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Cadmium is a toxic metal that causes cancer in humans. It is found naturally in soil and water but it can also be added to various products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industrial uses. Cadmium toxicity affects the nervous system causing mental retardation, impaired vision, memory loss and even death.

Raw cacao hot chocolate is a popular drink worldwide. It contains trace amounts of cadmium which are not harmful if consumed in moderation. However, consuming too much cadmium may cause health problems including kidney damage, bone disease and reproductive disorders.

Some studies have shown that eating foods high in cadmium increases your risk of developing lung cancer.

There are many types of raw cacao powders available today and they all contain varying levels of cadmium. There are several brands of raw cacao powder with different levels of cadmium. You can choose from organic, non-organic or certified organic.

Organic cacao powder does not use any pesticides while non-organic cacao powder uses synthetic chemicals like brominated vegetable oil (BVO) and chlorpyrifos. Certified organic raw cacao powder does not use these chemicals at all.

How to Know if Your Cacao Powder is Low Cadmium

It is important to note that the cadmium content in certain raw cacao powders may be higher because of where it is grown. Some countries have cadmium mines and do not have strong environmental laws. The best way to ensure that you are getting a low-cadmium product is to choose an organic, non-organic or certified organic brand.

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