Best Camera Suction Mounts

Best Camera Suction Mounts: How They Work?

The suction mount works like this. When you attach your GoPro or any other action camera to the suction mount, it will stick onto the surface. If there’s something sticky on the surface, then your camera won’t stay attached to it. You’ll have to remove the camera from its mounting plate before attaching it again.

How Does It Work?

There are two main types of cameras that use suction mounts. One type uses a spring-loaded mechanism to hold the camera on the surface. The second type uses a solid metal plate with a hole in it to attach the camera to. Both types work just fine, but they do differ slightly when it comes to how well they perform their function.

Spring-Loaded Suction Mounts

These suction mounts are similar to those found on some toys. There is a small button at the top of the device which activates a mechanism that holds the camera on the surface. These devices usually come with several different sizes of holes so you can get various sized suction cups to fit your needs. However, these devices tend to break very easily and need regular cleaning because they’re made out of cheap materials.

Solid Metal Suction Mounts

These suction mounts are made out of a single solid piece of metal so there’s no risk of them breaking. The surface area that they stick to is fairly large so you’ll need to make sure the suction cup is properly cleaned before attaching it onto a window or some other glass surface. These types of mounts can work well in most situations for most types of cameras.

Delkin Fat Gecko

The Delkin Fat Gecko is one of the most popular suction mounts on the market. It uses a very strong vacuum system to create a solid bond between itself and any smooth non-porous surface. This means that when it is attached to something like a car window, it will not be coming off in the middle of your drive to work or day of filming.

GorillaPod by Joby

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This is a small flexible tripod that can wrap around various objects, such as tree branches or even the arm of a chair, to provide more stability for your camera while you are trying to film. They come in a variety of sizes and weights depending on what you need. Most of them come with a quick-release plate so you can easily attach your camera to the mount. They can also be used for selfies.


This is a line of products that include several different mounts such as the GripTight and the BallHead. These mounts use a combination of flexible materials and industrial strength adhesives to keep your camera secure. The industrial-strength adhesives mean you don’t have to constantly worry about re-adjusting your camera every time you want to re-position it.


This is another popular brand of camera mounts and tripods that are designed to fit most standard sized cameras. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, weights, and price-ranges to fit your individual needs. Many of them have unique features such as twist legs to adjust the height, rubberized feet for added grip on various surfaces, quick-release systems, and more.


This line of camera mounts are made by the same company that makes the Gitzo Mountaineer tripods and also have several unique features. They are made with quality aluminum and stainless steel to help keep them from breaking or wearing out over time. All of the clamps and joints are made with a special material that was designed by NASA to help keep them from freezing up in the cold or becoming hot and inert while being used in desert climates. They also come with a lifetime warranty so if anything were to break, you can get it replaced at no charge.


Best Camera Suction Mounts - from our website

This is another company that manufactures a wide variety of camera equipment such as tripods, sliders, and other mounting devices. While the equipment may not be as fancy or lightweight, they tend to have some of the lowest prices on the market while still being sturdy enough to keep your camera from falling over.


This brand of camera mounts are made with the traveler in mind. They are very lightweight and designed to be taken on vacation so you don’t have to lug around your big and bulky tripod. They also double as walking sticks or hiking poles if needed.


This line of equipment is made with the professional photographer in mind. They are a little bulkier and heavier than some of the other tripods but they can handle more weight and also can be used in many more adverse conditions. You may need someone to help you carry them around if you plan on going very far though.


This is another line of camera equipment that is made specifically with filmmakers in mind. They are made with carbon fiber, which is very lightweight, but still able to withstand a lot of stress. They also have quick-release buttons for quickly detaching your camera when needed.


This line of equipment is designed to be budget friendly while still working great. They are also very lightweight to make carrying it around all day a little easier.


This brand is designed for travel. They are made with similar materials to the Slik brand but they are a lot lighter and have their own carrying cases for easy transportation.

Best Camera Suction Mounts - from our website


This brand of equipment is specifically made with videographers in mind. All of their tripods have video-heads included with them so you can pan and tilt while recording. They are also made with carbon fiber to keep them lightweight but strong enough to hold your camera for long periods of time.

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