Best Breaker Bars

What is a Breaker Bar?

A breaker bar is a device designed to prevent your car from rolling over when you are driving at high speed. A typical breaker bar measures approximately 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter and 3/4 inch (19 mm) thick. They are usually made of steel or aluminum, but sometimes they’re made out of other materials such as plastic or even wood.

The purpose of a breaker bar is to stop your vehicle’s wheels from spinning when you are driving at high speeds. For example, if you were going 70 mph (113 km/h), then your front tires would hit the ground first because they have less contact area with the road surface than your rear tires. If the front wheels spin while the back wheels don’t, then all four wheels will come off and it could result in severe injury or death.

In order to prevent your vehicle from spinning, you would need to put some sort of device between the front wheels and the road surface. There are several types of these devices available today:

1) Brake Booster – These booster bars are typically made out of steel and weigh anywhere from 10 pounds (4 kg) up to 100 pounds (45 kg).

They work by stopping your vehicle’s brakes before they get too worn down. They are relatively easy to fit and use, so they are popular with truck drivers.

2) Drag Brakes – These devices are designed to slow down your vehicle by forcing the back tires to make more contact with the road surface than the front tires.

This is done by putting all of the force onto the back tires while allowing the front tires to spin freely. Without enough friction between your tires and the road, your car will naturally slow down. However, the main draw back is that some drag brakes are prone to locking up your wheels completely, which can cause you to have an accident.

3) Wheel Weights – While these devices are also known as “rim locks,” they do not actually lock your wheels up in the traditional sense.

Instead, they add extra weight to your tires to prevent them from spinning out of control on a wet or icy road. You can usually find these at your local gas station or tire shop, and they are relatively easy to mount onto your tires.

4) Spidertrax – These devices are relatively new to the market, so they’ve only just started gaining widespread popularity in the last ten years or so.

They work by using spikes that protrude out of your tires to stop them from slipping or sliding while you’re driving.

What Size Breaker Bar Do I Need?

If you are looking to buy a breaker bar, then the first thing you should do is find out what size bolts you need to remove. You can usually look at the bolt head or find it written on the part that needs to be removed.

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