Best Cabinet Pulls

Best Cabinet Pulls: A Complete Guide To Restoration Hardware

The following are some of the most common types of cabinet pulls used in homes. You may have other types of hardware that you use to organize your home or office. They all work together to keep things organized and secure.

If you do not own any type of pull, then it is possible that you will need to purchase one at some point in time.

1. Black cabinet pulls are made from solid brass.

These are usually available in two varieties; nickel plated and gold plated. The plating protects the brass from rusting, but does not affect its strength or durability. Nickel plated pulls have a slightly darker color than gold plated ones.

Gold plating is much harder than nickel, so it’s better for those with delicate hands because they won’t feel any pinch when pulling something out of their cabinets!

2. Nickel plated pulls are generally considered to be the strongest and most durable.

However, they’re heavy and can cause back strain if pulled too hard.

3. Brass pulls are made from copper or bronze.

Bronze is softer than brass, so it tends to bend easier than brass pulls. Copper is stronger than both metals combined, but it’s heavier than either of them, making it less stable when pulled too hard!

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4. Black cabinet pulls can be either round or square shaped.

Each shape has its own unique advantages. Round cabinets are easier to grip with a single hand. This is essential in bathrooms and kitchens where the cabinet doors are often placed in close proximity to water.

Square pulls are stronger than round ones, but they don’t grip as well as the former.

Cabinet Hardware Buying Guide

Your kitchen or bathroom cabinets may be filled with a wide variety of items. You may use this space to store food, cleaning supplies, basic tools, or other items that are necessary for your daily life. The cabinets can be heavy at times, especially when they need to hold a lot of heavy pans or pots.

It’s important to keep up with your supply of cabinet pulls so that everything in your cabinets stays secure. You should replace worn out ones and add new ones as you find necessary.


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