Best Body Groomers

Best Haircut: Best Shampoo & Conditioner: Best Beard Trimmer: Best Waxing Machine : Best Tattoo Artist

1. Best Haircut:

Philips Norelco Body Wash & Conditioner – For Men

Philips Norelco Body Wash & Conditioner is one of the most popular brands among men worldwide. This brand was founded in 1881 and it is still running today. Its products are manufactured in Germany and distributed all over the world.

The company has been making its own shampoo and conditioner since 1882. They have always had a very good reputation in the industry. Their products are made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, shea butter and others. These ingredients work together to create a product that makes your skin feel soft and supple without any greasiness or residue left behind after washing up.

The Norelco Body Wash & Conditioner is available in different scents and flavors. Some of these scented versions include: Fresh Mint, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and Vanilla. You can choose from several bottle sizes which range from 2 oz to 16 oz.

The bottles come in various colors including black, blue, green and red. The bottle comes with a screw top lid so you don’t need to worry about spilling anything while using the product. The cost of a 16 oz bottle is about $10.

2. Best Shampoo & Conditioner:

Nioxin System 1 Cleanser and Conditioner

Nioxin Cleanser and Conditioner works with any kind of hair type and is perfect for all men around the world. It is especially good for thinning hair or baldness in men who are experiencing these issues. The Cleanser and Conditioner comes in several different sizes.

The product is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 ounce bottles. The Cleanser is white in color and the Conditioner is yellow. The bottle comes with a flip top lid for easy use. A 2-pack costs about $25, and it lasts for several months or longer.

3. Best Beard Trimmer:

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Wahl Peanut Hair Trimmer

The Wahl Peanut Hair Trimmer is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is very easy to operate and it can trim your beard or hair quickly. It is perfect for traveling because of its size.

It is made out of hard plastic with metal blades. The Wahl Peanut Hair Trimmer is available in many different colors and it cost about $6-$8.

4. Best Waxing Machine: WAX IT!

Brazilian Hot & Cool Wax Kit

WAX IT! Hot & Cool Wax Kit comes with everything you need to efficiently and effectively remove unwanted hair from your body. This kit includes a wooden spatula, wooden mixing stick, wooden applicator, stainless steel tweezers, wooden lid, and of course both the hot and cool wax in two 4 oz containers.

The WAX IT! Hot & Cool Kit has a very pleasant smell and it will not burn or cause any pain when applied properly. This kit can be used for facial or any other hair removal. It should be noted that this kit does not include cloth strips, these must be purchased separately.

5. Best Tattoo Parlor:

Tat2uck Tattoo and Piercing

Tat2uck Tattoo and Piercing has been a leader in the tattoo and piercing industry for over 15 years. The company has locations all over the world including South Africa, England, and several places in the U.S.

Tat2uck offers everything from small and simple tattoos to full body suits with incredible detail. The artists at the studios are not only required to be licensed, but they are also some of the best in their field.

Tat2uck was started by a group of artists looking to make a living doing what they loved: tattooing. The group set out to create a safe and professional environment for those looking to get ink or piercings. The group soon grew and now Tat2uck is one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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6. Best Make Up:

Body Fantasies By Demi Long Lasting Makeup

Body Fantasy’s Long Lasting Makeup is great for costume or everyday use. This product comes in several different colors including white, cream, tan, copper, and bronze. The product comes in a 1 ounce container and ranges in price from $8-$13.

Long Lasting Makeup is water resistant, but it will come off if exposed to greasy substances or alcohol.

7. Best Costume Store:

Halloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure is one of the best and largest Halloween stores in the world. The store offers everything from costumes to makeup to decorations. The store also has an attached warehouse where they store and resell discontinued merchandise.

Customers can also special order any costumes, decorations, or accessories that the store does not carry.

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Halloween Adventure has been in business for over 40 years and has grown from a small mom and pop shop to a national chain. The company has stores all over the United States and even a few in Canada. Their online store serves customers worldwide.

8. Best Tattoo Ink:

Eternal Tattoo Ink

Tattoo inks come in many different colors and shades. Eternal Tattoo Ink comes in every color imaginable and the best thing about it: it is sterile. Many inks on the market are not sterile and can cause serious health problems.

Eternal tattoo ink comes in 2oz bottles and cost $12-$15.

9. Best Temporary Tattoos:

Upper Deck

Upper Deck is the industry leader in sports memorabilia and trading cards, so it should come as no surprise that they also make great temporary tattoos. Upper Deck temporary tattoos are fun for all ages. They are easy to apply and look very realistic.

Upper Deck makes temporary tattoos in many different sports teams including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. Temporary tattoos cost around $6 per sheet of 9. They can be purchased at various retailers throughout the United States.

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10. Best Tattoo Needles: Tat Noodles

Tat Noodles are made by the same company that makes Eternal Tattoo Ink. Needles are an important but often overlooked part of getting a tattoo. Cheaper needles can damage the skin and aren’t as easily cleaned, which can lead to infection.

Tatt Noodles are made with the highest quality surgical steel and are perfect for the beginner tattoo artist or someone just looking for a cheap disposable needle. A bag of 50 Tat Noodles costs $3.

Tat Noodles are a great product, but they don’t do anything to make the tattooing experience any more enjoyable. Luckily for us, there are other businesses out there looking out for our comfort.

11. Best Tattoo Chairs: EZ CUSH Tattoo Cushions

Tattooing for any professional artist can get uncomfortable after hours of sitting in a non-ergonomic chair. The next time you are at your local tattoo shop, take a look at the chair the artist is sitting in. Chances are it was not designed with them in mind.

EZ CUSH makes ergonomic cushions that fit on top of most chairs. These cushions provide better support for your lower back, upper back, and neck. These cushions come in youth and adult sizes and cost between $40-$80.

12. Best Rubbing Alcohol: SKINTIGHT

Rubbing alcohol is a crucial part of a tattoo artists kit. It is a necessary tool for not only cleaning clients, but also instruments and stencils. The rubbing alcohol that most tattoo artists traditionally buy comes in large plastic bottles from the pharmacy.

These bottles can be difficult to handle and store. SKINTIGHT sells small 2oz bottles of 70% alcohol. These bottles fit in even the smallest kit and are easy to pour. A 6 pack of these cost $9.99 on Amazon.

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13. Best Ink Capsules: TrueTattoo

Ink capsules are an essential part of the tattoo process. These capsules contain single pigments of tattoo ink. This allows artists to mix their own custom colors or try out a color before ordering large amounts of it.

These capsules used to be sold in bulk form, which was both economically and environmentally unfriendly. True Tattoo has solved this problem by selling the same ink in these easy to use snap open and close containers.

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