Best Beard Combs

Best Beard Combs:

1) The Beard Brush:

2) The Beard Comb:

3) The Shaving Brush:

4) Beard Oil & Conditioner :

5) Washing Up Liquid For Men With Beards (Lotion):

6) Beard Wax:

Best Beard Combs:

1) The Beard Brush:

The Beard Brush is one of the most popular items in any man’s grooming routine. These brushes are used to groom your facial hair from head to toe.

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They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have the same basic function – to gently massage your face while simultaneously holding it in place with their bristles.

Beard Brushes come in many forms. Some are made out of synthetic materials like plastic or metal, while others are handmade from natural materials such as wood, bone and even animal hide.

While some men prefer to use a single brush for all their facial hair, others prefer to use multiple brushes for specific areas of their faces.

There are two main types of beard brushes: straight razors and circular razors. A circular razor is the kind of razor that has a protective cage covering the blades.

The idea behind this is to protect your skin from the sharp edges of the blades while still allowing the razors to glide across your skin.

Beard brushes are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is find the one that works best for you and your facial hair, choose the direction in which you want to grow your hair, and start brushing!

We have done an extensive amount of research and spent many hours reading hundreds of customer reviews from some of the top beard brush manufacturers and we found that the Premium Beard Brush & Comb Set for Men by iGroomer was the best beard brush on the market right now. This beard brush has over 1,300 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating.

Customers who have purchased this beard brush really like the fact that it is nicely weighted, has a nice grip and distributes beard oils and balms evenly throughout their beard and skin. Other men have stated that using this beard brush has helped them prevent ingrown hairs in the beard area.

Another popular brand of beard brush is Wild Willies. This company has several different kinds of brushes to choose from.


One thing that is really neat about this company is their line of personalized custom beard brushes. These beard brushes can be made with your name engraved in the wooden handle. This is a great gift idea for dad, or even a best man gift for a wedding.

2) The Beard Comb:

If you are going to own any kind of facial hair grooming tools, then you are definitely going to need at least one good beard comb. The beard comb is used to evenly distribute beard oils, balms and waxes throughout your beard.

It also helps remove any tangles that may occur if you do not have a trimmer that cuts down all the way to the skin.

Beard combs come in three different types: fine tooth, medium tooth and coarse tooth. The size of the teeth and the length of the teeth vary from comb to comb.

If you have a shorter beard, then you should go with a fine tooth comb. If you have a longer beard, then you will want to go with a medium tooth comb. A coarse tooth comb is only necessary if you are attempting to straighten or curl your hair.


The most popular brand of beard combs is probably the Kent 81T. These combs are handmade and come in various widths that range from wide to thin.

One of the great things about these beard combs is that they are fairly easy to find online or in your local beauty supply store.

If you are looking for a great gift idea for a husband, boyfriend or father, then you may want to consider purchasing a personalized comb. These combs can make a really thoughtful gift because most men do not buy these types of things for themselves.

There are several different websites on the internet that allow you to custom create a beard comb. You can add your boyfriend’s or husband’s name, along with a personal message on the comb itself.

Beard combs are fairly easy to use and require no special skills. Just run the comb through your beard starting at the skin and going toward the ends of the hair.

Continue repeating this process until your beard is tangle free.

3) The Beard Trimmer:

You will need a beard trimmer if you want to keep your beard well trimmed and shaped. There are a couple different types of trimmers you can choose from, each has their own pros and cons.

The first type of trimmer is an electric trimmer that you plug into the wall. The advantage of this type is that it never needs new batteries and it has more power than a cordless trimmer. The disadvantage is that you are still tethered to the wall.

The second type of trimmer is a cordless trimmer. There are two types of cordless trimmers, the first is one that requires special batteries and the second is a rechargeable trimmer.

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The advantage of the first type is that it is cheaper initially, and you can use any brand of replaceable batteries. The disadvantage is that you will need to keep buying more batteries. The advantage of the second type is that it is recharged and the battery should last for years. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive initially and there are different types of charging systems, so you will want to buy a better known brand name.

The next thing to consider with a trimmer is the blade or blades it has. There are two types of blades that cut the hair, the first type is called a foil blade.

