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Best Baseballs for College

The following are some of the most popular questions asked by our readers:

What is the best baseball? What is the best baseball for college? Is it better to use a ball with a small hole or one without? Which type of rubber should I choose? Do you have any recommendations on which brand to buy? How do you keep your ball from breaking during play and what kind of maintenance do you need to perform on them if necessary?

In order to answer these questions, we will first take a look at the different types of baseballs used in college sports. Then we will explain how they differ from each other and finally we will give you some tips on how to care for your new ball.

Types of Baseballs Used in College Sports

There are two main kinds of baseballs used in college athletics; softball (also known as football) and baseball. Softball is played on grass fields while baseball is played on hardwood floors. Both sports require their own specific kind of baseballs.

Softball Ball

A softball ball consists of a thin layer of synthetic material sandwiched between two layers of leather or similar materials. These baseballs are very light and easy to handle due to their lightweight construction. They are usually made out of polyurethane, but can also include various plastics such as PVC, TPR, etc.

Softball is typically played on grass fields and allows pitchers to achieve greater speed due to the longer distance of the seams when compared to those of a baseball. They are also larger in diameter than a baseball.

Baseball Ball

A baseball ball, on the other hand, is made out of cowhide with its core stuffed with cork shavings mixed with a little bit of leather. This makes it heavier but less bouncy. Unlike a softball, a baseball is made out of two pieces of leather with laces in the middle.

This stitching gives it more individual pockets for the air pressure, making it easier to throw harder without needing a major strength advantage like in softball. A baseball can also be played on hardwood floors but not the other way around due to its smaller size and greater speed.

These two types of baseballs are not interchangeable, and you cannot use a softball on the field or a baseball in the softball field.

Size and Weight

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The two sports also differ in size and weight. A softball is between 9 to 9.25 inches in diameter and weighs between 6 to 6.6 ounces.

A baseball is between 9 to 9.25 inches in diameter and weighs between 5 to 5.25 ounces.

Differences Between Softball and Baseball

One of the main differences is their size. A softball is 9 to 9.25 inches in diameter, while a baseball is between 9 to 9.25 inches in diameter.

Another difference is their weight. A softball weighs between 6 to 6.6 ounces, while a baseball only weighs between 5 to 5.25 ounces. A softball is usually made out of a combination of synthetic materials and leather, while a baseball is made out of pure leather. Finally, the materials with which they are made affect how they fly when thrown. A baseball can fly faster because it has less “give” on the seams and flies farther due to its heavier weight.


A softball is usually larger than a baseball and is mainly used in recreational leagues and some amateur leagues.


A baseball is used in most amateur and professional leagues. It’s smaller than a softball and has individual stitches on it.

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Novelty Baseballs

Novelty baseballs are different from the kinds of baseballs that are used in regular sports. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from baseball-shaped cookie jars to baseballs painted with team colors to oversized inflatable baseballs.

The main use for these novelty baseballs is decorative. You can put them on your shelf as a decoration or even give them to a baseball fan. They make a nice gift for young children who are just learning to play catch.

Novelty Baseballs Are Decorative

Novelty baseballs are fun to decorate your house with, and they can serve as a reminder of your favorite pastime. They also make great gifts for people who love the game, especially young children.

Types of Novelty Baseballs

Novelty baseballs can come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be made out of glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, metal, rubber, and even paper mache. Some are painted with team colors.

Others come in the shape of a baseball with a larger-than-life size. Some even have the team logos painted on them.

Where to Buy Novelty Baseballs

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You can buy novelty baseballs on eBay and in most bookstores or sporting goods stores. If you would like to buy something more generic, such as a mug or an ashtray, try looking for it online. You may find that what you’re looking for is cheaper than in stores.

Novelty baseballs can be a great gift for the baseball fan in your life. They also make great decorations for your home or office if you have a special affinity for the “National Pastime.”

Novelty baseballs come in many different styles and types, and are great additions to any baseball memorabilia collection. They make nice gifts for young fans of the game.

Novelty Baseball

A baseball is a well-known ball used in baseball and several other ball sports. The diameter of a baseball is 9 inches and its circumference is 27.94 inches.

Its weight is 5.25 ounces, and is made out of wool and horsehair with a core made out of rubber or cork.

They are handmade from the moment they are taken out of their storage boxes at the factory until they are approved for use on the field.

The process begins when a worker takes wool, horsehair and cotton and mixes them together in a large tub. The worker then places the mixture into a machine that packs it into a solid mass. This process is then repeated until there are 8 packed masses.

The 8 masses are placed into another machine that cuts them into the general shape of a baseball. At this point another worker sews the baseballs together and the core is added, a rubber orb covered by two pieces of cork. The final touches, such as the cover and the markings are added by other specialized machine operators.

The baseballs must now be inspected for quality by a worker who holds them up to 7 different criteria: weight, size, bounce, rotation, string, seam and general appearance. Each ball is given a grade from 1 to 5 depending on its quality. The highest quality ball will have a grade of 5 while the lowest will have a grade of 1.

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There are many different types of baseballs that are used in different types of baseball games. The following is a list of the most popular ones:

Rubber practice ball – this is a light-weight ball usually made from rubber with a circumference of 9 inches and a diameter of 7.625 inches. They are designed to be used by pitchers to improve their throwing form and by fielders to improve their throwing ability.

Wax ball – this is a normal baseball whose cover is made out of paraffin wax. They are commonly used by coaches for fielding practice as they are cheaper than leather baseballs and can be hit much harder, both important aspects in fielding practice.

