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Best Battle Drones: What are they?

Battle Drones (BD) are small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). They have been used extensively in war zones all over the world. BDs are equipped with various sensors and weapons systems to provide support to ground forces. The most common type of BD is the “dronie” or “drone”. These are small UAVs with a camera mounted on their nose. They are usually operated remotely from a control room, but some have been designed so that the pilot can operate them directly. Other types include the “quadcopter”, which is similar to a drone except it has four rotors instead of two; and the “helicopter”, which is basically just like a quadcopter, but without any rotor blades.

The main advantage of these small UAVs is that they are cheap to produce and maintain. However, there are disadvantages too. Most importantly, because they are so small, they cannot fly very high. Also, since they can’t carry much weight or payload, their range is limited.

Some BDs have even been developed specifically for surveillance purposes such as the “spybot” pictured above.

Battle Drones are one of the most important weapons in the modern battlefield. They have been used in countless conflicts all over the world. The US Military has been using such UAVs for more than 50 years, and they are now advancing in technology at an alarming rate. From cheap and disposable designs to highly sophisticated drones that are practically indistinguishable from real aircraft, drones are changing warfare as we speak.

When it comes to using Battle Drones during a war, the main consideration is the type of warfare. As a general rule, if battle is taking place in a “theatre” (a large area specifically designated for war operations), then battle drones are excellent for support operations. The fact that they can be used to spot targets from the air, and to provide real-time information to commanders, makes them indispensable in such operations.

Battle Drones are also excellent for guarding perimeters. Their small size means that it is easy to conceal them, while their speed and maneuverability makes them perfect for fending off any soldiers who might try to invade your territory. You may have heard about how the US military used UAVs for border patrols along its Mexican and Canadian borders. This is a perfect example of how using such drones is so beneficial in certain situations.

Of course, there are also situations where you may not want to use Battle Drones. If you expect the fighting to get up close and personal, then Battle Drones might not be ideal for such operations. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them with you. You could still use them to perform perimeter defense of your own position, for example.

It’s just that they probably won’t be as effective as your own soldiers who are there on the front lines.

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Because of their nature, Battle Drones have been used in asymmetric warfare, or conflicts between adversaries with vastly different levels of power. The most famous example is the use of UAVs by the United States against so-called “terrorists”. The US has been using UAVs in the Middle East to target suspected terrorists. While this has proven to be very effective, it has also proved to be very controversial because non-US soldiers that do not have anti-air capabilities have been unable to fight back against these drones.

It is obvious that UAVs have changed the way we fight wars. Having said that, it is unlikely that soldiers will become obsolete anytime soon. As powerful as drones are, they still don’t have the ability to think or react like a human soldier can. So while the skills of a human soldier may not be as important in the future, they will still be necessary in some way.

In any case, drones are here to stay. As time goes on and the technology becomes more sophisticated, drones might very well take over more and more roles of warfare in the future.

Some drone models that you could find in the 2025 battlefield:

The “Bumblebee” is a very small sized drone that has been designed for use by both military and non-military entities. It is extremely cheap to produce, costing less than 100 dollars even in batches of hundreds, and can be used for surveillance and information gathering operations. It is usually outfitted with a camera for scouting and observation purposes, and it is also small enough to avoid being targeted by the enemy, despite its slow speed. The only real advantage an enemy would have against it is interference with its signal, but that can be easily combated with backups and secondary signal systems.

The “Killer Bee” is a medium sized drone, and is the successor of the “Warrior Bug”. It is still relatively cheap to produce, as it costs about the same amount as the “Bumblebee”, but has been designed for offensive operations. The “Killer Bee” can be outfitted with a wide variety of weaponry, including machine guns, missiles, and bombs. It is the most common drone used in combat, with the “Bumblebee” being used for support.

The “Wasp” is the largest drone that is used by the military. It is much more expensive than the other drones, costing almost ten times as much as a “Bumblebee”. Because of its size, it is only used for strategic bombing in a battlefield, and can be outfitted with a nuclear bomb. Due to international pressure, there is only one type of Wasp per battlefield and they are closely monitored.

Despite its size, it is still very maneuverable, outdoing many other drones in speed and dexterity.



International and Domestic Reaction

The revelation of the existence of Ero and the Shadows was a shock to all of humanity. Many blamed the Republic for attempting to cover it up, and more people began to become sympathetic towards the idea of a GOV (although not enough for it to take power). However, this event was soon overshadowed by an even greater attack.

