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Best Brads For Woodworking: DeWALT Cordless Brads

DeWALT cordless brad nailers are among the most popular brands in the industry. They have been around since 1997 and they have a loyal following. Their brand name was inspired from their original product line which included “The Electrician” (a small portable drill). Since then, they have expanded into many different products including corded drills, power tools, and other household items.

In this article we will compare two models of dewalt cordless brads. One is the corded model with a battery powered motor and the other one is the non-corded model without a motor. Both models are made by DeWALT. These two types of dewalt cordless brads are available in various sizes and price ranges.

Best Brads For Woodworking: DeWALT Non-Corded Brads

The non-corded dewalt cordless brad nailers are similar to the corded ones but they do not include a motor. These are used primarily for home use or small commercial applications where speed is needed. They come in various sizes and prices ranging from $59.99 to $199.99 depending on the size, color, and finish options.

Best Brad Nailers: Comparison Of The Two Models

The corded model includes a battery as well as a cord that you can use if an outlet is not available. This model is slightly heavier than the cordless non-motorized model but it does not run out of battery power. If you are using it for a long job, you will want to have a spare battery on hand. The corded model is the better choice if you need to save time and are not worried about portability.

The cordless non-motorized model is slightly lighter weight and easier to carry around. This one does not come with a battery or cord and requires that you buy one separately.

You can use either of these tools in an emergency when other power sources are not available. The non-motorized version also works well as a manual brad nailer. If you need to work in extreme locations or off the grid then this version is your best bet.

Best Brad Nailers: Choosing The Right Model For You

The corded dewalt brad nailer is great for heavy duty jobs where a lot of time is going to be spent in one location. If you will only be doing small jobs around the house then you probably do not need to buy the more expensive option. Either way these brad nailers are great for finishing trim and small jobs around the house.

Best Brad Nailers - Purch Marketplace

You can also use these tools for light carpentry projects. Even the non-motorized version is powerful enough to handle small tasks like assembling furniture. If you have a lot of small carpentry jobs then this is probably your best option.

If you do not have a lot of small carpentry jobs then these tools are probably overkill for you. In that case you are probably better off with a traditional pneumatic finish nailer. These also work well for finishing trim and small carpentry projects but they do not have all the extra power and weight of a brad nailer.

Cordless brad Nailers vs Pneumatic Nailers

A cordless brad nailer is more powerful than a pneumatic finish nailer but the main advantage is that it is cordless. This allows you to move the tool around more easily without getting caught up on extension cords or air hoses. The brad nailer is good for smaller jobs like trim and finishing but does not have the power of a pneumatic nailer.

A pneumatic finish nailer can also be good for smaller trim jobs but it is heavier and bulkier. It also requires a compressor and hose which can get in the way sometimes. A brad nailer is more powerful than a finish nailer even though it is lighter weight. It’s important to match the tool to the job at hand.

Brad Nailer Safety

These tools are not very dangerous when used properly. Be sure to wear safety glasses to avoid injury from flying debris or splinters. Also keep your fingers away from the fast moving brad nails when loading or unloading the tool.

It is best to use these tools with the safety guards installed. This will ensure that you do not hit your fingers against the moving brad nails. Be sure to use them on very small trim pieces and keep your fingers away from the fast moving brad nails.

If you are using one of these tools on a bigger project then be sure to keep your fingers away from the brad nailer at all times. Even the non-motorized versions can cause serious injury if your fingers are in the way of the brad nails.

Remember to wear protective eyewear whenever using this tool. Even when working on small projects you should keep your fingers away from the brad nails at all times. It only takes a split second of not paying attention to suffer an injury.

Best Brad Nailers - Purch Marketplace

A brad is much smaller than a finish nail and can easily go through a finger. If you are using this tool on delicate materials then the fasteners can also cause damage to the material. This can ruin the look of whatever it is you are working on so be sure to test it out first on scraps to see how it works.

Where to Buy a Nail Gun

You can find these tools at any hardware store, home improvement center or big box retailer. The prices will be in the same range no matter where you buy them. If you want to save yourself a trip you can also buy these tools online.

When buying online you have more options because they are available on more sites than just tool and home improvement stores. If you are looking for a specific type of nail gun, be sure to search for it using the search tool on your favorite search engine. There is a good chance you will find it on one of the online retailer’s sites.

Using a nail gun is a good way to speed up your projects and give them a more professional finish. They are also a safer alternative to using nails and screws by hand. If you do not own one yet, consider buying one today and start working more efficiently.

Your fingers will thank you!

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