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Burberry LONDON: A Review of the Best Burberry Perfume

The fragrance of the Burberry London is one of its best. Its scent is sweet and floral with a touch of spice. It’s a very feminine smell that reminds me of my grandmother. I think it would suit most women but not all.

However, I do like it because it smells so nice!

I have been wearing this perfume since the first time I saw it in a store. When I was shopping at the Burberry boutique in Soho, I noticed that there were several perfumes available for men. So when I went home, I tried out some of them and liked the ones that smelled good on me. (I had no idea what “perfume” meant back then) Anyway, I bought the Burberry London and wore it every day until I sold it years later.

When I got married, my husband loved this perfume. He didn’t wear it much though because he thought that it was too girly for him. But after he found out that I liked the perfume, he started wearing it more often and even brought some home from work. You might think that he was stealing, but he really wasn’t.

He worked at a hotel and when people would leave their used up bottles in the rooms, he would take them. I’m sure nobody even noticed!

My father and grandfather were the ones that really started my love for this perfume. It all started when I got an allowance as a little girl, I think I was about five or six years old at the time. I went to the store with my dad and I wanted to buy some toys. But of course, my dad wanted me to get something else that was “more important.” So we bought the perfume because he said it reminded him of when he was young.

I think he also bought one for my mom too.

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Somehow, I got older and started to like the scent of the perfume less. So I stopped wearing it regularly. I would only wear it on special occasions such as Christmas or Father’s Day. My grandfather really loved the smell.

Whenever he got the chance, he would steal the bottle from my mom and wear it. I never really understood why since it wasn’t his style and he preferred something with a more “manly” smell.

Sadly, my grandfather died before I could ask him why he liked wearing it so much. His death caused the bottle to remain unopened for quite some time. My father didn’t really like the perfume when I first started wearing it. He preferred something with more of a manly smell as well.

But as time went on, he started to like the smell since it reminded him of my mom and his father.

Occasionally, my dad would even buy me a new bottle for my birthday or Christmas. It was like our own little tradition and made me feel special since I knew my grandfather did the same thing on his father. To me, this perfume will always remind me of my grandfather, even though he died before I was even born.

The other day, I went to the department store and they stopped selling it altogether. I asked one of the employees if they could order it for me and told them how much I loved the smell. Unfortunately, the only thing they could get their hands on was a brand new bottle of Burberry London for men.

I tried it on and it smelled horrible! I couldn’t believe it since I know Burberry made this perfume for men too! If anything, it smelled like what I tried on in the store! So I wore it for a day or so hoping that it would grow on me.

It didn’t and now its just taking up space on my dresser. I should probably just take it back and trade it in for something else, but I just hate throwing away a perfectly good bottle of perfume.”

I stare at the bottle and think about what you’re saying. I’ve tried the women’s version of this perfume out once and wasn’t a huge fan of it, so I can’t even imagine how the men’s version smells.

Best Burberry Perfumes - from our website

You don’t want to trade it in?”

“Not really. But I really don’t want to throw it away either.”

I get up and grab the bottle from your dresser.

“You don’t need to throw it out or trade it in, you can give it to me.”

You look at me in confusion.

What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’ll take it off your hands. It sounds like this perfume means a lot to you and I can appreciate that.

So why don’t you give it to me?

Then you won’t have to worry about anything. You can always get another bottle of perfume when you want one.”

But what are you going to do with it?”

I smile, “Don’t worry about it. Go ahead and give it to me. I think I know of someone who will appreciate it more.”

You reluctantly hand the bottle over to me.

You sure you want it?”

“I’m sure. Thanks for the talk and the gift, I’ll see you at school. I need to get home before my parents freak out. Good luck on your finals! You’re going to do great.”

I leave your house and make my way home as fast as I can. I still got a little bit of time before my parents get back. Hopefully, they left the back door open again…

“Zah! You’re home! We thought you would have been back already.

Did you have fun at your friend’s house?”

“Yep! She gave me a bottle of perfume she doesn’t want anymore. Its brand new and still got the tag on it!” I show my mom to prove my statement.

Oh? What kind is it?”

“It’s the women’s version of Burberry London.”

She laughs, “Well I’m sure you’ll find someone who will want it. I remember when you used to go through bottles of perfume like water. You went through three bottles of Ice before you finally settled on the one you wanted to use for the past five years. Speaking of which, you’re all out and need to get a new one soon.”

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I groan, “I know, I know. I’ll go get some this weekend…”


Did you go through all the tags I bought you?”

“…No, but there were only four left, and I still have to go through the belts you got me and–“

“Alright, alright, don’t worry about it right now. I’m sure you’ll get to it eventually. Come on, I’ll make dinner. Dad should be home soon and he’ll want to eat.

