Best Bathroom Vanities

Best Bathroom Vanities: What are they?

A bathroom cabinet or bathroom vanity is a piece of furniture designed to house toiletries, cosmetics, towels and other items needed for personal hygiene. They are usually made from wood or metal and have drawers and shelves built into them to store these items. A typical bathroom cabinet will contain a sink, shower, bathtub/shower combo tub (or both), toilet, soap dispenser(s) and maybe even some mirrors.

The most common type of bathroom cabinet is a vanity that contains a sink, shower and bathtub/shower combo tub. These types of cabinets are called “bathroom cabinets”. There are also various kinds of closet cabinets which contain toilets, sinks and showers in one unit.

You may see these types of cabinets referred to as “toilet cabinet” or simply “cabinets.”

There are many different designs of bathroom cabinets, but all bathrooms cabinets come in two basic styles: round and square. Round cabinets tend to be larger than those with rounded corners while square cabinets tend to be smaller than those with squared corners. Most bathroom cabinets are made from either solid wood or heavy-duty plastic.

Some manufacturers offer decorative versions of their products such as marble, granite, porcelain and so forth.

The most important part of a bathroom cabinet is the sink, toilet and shower. Usually very large and sometimes ornate, these fixtures are often the most important part of a bathroom cabinet. Most other parts of a bathroom cabinet (such as tubs, toilets, showers, mirrors, etc.) are usually secondary in nature and are not considered to be the most important part of a cabinet.


Toilet paper holders are generally included in bathroom cabinets. Toilet paper is generally kept in the cabinet under the sink, although some people prefer to keep it elsewhere (such as next to the toilet itself). When looking for a bathroom cabinet, you should think about where you’re going to be most comfortable putting your toilet paper.

Most cabinets come with at least one mirror (usually above the sink). It is important to decide if you would like more than one mirror (perhaps one over the sink and one over the toilet). If so, you will have to look for a bathroom cabinet that has more than one mirror (it is often possible to buy additional mirrors and fit them onto your existing cabinet).

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Most cabinets come with at least one soap dispenser (and sometimes more than one). Soap is generally placed on a small tray located either above the sink or next to the toilet paper holder. Once again, some people prefer to place their soap on the toilet or sink.

When looking for a cabinet, you should decide where you are most comfortable placing your soap.


Most bathroom cabinets contain at least one shower or bathtub (and sometimes both). Because showers and tubs are so important to the function of a bathroom it is important to decide which kind of shower or tub you want before you start looking at cabinets. Most showers are very similar, so deciding on this feature should not be too difficult.

Most tubs, on the other hand, vary widely in their shape and style.

You should decide which features are most comfortable to you (deep? Shallow? Regular? Round? Sloped?

) before looking at cabinets.

Most cabinets come with at least one shower head (and sometimes more than one). The shower heads are usually situated on a bar that goes across the top of the cabinet. The bar that holds the shower heads can be adjusted so that it can be placed directly in front of you (while in the shower) or somewhere else (perhaps to the side, out of the way).

Some people like their shower heads to be adjustable while other people don’t believe it makes any difference.

Most cabinets come with at least one tub faucet (and sometimes more than one). The faucets are usually situated on a bar that goes across the top of the cabinet.

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