Best Bottle Sterilizers

Best Bottle Sterilizers: What’s the Difference?

The difference between bottle warmers and bottle sterilizers is mainly due to their efficiency. A good bottle warmer will heat up your water enough so that it doesn’t boil over but not hot enough to cause damage. On the other hand, a good bottle sterilizer won’t kill bacteria or viruses if they get into them.

Bottle Warmers: They’re Not Really Warming Up Your Water!

You might think that a bottle warmer would be able to heat up your water enough so that it doesn’t boil over, but it won’t. There are two reasons why: First, the temperature of the water inside the bottle is always going to be lower than what’s boiling point. Second, when you put cold water in a bottle warmer, the liquid inside the bottle heats up faster than the air around it. So even though there is a little extra energy in the water, it isn’t being used to make it hotter.

If you were heating up your water with a bottle warmer, then all of those bubbles wouldn’t just disappear right away; they’d stay suspended until you let go of the handle. If your bottle warmer heats up the water enough so that it doesn’t boil over, it won’t be sterile. If you really want to use one of these things, make sure you thoroughly clean the top part after each use or else mold and other bacteria will start to grow.

Bottle Sterilizers: Might Not Kill All The Bacteria!

Bottle sterilizers have an additional mechanism that gets rid of the bubbles.

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