He says he doesn’t, but he always gets hungry around this time. I don’t know where he puts it, he eats more than you and I combined! Speaking of eating, here. Have an appetizer while I cook.”

I look at the slice of cold pizza in the plastic dish and shake my head.

“Ma, I’m not five, I don’t want to eat cold leftover pizza for an appetizer.”

“It’s not leftover, its what we always save for you. Come on, it’ll be fun, I’ll even give you one of the tags right now. The purple one. Your favorite!”

“Yeah, but I don’t like it for an appetizer. Besides, I’m not really hungry right now anyway.”

I turn my back to her and walk towards the living room.

“Well tell me when you are because dinner will be ready soon. You can watch what movie you want to watch tonight! Oh! Maybe we can finish the box of chocolates from yesterday!

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They’re your favorites after all! I’ll put a few aside for you! See you in a few! Love you!

I lie down on the sofa and try to lose myself in the TV. I don’t know why, but I just don’t feel like doing anything today. Normally after I get a new bottle of perfume, I’ll go around the house and try to find all the little gems I’ve hidden around, but not today. Instead, I just stay put and watch TV with no sound.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way.

Does this mean I’m getting old?

A tear streams down my face and I wipe it away.

I don’t want to be old.

I turn the TV off and sigh. I think its time to see Ms. Pearls again…

I arrive at the park a little after midnight. I really wanted to go earlier, but there was so much homework that I had to do that I couldn’t. I don’t want to be here all night though, so I hope she shows up soon.

I bring out my new bottle of perfume and look at the tag. The blue one this time. Maybe if I find all five tags, I’ll get a special prize or something! I laugh at that thought.

What would the prize be? A hug?

Stop it, Lena. She’s not a boogieman that lives in a tree. She’s just a lonely old woman who is nice to you. Sometimes.

I hear footsteps behind me and I turn around.

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“Hello again, young one.”

I smile and look at the ground.

“Hello, Ms. Pearls. I got another bottle for you.”

She takes it from me and smiles back.

“Thank you very much, Lena. You’ve really helped me out tonight. This one looks like its from that new Fragrance Shop in town.”

I smile and nod.

“Yeah, its pretty nice.”

She starts going through her routine of smelling the perfume, then nods.

Best Burberry Perfumes - from our website

“Oh yes, this is a very nice one. Suits you.”

I smile back and feel my cheeks grow warm.

“Remember, Lena, the first gift is always the best.”

I nod and she pats me on the head before walking away. I watch her go and feel myself blush even harder when she turns around to wave at me again.

I can’t help but wave back.

I’m going to see her everyday now.

Its been two weeks since I started seeing her everyday. Every morning, I go to the park and we talk for a while. She gives me her opinions on different things and we just talk about random things. Sometimes I bring her some food from the cafeteria and she tells me a story from when she was younger.

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A lot of them are about her old friends, people that I’ve heard about several times before.

I’ve even been bringing her a bottle of perfume every day. She must go through it pretty quickly, because she always brings a new one each time. I’m glad though, because its nice to see her in a better mood.

She’s even let me bring a few toys for her. Nothing big, just some spinning disks and little figurines that I think people gave as prizes in those claw machines. She loves those though, and makes me watch as she fiddles with them for hours.

After she’s done with them, she gives them to me. I’ll always make sure to stash them away in my bag before I leave, since they’re valuable now. The other kids in class love them too when I show them to them. I think I’ll start bringing even more now that I have more space in my bag.

Those stories she tells… They’re getting more outlandish every day. Now she’s claiming to have talked to aliens, ridden on the back of a dragon and even been a princess in some far off land.

I don’t know if she’s making all this stuff up, or she’s just telling badly exaggerated stories. It doesn’t matter though, I love hearing them and they’re fun to imagine while I’m playing with my toys.

I always look forward to talking with her. She’s the only person in this dreary place that doesn’t treat me like I have some kind of disease. Everyone else stares at me all the time and I always feel really self conscious. The kids in my class are jerks and tease me all the time.

Everyone is just so mean here and Ms. Pearls is the only one who is nice to me. Everyone else could die and I wouldn’t care. I’m glad I met her.

There’s still more stories she wants to tell me too. About the dragons she’s seen, about the ghosts that are in this very park, and about her treasure which lies underneath an old well not too far from here.

I want to go search for it with her, but I’m a little too small to get to it. Still, maybe when I grow older, I’ll be able to help her out.

Best Burberry Perfumes - Best Purch Marketplace

I can’t wait to grow up though.

I never want to leave this park.

I love her.

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