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The Canadian market is one of the most lucrative in the world. There are many different types of bean bags available here, but there’s only one brand that really stands out from all others: The North Face. They’ve been making their famous down jackets since 1964 and they’re still going strong today! So it makes sense that they’d want to make a line of beanbags for sale here too.

But what kind?

We were curious about these bean bags so we decided to do some research ourselves. And after doing our own testing, we came up with a list of the top 10 best bean bag chairs in Canada.

#10 – The Fleece Chair (Fleece)

If you don’t know what fleece is, then let us explain. It’s basically a synthetic material made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials found around the home or office. It’s used because it’s light weight, breathable, and durable.

So why not put that same quality into your bean bag chair?

Well, the fleece bean bag chairs are pretty much just like regular ones except they have a little bit extra padding in them. That way if you fall asleep while sitting in one, you won’t suffer any major injuries. You’ll probably feel slightly less cramped though when compared to a standard bean bag chair.

The Fleece Chair comes in a wide range of colours as you can see above. They look pretty snazzy and would fit right in at a young teen’s bedroom or a university dorm room. If you want to go with something inexpensive that looks good, then there probably isn’t much better than this!

(Pictured: The Fleece Chair in black)

Pros Cons ✓ Looks Great & Very Comfortable ✗ Not the Most Durable Materials Used (But Still Good Enough!) ✓ Very Inexpensive ❌ Only comes in one size (Seat Cushion is Non-Removable)

Price: $49.99

Buy the The Fleece Chair here.

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#9 – The Deluxe Bean Bag Chair (Fabric)

Just like the name suggests, this is the deluxe version of the regular bean bag chair. It has a few extra features that make it a little bit better than its cheaper counterpart. And when you consider that it’s only $10 more expensive, we think that it’s well worth the money!

First of all, it has a really cool tie dye design on the outside. The colours are very vibrant and there’s a lot of them. If you’re a fan of tie dye (Or just like the look of this bag), then this is probably going to be your favourite bean bag. But it also comes in other designs – so don’t worry if you don’t like the look of this one!

It also comes with a handy little remote control that allows you to adjust how much air is in it. That way, you can make the bag feel exactly the way you want it to. With most bean bags, you just have to wait for it to pop before you can adjust its size and feel. This one gives you the option of doing it right away! It also has a really cool little pouch where you can store your C.D.s or other knick knacks.

The only real downside is that you can’t really wash the cover. So if any food or drink gets on there, then it’s going to be very difficult to clean. It might even start to smell after a while (especially if you have pets or small children). Just try your best to keep it clean and you should have no problems!

(Pictured: The Deluxe Bean Bag Chair – Tie Dye)

Pros Cons ✓ Very Comfortable ✗ Not the Most Durable Materials Used (But Still Good Enough! ✓ Comes With A Remote Control To Adjust Air Pressure ✗ Not The Most Attractive Design ✓ Very Affordable ❌ Covers Are Not Removable, So They Need To Be Cleaned With A Wet Cloth

Price: $139.00

Buy the The Deluxe Bean Bag Chair here.

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#10 – The Snuggle Sack (Intex)

The Snuggle Sack is a really interesting concept. It’s basically a sleeping bag for adults. But it has two openings: one at the top (for your head) and one at the bottom (for, well, you know). You can use it just like a normal sleeping bag (for camping for example), or you can use it as a lounging sack.

Most people buy it for the lounging aspect. After a long tiring day, just unroll it somewhere in your house and jump inside. You can watch TV, use your computer, or just chat with your family and friends (who also have their own sack). Since they cost less than an arm and leg, you can easily buy them for all the rooms in your house!

Even though they’re not the most attractive things in the world, they’re still a lot of fun. Everyone in the family can have their own colour so it’s easy to tell whose is whose. Plus they’re fairly easy to clean, and they come with a repair patch just in case you get a rip or hole.

The only problem is that for another $20 or so you can get a regular couch. Sometimes these end up left in the corner of a room because they’re so big and bulky. Plus, you still need to buy a regular bed as well! They’re cool though, we promise.

(Pictured: The Snuggle Sack – Green)

Pros Cons ✓ Very Comfortable ✗ Not The Most Attractive Design ✓ Very Affordable ❌ Covers Are Not Removable, So They Need To Be Cleaned With A Wet Cloth

Price: $59.00

Buy the Snuggle Sack here.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of bean bag chairs out there. We hope that you found this article useful! Just remember, the key to finding the right one is to choose one that will suit your needs as well as fit your budget.

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If you’re still having problems deciding, you can’t go wrong with The Original Bag-A-Bean. It’s the most popular one for a reason. It’s good looking, made with quality material, and it’s incredibly comfortable.

Have fun shopping!

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