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Do You Know If Your Child Is Ready For A Booster Seat?

How To Choose A Booster Seat:

There are many factors which go into choosing the right booster seat for your child. These include the height of your child, their weight, how much they weigh and whether or not they have any medical conditions such as asthma or allergies. You also need to take into consideration the size of your car.

The booster seats are designed for children who are old enough to be without a child safety seat (generally when they reach 40 pounds), but not quite big enough to fit in a normal adult seat belt. These are typically between 4 and 8 years old, although these ages will vary depending on the child’s development.

As your child grows, they will need to graduate from a booster seat to a seat belt that is designed for adults. By choosing the right seat, you can make this transition easier and ensure the safety of your child.

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Be sure to take into consideration your child’s age, weight and height. All of these factors play a role in which booster seat you choose. While it is tempting to go by their age alone, this isn’t always the best way to decide.

For instance, if your child is big for their age, it may be better to go by weight and height. Always check the labels on the side of the seats to make sure that you are purchasing the correct one for your needs.

Best Backless Booster Car Seats:

First we will start with best backless booster car seats. These are great options for children who have outgrown their convertible car seat but are still a little bit too small for a seat belt. We have chosen the best ones for you:

Pros More affordable than other backless options

Lighter in weight than other backless options

Machine washable cover for easy cleaning

Cons Buckles are difficult for children to use independently

May not fit children until they are older (typically 4+)

Children outgrow it quickly compared to other seats

First on our list is the The First Years Ignite. This seat is perfect for your growing toddler who is too small for a booster but needs to be secured with a seat belt. This seat keeps them from falling forward with a harness system, and keeps them from riding too far away from the vehicle with the anchor connectors. The cover is easy to remove and clean as it is machine washable. Even better, the seat itself can be thrown into the washing machine as well!

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