Best Bath Pillows

Best Bath Pillow Reviews: Best Bath Head Pillows?

What are the best bath pillows? What is the difference between them? Are they worth it or not?

Is there any need to buy one over another, if you have other options available at your disposal. There are many different types of bath pillows out there, but what makes a good bath pillow is its design and material used. Some of these materials include cotton, down, silk and even metal.

Cotton Bath Pillows

There are several reasons why you might want to use a cotton bath pillow. Cotton is soft and comfortable to sleep with. You don’t get headaches from sleeping on a cotton bed sheet because it doesn’t trap heat like wool does.

Cotton also absorbs moisture better than polyester or spandex so you won’t wake up wet from the shower when using a cotton bath pillow. Cotton is also hypoallergenic which means it’s safe to sleep with.

Down Bath Pillows

You may be wondering how down could possibly be considered a superior material compared to cotton. Down is actually softer than cotton and less likely to cause irritation due to being made from feathers rather than hair. Another advantage of down is that it breathes better than most synthetic materials.

Down pillows also mold to the shape of your head and neck for extra support.

Silk Bath Pillows

Silk isn’t just reserved for sheets and pajamas, it can also be used as a bath pillow material. The only problem with silk is that it’s a little bit on the pricier side. For those with dry skin or hair, silk pillows are a great choice since they don’t absorb moisture.

Metal Bath Pillows

Metal bath pillows can be a bit on the heavy side, but they offer great support for your neck and head. The only problem with metal is that it can get very cold to sleep against if you have a habit of sleeping in a cold room. If you like to take freezing showers then you might like sleeping on a metal pillow.

Do I need a bath pillow?

Not everyone needs a bath pillow. If you’re happy with your current sleeping arrangements, there’s no need to change it. There are also different types of pillows you can use in the shower. The most inexpensive is the loofah which can be bought for less than $1 at most dollar stores. Loofahs are great for exfoliating dead skin and they can also act as bath scrubs. For something a little softer, try a rubber duckie. They often come in cute animal shapes and can act as both a bath toy for children and a pillow for adults. If you really want to pamper yourself then you should try a bath sponge. They are very customizable since you can freeze them, microwave them or even put them in the oven (each type of sponge has different instructions).

Bath pillow types

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As I mentioned, there are several different types of bath pillows on the market. The most common ones are:

1. Polyester Bath Pillow

These pillows are made from synthetic materials and are probably one of the cheapest pillows you can buy. These pillows often come in bright colors and sometimes have built in water holders so they can act as floaties. They’re great for kids since they won’t get their hair wet while using it.

2. Memory Foam Bath Pillow

Memory foam has gotten popular recently. From shoes to mattresses, this material is everywhere. It’s also a popular choice when it comes to bath pillows since it’s soft, squishy and molds to the shape of your head and neck.

The only problem with memory foam is that it traps heat, so if you’re a hot sleeper then you might want to avoid this material.


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