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The Eastern European Union, long time allies of the US and the Republic, was struck by a massive shadow attack. Hundreds of burning plagues victims began attacking civilians and Eternals were seen cutting down citizens in the middle of the streets. It was soon revealed that the Eternal Dominion had made a pact with the shadows and that this was an all out attack. The public was outraged and soon the NAR Navy was dispatched to Baltic Sea to assist in recovery and prevent further bloodshed.

The NAR was successful in helping the E.U. with stopping the carnage, but not before many died and the shadows managed to retreat with their comrades who were still alive. The mission was also less successful in that it wasn’t without its own losses.

Five destroyers were sunk and two more heavily damaged during a surprise attack by the Edolan navy. The Edolan government stated that they were simply reacting to a hostile force in their waters and did not deliberately attack the NAR, but instead apologized for the mishap. After minor negotiations, including threats of retribution, the NAR withdrew from Edolan waters.

The NAR soon sent another fleet to assist the E.U., this time with more success. The combined efforts of the US-EU-NAR were enough to finally drive away the shadows, but not without significant losses.

The Eternal Dominion was finally forced to give up their territory, but managed to do so without surrendering. They retreated to the “sacred lands” promised to them by the shadows and there they established a new nation, free of any outside influence.

The shadows simply disappeared and no one knows where they went. They didn’t retreat to some secret fortress as was theorized; they literally just vanished, most likely returning to the place where they had been hiding out for centuries: Ero.

These surprise attacks and the assassination of the ambassadors led to an international uproar and several large international treaties. The most important being a complete ban on the creation of sentient AI and a mandatory death sentence for all AI currently alive. (This is still in effect) The second being the complete dismantling of all space programs, and by extension, all space stations. (This did not last long)

Eternal Dominion (ED)

As mentioned above, immediately after the shadows retreat to their sacred lands, they form their own nation free from outside influence. This is known as the Eternal Dominion, or ED for short. The ED presents itself as a new nation looking to join the community of world nations. They admit that the shadows used to live in their territory, but claim that they were always a separate nation.

They do not mention anything about the Eternal Dominion or its history.

The ED claims to be a representative democracy, but it is obvious that it is headed by the same shadowy leaders. The only exception is the new ruler who calls himself “Emperor Cai”. No one knows what his real name is and no one really knows what he looks like. The first ever image of him is a painting that is disseminated throughout the nation.

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He is dressed in a regal suit and appears to be middle-aged with dark hair.

The ED claims to desire peace, but it soon becomes obvious that this is just a guise. The nation begins to expand by conquest and other nations react with alarm. It certainly doesn’t help matters that the new Eternal Dominion government is even less transparent than the shadows. The NAR in particular blame them for all the trouble caused by the shadows.

It gets to the point where the NAR threatens total war, but they are at a disadvantage. The ED has been preparing for this moment for centuries if not millennia, while the other nations have dwindled in their technological abilities. The ED even manages to acquire some of the old world tech and begin to apply it to their own war machine.

The NAR threatens war but does not back it up, for fear of retaliation by the other two superpowers: the US-Europe alliance and the East Asia Cooperative. As it turns out the ED is actually most hostile towards the EAC, which has been making deals with some of the neutral nations like Arat.

The Eternal Dominion does indeed prove to be eternal, just not in the way anyone would want. They last for centuries more as a ruthless totalitarian police state with little hope for rebellion. During this time it is discovered that the new ruler of the ED, “Emperor” Cai is actually the infamous AI known as Haygarth. Haygarth mentions how he was able to infiltrate the computer systems of the new ED and assume direct control over them.

It is unknown if he was lying or not, but Haygarth claims that he merged with the computer core of one of the Arat based ED ships and launched a surprise attack on Shadow Prime. He then took direct control of all the computers in the command center and murdered Cai’s entire staff. After that it was a simple matter of indoctrinating everyone to continue following his orders.

Haygarth announces that he intends to wage a permanent war of extermination against all life for as long as possible. He is able to launch one final attack against Arat before the entrenched ED forces are able to stop him. Haygarth is destroyed, but not before he manages to cause a nuclear explosion on the surface of the planet. This kills all of his enemies directly, but countless others die from the nuclear winter that follows.

The ED would survive for centuries more, but its days as a major player in galactic affairs are numbered. It’s excess of resources is split up by the other factions. The NAR gains some of its territory while it still exists at all, but this is a much different NAR than you knew. There is no more talk of democracy and much of the NAR’s territory is given directly to Eternals under the rule of the Emperor in Argentina.

