Best Buffing Pads

What is the difference between Wool and Synthetic Buffing Pads?

Wool: Wool is made from sheep’s hair. It has a soft feel to it. When used on leather, wool gives it a nice shine. Wools are great for cars because they don’t scratch or damage the surface of your vehicle like synthetic materials do.

Synthetic: Synthetics are made from petroleum products such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and others. They have a hard finish which scratches the surface of your vehicle.

Synthetics are not recommended for cars since they can cause damage to the paintwork.

Which one is better?

The answer depends on your needs. If you want a softer feel to your car, then go with wool. If you need a harder finish, then go with synthetic. But if you just want something easy to clean, then go with synthetic. Wool is easier to wash than synthetics so its good choice for washing cars every once in awhile.

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What about the Car-Wash?

Should I wash my car with a Car-Wash, or by hand?

It’s up to you. If you need it cleaned quickly, then go to a car wash. However washing your car by hand is much more fun and saves you money. A good compromise is to wash it in your driveway but use the car wash to vacuum the water off.

Do I need special soaps and detergents to wash my car?

Yes. Car soaps are designed specifically for cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. Using a regular household detergent can damage the paint on your car or leave water spots. Also, most car washes use very strong chemicals to clean your vehicle which can damage the paint.

What do you recommend?

We recommend using a synthetic chamois cloth to wash and dry your car. This works better than a wash mitt since the material won’t scratch or damage your vehicle. We also recommend using a chamois cream to help loosen dirt and grim from the surface of your vehicle. Let the chamois cream sit for about 3 minutes on the dirty area, then gently wipe it off using a circular motion. This removes most of the dirt without scratching your car’s finish.

When I wash my car, it seems like water spots remain on my vehicle.

Try using a chamois coat and chamois cream for washing your vehicle. This helps to prevent water spots from forming since the chamois towel will absorb most of the water off your vehicle.

Try using this method for at least a few weeks and you should notice a big difference in the number of water spots on your car.

What do I use to clean the exhaust pipe?

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