Best Binocular Straps

Binocular Head Strap: What Are They?

The binocular head strap is made from different materials like leather, nylon or even metal. These straps are used to attach your binoculars to your head so they don’t fall off during use. There are many types of binocular head straps available online and at retail stores such as eyewear shops. Some of them include; elastic band, velcro, buckles and snaps.

There are two main reasons why you need to buy a good quality binocular head strap. First, it helps keep your binoculars secure while using them. Second, it makes sure that your eyes don’t get scratched when wearing the binoculars. If you have scratches on your face or other parts of your body while wearing the binoculars, then you will not be able to see clearly because the light entering into those areas won’t be bright enough.

It’s very important to choose a strap that fits properly around your head. You should try out several different ones until you find one that works well with your head shape and size.

How Do I Choose the Right Binocular Headstrap?

1) Size – The first thing you need to do is determine how big of a person you are.

If you’re a big person, then you will need a bigger strap. The same thing applies if you’re a small person.

2) Material – There are many different types of materials that binocular head straps are made of.

Some of them are plastic, metal, leather and nylon. Typically the more expensive ones are made with better, more durable materials, however this is not always true.

3) Durability – This depends on which material your strap is made out of and also how well you take care of it.

If you leave your strap outside in the rain or somewhere that has a lot of moisture, then it’s going to deteriorate much faster than if you kept it in a cool, dry place. If you use your binoculars everyday for many hours, then you will probably have to replace the strap more often than someone who just uses the strap a couple times a month.

4) Comfort – Some straps are really comfortable while others may be somewhat itchy or uncomfortable.

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Try out several straps and see which one you like the best before you buy it.

5) Price – Binocular straps really don’t cost that much and there are many affordable ones available.

Unless you’re a professional who needs to have the very best equipment, it’s probably not necessary to buy the most expensive strap.

6) Reviews – Another good way to find a quality strap is to read reviews about it online.

Type in the name of the strap along with the word “review” after it. This should bring up several different results with feedback on the strap.

7) Check the Stitching – Look at the stitching of the strap.

A quality strap will have strong, secured stitching that won’t come loose or fall apart after a short period of time.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Binocular Head Strap

There are some things that you want to avoid while choosing and using a strap.

1) Non-Elastic Straps – These types of straps are not good because they offer no flexibility and can sometimes even cause hand cramping.

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2) Low Quality Straps – Stay away from these at all costs.

Not only can they break, but they also may cause scratched on your binoculars or even your face. At Swarovski Optik, they suggest avoiding the use of any aftermarket straps.

3) Straps That Are Too Big – It’s important to choose a strap that is the right size for your head.

If it’s too big, then it will be very loose and move around too much. If it’s too small, then it won’t fit properly and may be uncomfortable.

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