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Braun Series 7:

The Braun series 7 shavers are known for their high quality and reliability. They have been around since the late 80’s and they still remain popular today. The shaves from these shavers are very smooth with a mild scent.

These shavers offer good performance even after many years of use.

In the past, there were several models of Braun series 7 shavers available. Some of them were made in Japan and some in China. The shavers from the Japanese model had a longer handle which was better suited for smaller hands.

There was also another model which used a small motor and could run at higher speeds than other models. All Braun series 7 shavers came with two blades (one blade for each side) but they could be changed out if needed.

There are three types of heads available for the Braun series 7 shavers. They are the “Mild” head, the “Strong” head and the “Super Strong” head. The “Mild” head offers a mild shave while using less power than the other two heads.

The “Strong” and “Super Strong” shavers offer stronger shaves than other models offered by Braun. The “Strong” shaver offers a better shave than the “Mild” head while using about the same amount of power. The “Super Strong” head offers a close and clean shave for up to two days of growth whereas the other heads only offer a close and clean shave for up to one day of growth.

Braun series 7 shaver models include: 740cc, 760cc, 790cc, 780cc and 799cc. The 740cc, 780cc and 799cc all contain a cleaning center that automatically washes, dries and lubricates the shaver. The 760cc does the same thing except it does not have an LCD screen to tell the user how much battery is left.

The 790cc only offers one more blade than the “Mild” head but it also has a cleaning center and a convenient indicator for battery life. The 790cc is also the only model that has a “clipless” version. The clipper is for those who prefer that type of shaving and it is actually a better design than the 760cc, 780cc and 799cc because it does not have the small gap between the blades and the foils that can collect hair.

Many men are confused by the options available when buying a Braun series 7 shaver. You must first decide if you want a shaver with a cleaning center, a clipper with a cleaning center or just the shaver itself. Then you must decide if you want a strong, mild or super-strong shave.

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If you have softer hair and don’t shave every day then the mild head should work well for you. If you have coarser hair and need a closer shave every day then the strong or super-strong heads are better. If you have a thick beard then the super-strong head would be best for you. If you only shave every other day or so and have softer hair then the mild or strength heads will work fine for you.

The Braun series 7 shavers all offer a great shave and come with many convenient features. You just need to decide which features are important to you and your personal needs. Consumers can buy the series 7 shavers online or at most large and small stores.

The prices can be anywhere from $100 to $300 per unit, depending on which model you choose.

The Braun series 7 is well designed and offers a clean, smooth shave and great convenience. If you are tired of using your old electric shaver or tired of dealing with cheap, disposable razors then the series 7 from Braun may be just what the doctor ordered.

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