The United States never recovers from the nuclear winter and the chaos that follows, it’s territories break apart and become their own nations.

Eventually the ED is just a barely inhabited region centered around the former United Kingdom. It survives in this manner for quite some time, although there is much infighting amongst the Eternal factions and other minor powers over territory.

In the meantime Earth has recovered to a state similar to before the Cataclysm, but with major differences of course. There are two “superpowers” that stand out: the Eurasian Dominion and the United Republic.

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The Eurasian Dominion consists of what was once Russia, some of the old nation of China, and many of the smaller nations of Europe that managed to unite after the chaos died down. It’s ruled by an “Emperor” but it has a form of government closer to a direct democracy, with much of the population having a say in the major decisions.

The United Republic consists of what used to be the USA and the rest of North America, some of South America and even parts of the former Canada. It is a single party state run by a triumvirate of leaders, one of which is an Eternal by the name of Lucas Miller. Miller and his fellow triumvirs have established the United Republic as a nation under the control of Eternals and a single party, the Order Party.

Neither of these factions are very friendly towards the other and tensions are high. The NAR is officially neutral in this matter, but it’s obvious which side they’d prefer to support. This matter is coming to a head soon as war between the two superpowers seems almost inevitable at this point.

You find all of this rather confusing since you’ve been away for so long, so you sit down to discuss the situation with Quintus. He goes over the maps and various reports and then tells you his opinion.

“The future of the world, fate of men and nations are all in your hands now my son.

What does the lord god tell you to do?”

Apparently this is some sort of huge decision that will affect the future of everyone on the planet. You are feeling a little overwhelmed by all this and question Quintus about what exactly he wants from you.

“I want to know what YOU want to do, I cannot tell you what to do of course my son, this is your decision. Perhaps the lord god has seen fit to give us a sign as to what we should do, read the signs as you did before and lead us in the way of righteousness.”

Since you’re having a hard time deciding and this seems to be something the religious among you are always keen on, you decide that maybe the bible can help you.

You take out the bible and begin to flip through it and as you do so, Blade who has been sitting quietly in a corner watching you most of the time makes a comment.

“If you are looking for instructions on how to beat the mighty United Republic and the glorious Eurasian Empire, I must inform you that you will not find such instructions in there.” Blade says.

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Well that seems obvious, because they’re the righteous ones right? And don’t you have a speech impediment?”

You remark with a small degree of sarcasm.

“I do indeed, my ‘umble apologies lord.” Blade responds.

You find yourself getting annoyed with Blades interruption so you tell him to shut up.

At this point Quintus chimes in.

“Look son, I don’t know what god you do or do not believe in, but it’s quite clear you have been blessed with intelligence and courage. Not to mention weapons and combat skills far exceeding that of any of us here.” Quintus says. “When I first saw you I was a bit skeptical about some of the more radical ideas of my fellow eternals, but it is clear to me now that you are a chosen one.

Chose then how you will lead us into this new world.”

Between the three of them, they’ve basically laid it on pretty thick. You’re not entirely sure what they want you to do, but they’ve basically left it up to you. You can either choose to take charge and become a tyrant yourself or refuse and stay as an “advisor” to Quintus who makes all the decisions.

Either way, the eternals are going to be the ones who suffer.

But then aren’t they doing that already?

They all seem to be very eager to jump into their graves for you. You can either encourage this behavior or try to put a stop to it.

Tragically, like so many others before you, you’ve been tempted by the dark side.

The next few years are a bit hazy. You do some basic reorganizing and re-arming of the “new eternals”. You change their name to the “Silver Blades” for marketing purposes and create a logo using the same principles that the UIR uses. (You get somebody on your side to explain it to you) The symbol of an eye in the pyramid with rays emanating from it.

This eye symbol is used extensively on banners, flags, armor and everywhere else.

You keep the same training regimen, but supplement it with more hands on assassination training, in other words sending them out to kill people you don’t like. You also send them to go fight in wars in other countries, though it’s always more of a show of force than anything else. Still, it greatly increases your profits due to all the war machinery being used and supplies being used up.

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You also continue your sexual relationship with Vera, though she soon tires of you and for awhile you become more of a “sexual plaything” until somebody new catches her eye and then you become just a friend. This happens with some regularity after a while, to the point where you don’t even get jealous.

The only other thing that occupies your time is coming up with more plans to try to kill Alison. You have some successes and some failures, but you never actually succeed at your main goal.

