier to work with and can give your garage a whole new look and feel to it.

Practical and Beautiful Garage Flooring

Garage flooring has become a lot more practical and attractive nowadays thanks to the many choices in materials. Installing a new garage can cost a lot of money so you may want to do it yourself and install vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring can be bought at your nearest home improvement store and you can have it installed in just a day. You may also want to get some Garage Car Floor Mats to go with your newly installed flooring.

Garage Carpeting: Pros and Cons

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A lot of people are fond of this type of flooring. Installing it is pretty simple.

All you need are the materials and tools, and you can have a whole new garage floor in no time. This type of flooring is also reasonably priced. Vinyl and carpeted flooring are just two of the many choices available for your garage. Others include tiled floors and wooden floors.

The only downside to vinyl and carpeted flooring is that these materials get easily damaged when you install it on top of a concrete floor. You will have to spend extra money to have your floor reinforced first before you can have either material installed.

If you want to save yourself some time and money, then you may want to opt for hardwood flooring instead since it’s lighter than concrete and easier to work with.

Installing your own garage floor can be an easy weekend project for a DIY enthusiast. All you need is the right materials and tools.

Vinyl is a popular and affordable choice. This type of flooring offers the best value because it’s easy to maintain, comes in many colors, and are sold at a reasonable price.

Do It Yourself: How to Install Vinyl Flooring?

Installing vinyl flooring is cheaper and easier than hardwood or tile flooring. The average do-it-yourself enthusiast can easily and quickly install vinyl flooring. It’s not as easy to cut as hardwood or tile, however, since it can be a little more difficult to saw. There are different types of vinyl flooring namely sheet vinyl, plank vinyl, and tile sets. Here are the steps on how to properly install vinyl flooring:

Clean the floor thoroughly before installation.

Prepare the vinyl flooring for installation.

Use a chalk line to measure and mark the cutting lines that you will make to separate each row of vinyl tiles.

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Get a straight 2 by 4 wooden board and place it along the chalk lines. Be sure to place it tightly against the edges of the vinyl tile.

Now place another parallel 2 by 4 piece of wood in between the first one to serve as a guide for your saw .

. Using a handsaw, carefully start to make your cut along the 2 by 4 wooden board.

Carefully start to remove the excess vinyl and dispose it off.

Now that you have finished removing all of the excess vinyl, measure again using the chalk line to see if everything is cut to size. If not, repeat the previous steps until everything is cut perfectly.

Affix a thin layer of vinyl adhesive on the floor. Be sure that you use only a thin layer since too much adhesive may cause the vinyl to slide as it gets wet

Now that you have applied the vinyl adhesive, place the first row of vinyl tiles and carefully press them firmly against the adhesive. Use a vinyl tile roller to ensure maximum adhesion.

Continue placing rows of vinyl tiles until you have completely covered the entire floor.

If you are installing vinyl tile sets, you would need to place a thin layer of vinyl adhesive on the floor and then proceed to place the tiles. Follow this by placing thin-set mortar in between each set to ensure maximum adhesion.

Leave everything to dry overnight.

Once the vinyl flooring has dried completely, you can now use it as desired.

While installing vinyl flooring is easy, waiting for it to dry can be a little tedious. If you want to speed up the process, you can use floor fans to quicken the drying time.

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This will also entail additional costs for you since you will have to buy the fans. Depending on how large your vinyl floor is, you might need more than one fan.

Installing vinyl flooring doesn’t require expertise and it’s relatively easy to do. You can save money and do it yourself or you can hire a professional to do the job for you.

Whichever way, vinyl flooring is an affordable option that looks great.

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