Best Bike Locks

Best Bicycle Lock Comparison Table:

1) Kryptonite KX40 – Best Cheap Bike Lock (2-3$)

Kryptonite KX40 is one of the most popular bicycle locks available in the market. It’s made from high quality steel with a hardened steel core and features a spring mechanism which prevents it from being opened without proper key or tool use. The lock is easy to open and close due to its simple design. It comes with a unique combination padlock.

The KX40 is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your bicycle. If you lose your keys, you’ll have no way of opening the lock unless you have the right tools. You can easily replace the keys if they are lost or stolen, but even then it will take some time before you can get back into your bike and ride away again!


Easy to Open & Close. Easy to Replace Keys. Strong Steel Construction. Spring Mechanism Prevents Opening Without Proper Tools or Key.

Consistent Quality Control.

2) Kwikset KwikLock – Best Compact Bike Lock (5-8$)

Kwikset KwikLock is another well known bicycle lock brand, which was founded in 1892 and still manufactures their products today. The KW1 includes 3 interchangeable keys, hardened steel and a durable design. It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry around and store in your bike’s storage compartment.

The lock is less than 4 inches long when locked, which makes it easier to carry around without adding too much extra weight to your bike. The compact size is also great for storing in your backpack or inside jacket pocket. The lock doesn’t weigh you down, but still provides reliable security for your vehicle.

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