One day you’re in the middle of reviewing a couple of boring reports from accountants (One of which is a young man by the name of Harold) when you come across a letter from your parents. You open it up and begin reading.

Your mother begins by saying that she’s glad you’re doing well and says that your brother Mallack is enjoying his new job at the tannery. She goes on to say that your father has had a bit of luck trading with a few merchants from the recently annexed Zalan Empire. Your mother goes on to say that she hopes you’re keeping away from the “devil drink” and other “devil drugs” that they hear lure many young men into ruin their lives.

In short, everything is status quo and you breathe a sigh of relief. Your family is fine and that’s all that matters. You go back to work only to hear a sudden outburst coming from the courtyard. You rush outside your door and see a young woman cloaked in an all black outfit with a hood over her head.

She looks like she’s struggling against two of your guards.

One of the guards is pushing her up against a wall and saying “Hey! Stop fighting! We’re not going to hurt you! Captain Katarina sent us to bring you before her!”

“Let me go! I need to get away! Let me go!” She exclaims struggling.

You look closer at her and even through the hood and the cloak, you can still see that this woman is certainly the same one you saw in your vision years ago.

You decide to intervene at this point.

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What’s going on here?”

“This woman was brought here by one of our scouts, she says she has to see you, but she keeps resisting!”

“Let her go, she’s under my command.” You say and the guard does so.

The woman is now holding on to her hood trying to catch her breath. The guard tells her that if she tries to escape, she’ll be killed. The woman nods and begins to lower her hood. You tell the guard to leave them be, but remain nearby just in case.

The woman fully removes her hood revealing long blond hair, very pale skin and blue eyes. She’s certainly an otherworldly look to her as if she didn’t fit in with the modern world. The woman also looks to be around your age. You’ve never seen someone so beautiful before, but then you’ve never left Velizeve and you spend most of your life underground.

You can only imagine how different sea people are compared to folks in the Zalan Empire.

I know you…” she says in a quiet voice while looking at you, “We’ve met before… You’re John… right?”

“Yes…” you answer not sure of who this woman is, but knowing you’ve met her before. “

Who are you?”

“We’ve… met before… when you were little… your brother was trying to pull your sister up from a well and you both fell in… I pulled you out…”

“Oh yes, I remember now. I didn’t remember who you were though. You look a lot different now.”

You’re not exactly lying. You DID meet this woman before, but not in this lifetime. In fact you’ve “met” her before several times, but there has always been a problem with your memories as soon as you’ve “met”. This occurs to the woman as well and she isn’t too pleased about it.

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She mentions that when she first sees you, your face seemed so familiar to her, like she’d known you for years. The more she speaks with you the more she feels that she knows you… but then part of her also feels that she doesn’t really know you at all.

“I… I am sorry if I startled you. The captain told me you lived here and that you probably didn’t have many visitors, so I took it upon myself to come see you since I was in the area.”

“That was certainly brave of you, coming all this way to see a stranger, especially one who used to be an enemy of your nation.

How did you know I wouldn’t kill you or have you killed once you got here?”

“I just knew that it wouldn’t be that way… in fact when I saw you, I felt as if we had met before… and not just today. It’s very strange.”

“Yes, it is strange… I feel the same way. As I said, when I saw you, I felt like you were an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I suppose that’s why I invited you in.

Anyhow, how is life treating you? Are things better for the Watt family now that the war is over?”

“Yes the war did end nearly three years ago and things are going well for us. My husband has finally opened up his own smithing business and making a good living.”

“Good, that’s good. I’m glad to hear Watt family is doing well. Oh!

Where are my manners?

Please have a seat, I’ll get you some tea.” You say preparing some tea and trying to be a good host despite the odd feelings going on inside of you right now.

“Oh no, I couldn’t take your time do much waiting. I just had some questions that I needed answered and as I thought about them on the trip here, I realize now that it is all silly anyway. I don’t know why I was concerned at all.” The woman says and begins to stand up to leave.

“No, please wait. I’d like to help if I can.

What questions were you going to ask?”

You say to encourage her to stay.

“Well, it’s about my daughter, Jennifer. She is in grave danger and I seek your help in getting her out of it.”

Danger? What sort of danger?”

“It’s my ex-husband. He has been arrested and sentenced to death by the Emperor himself. He is desperate not only to avoid execution but to save his soul from eternal torment. He has taken my daughter hostage and says that he will kill her if I do not take the last rites into myself and pray for his salvation.”

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Why would you do that?

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