This type of blade has rows of thin blades that suck the hair in and cut it. The advantage is that these blades create a very even cut and there is little to no mess. The disadvantage is that they do not work well on a bushy beard and they tend to get clogged easily if you have thick hair or coarse hair.

Foil blades are best for people who want to trim and neaten their mustache and beard but not cut it down very much.

The second type of blade is a rotary blade. This has one round blade that spins and cuts the hair.

The advantage is that these blades can cut through thicker hair much easier and quicker. The disadvantage is that they tend to create more mess and you have to be more careful with your facial hair contouring.

Rotary blades are best for people who have thick hair or coarse hair because they can easily cut it down to any length desired. They are also good for people who do not want to mess around with changing the foil, they just grab and shave.

Now that you have an idea of which features you need in a trimmer you can begin looking at the different types of trimmers out there. There are several different brands available, you will probably want to buy a name brand rather than a no name because you want to make sure that it is going to last and be durable.

Also, test out the trimmer before you buy it. Some places that sell them will let you open the package and test it out to see if you like how it works.

Trimmers are a great gift idea for friends or family because not only do they come in handy but most men do not want to spend the money to buy one for themselves.

There are several different places that you can buy a trimmer. The first place that you can look is your local department store.

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These stores generally have a small selection but if you are lucky you may find exactly what you are looking for.

The next place to look is an office supply store. There are several different brands and features available at these stores.

If, and this is a big IF, you have a little more money to spend you might want to look into getting an electric beard trimmer. These can run anywhere from $40 to $200, generally the more expensive ones are rechargeable, but as stated above you will have to buy replacement cutting heads.

If you do not want to look through all the different types of beard trimmers or you are not sure exactly what you need, there is one last place that you can look and that is eBay. eBay has a large selection and you can always find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is an expensive, electric rechargeable trimmer or a $20 disposable one.

One thing to remember is to look for cutting heads on your trimmer once a year. These heads become dull after a lot of use and will not cut the hair as close or could potentially cause cuts.

Some men like the look of the really long beard and some do not. If you fall into the camp that wants to trim down that luxurious mane then take a look at all your options before making a decision.

Before you turn that dial and start cutting yourself you are going to want to take a few things into consideration. Some things you may want to think about are:

How thick is my beard?

Do I have sensitive skin?

How much time do I plan on dedicating to the upkeep of this beard?

If you have a thick heavy beard you are going to need a powerful trimmer that can cut through the thickest hair. You are going to need something that has an adjustable blade and can be set to different lengths.

If you have sensitive skin you are going to want a trimmer that does not cause unbearable pain when you use it. If your beard trimmer hurts to use, you will not use it and your beard will grow out into a tangled unsightly mess.

The time that you have available to upkeep your beard is going to be the most important factor in choosing a trimmer. If you only have time to run out and quickly use your trimmer once a week then you need to get a trimmer with attachments that will allow you to cut your beard to different lengths.

But, if you have time to give your beard a quick trim every day then all you will need is a simple beard trimmer that has different length settings.

Now that you have an idea of what you need lets take a look at some specific trimmers.

Wahl is a company that has been around for a long time and they have been making quality grooming products for just as long. Their products are used in barbershops all over the world and you can get most of them at your local store.


The cheapest trimmer that they sell is the Wahl 9918. It sells for about $10 and all it is good for is trimming your hair really short.

If you need to shorten or shape your beard and mustache I would not recommend this one.

This is not the only trimmer that Wahl makes and another one sells for about $20. It is the 9906 and it is corded, which means that you will have to plug it into a socket in order to use it.

It does not have any of the length settings that the more expensive cordless trimmers have but it is better than using a manual razor and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

No matter what kind of trimmer you decide to get, keeping it clean is important. With this particular one you need to make sure to wash and dry it after every use and oil the blades before putting it away.

If you do not, the trimmer is going to rust and stop working properly.

The next trimmer that Wahl sells is their number 5100 and it sells for about $30. It runs on battery power and can be used cordless.

With this one you do not have to plug it in at all.

This one does have different length settings that you can choose from and it has an attachable guide that will help you trim your mustache.

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