Best Beach Chairs

Best Beach Chairs for Bad Back:

1. Tommy Bahama – Best Beach Chair For Bad Back (UK)

Tommy Bahama is one of the most popular brands of beach chairs in the world. They are manufactured from high quality materials and have been designed to provide comfort during your vacation at the beach or pool. Their products are very comfortable and durable, which makes them ideal for those suffering from back pain due to arthritis or other conditions.

The Tommy Bahama brand was founded in 1948 by Tom Baker and John Smith. They started out making beach towels before expanding into beach chairs, sofas, beds and other furniture items. Today they manufacture over 1 million pieces of merchandise each year.

In 2015, the company reported sales of $200 million USD. They have offices in London, New York City and San Francisco.

2. Rio Grande Beach Coaches – Best Beach Chairs For Bad Back (USA)

Rio Grande Beach Coaches is a family owned and operated business located in Fort Worth, Texas. They were established in 1883 and are still run by their original owners today. They make beach chairs that are made from hardwood such as oak, cherry or walnut.

The company manufactures its own product line including beach chairs, lounge seats, patio furniture and umbrellas.

They are very popular with people who suffer from back pain due to the hardwood frames of their chairs. They are not only comfortable to sit on but they also have the added benefit of helping you avoid pressure sores. All of their chairs come with a lifetime guarantee and their prices are very reasonable.


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