Spitter – this is a regular baseball whose leather cover has been treated with a special liquid to make it much easier for pitchers to grip. They are also preferred by some batters.

Rubber baseballs – these are normal baseballs whose cover is made out of rubber. They are used in batting cages to lessen the impact when the ball hits the bat.

Clay Center League Ball – this is a heavy-duty baseball designed for use in leagues that don’t require wood or metal bats. They are commonly used by recreational softball leagues in non-professional adult leagues, high schools and youth leagues.

I-ball – this is a special type of baseball designed to be used in the major and minor leagues. It has a unique construction that gives it a truer bounce than other types of baseballs.

Eephus ball – this is a specialty ball with a very high flight and a slow, rolling motion. It is used by pitchers to intentionally go into an out pattern and trick the batters into swinging too early.

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Grapenuts ball – this is a specialty ball with a knobby cover. It is used by pitchers who have a tendency to drop the ball or throw it.

Mushroom ball – this is a specialty ball that is extremely light-weight. It is designed for children and special needs players.

Softball – this is a smaller version of the baseball, with an inner circumference of 8.75 inches and an diameter of 7.25 inches.

The softball is used by women and fastpitch leagues.

Stealth Baseball – this is a regular baseball with a very slightly modified cover. It is used by the military for training purposes as its slightly different bounce will help troops to more easily hit targets.

Wooden Baseball – this is a regular baseball, but instead of an organic cover it has a wooden one. They are favored by older players who believe they suit their age and help them play better.

Theis a machine that will automatically apply the best cover for the ball you are making. It has a dial on it that can be set at 1 through 5, with 1 being the thinnest cover and 5 being the thickest. To use it simply place a ball in the left slot, select the thickness you want, wait for the machine to do its thing then take your new ball from the right slot.Due to the nature of the process and the materials used the ball won’t be exactly the same as a regular baseball, but will instead have its own unique feel and possibly a very minor mark on it from where the machine applied the cover.A baseball must be made out of parts from at least three different animals.

The best kind is made out of parts from a pig, a bull and a horse, though some cheaper versions are made using other animals like a goat or a combination of other animals. The last kind are completely fake and are made entirely out of non-animal products like rubber.are used to make different kinds of softball, though they can also be used to make a regular baseball as well. Most softball bats are made of ash or bamboo.are the most important part of a baseball and there are many different kinds used in professional and amateur leagues. The most common are made out of birch, maple or oak trees and have a wrapped leather cover on them. Other types include willow, pine, ash, bamboo, palm tree, corncob and hay.are the most important part of a softball and there are many different kinds used in professional and amateur leagues. The most common are made out of willow, though other types include ash, bamboo, pine and oak. Some leagues prefer bats which are completely made out of one kind of wood, while others allow for hybrid bats which use two different types of wood to give it more flexibility.are the most important part of a baseball and there are many different kinds used in professional and amateur leagues. The most common are made out of cork, though other types include rubber and plastic.are the most important part of a softball and there are many different kinds used in professional and amateur leagues. The most common are made out of cork, though other types include rubber and plastic.are used to make different kinds of softball, though they can also be used to make a regular baseball as well. Most softball gloves are made of cotton or leather.Theare used to make different kinds of softball, though they can also be used to make a regular baseball as well. Most softball helmets are made of plastic.There are many different kinds of softball, the most common are slowpitch and fastpitch. Both have the same rules with the exception of how you must pitch the ball. In slowpitch you can take as much time as you want when pitching (as long as you don’t do anything suspicious like changing the direction of the pitch) but in fastpitch you are required to pitch the ball before a clock turns to twelve.are used in slowpitch and fastpitch softball. In slowpitch the bases are usually made out of rubber while in fastpitch they can be made of several different the home of professional baseball games, it is where the New York Yankees play and is located in the city of New York. The stadium was built back in 2009 and can seat over a hundred thousand people. Some of the most famous players in baseball history have played here, including George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Jacob Peter “Yankee Clipper”Donnelly, Francis Michael “Mickey” Mantle and Joseph Harry “Joe” Dimaggio. The stadium is also home of the annual Thanksgiving game which is host to an annual showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston a large stadium located in the city of Washington. It is the home of the Washington Senators and it can seat over a hundred thousand people. It was built in 2062 and some of the most famous players in baseball history have played here, including Owen Walker “Greatheart” Dorn, Thomas “the Express” Hoey and Roger “the Red Baron” Peckinpaugh. The stadium is also host to an annual game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.are the homes of basketball teams. The most famous arenas are the Sculptor’s Arena in New York City, the Baptist War Memorial Arena in Boston, the U.S. Bank Arena in Los Angeles and the Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio. There are many others across the country and even more under construction.are the homes of football teams. The most famous stadiums are the Sunlife Stadium in Miami, the Bright House Networks Stadium in Manhatten, the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, the Alamodome in Texas and the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Other famous stadiums include the Soldier’s Field and the Qwest Field.There are hundreds of thousands of parks in thousands of different cities and towns around the country. Some of these parks offer recreational programs for adults and children such as baseball games, soccer matches, exercise classes and playgrounds for child. There are also a number of tourist attractions spread out across the country which offer activities such as safaris, rides and historical tours. The most famous parks across the world are the Royal National Park in Australia, Yellowstone Park in North America and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Africa. The most famous tourist attractions across the world are the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the Great Wall of China in Asia and the Colosseum in Europe.Music has evolved dramatically since the 21st century, with thousands of new artists and bands forming in different places around the world, each one creating a new style and sound. Some styles include Blues, Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop, Metal, Pop, Rock and many others. The most famous music genres in the United States of America are Blues and Jazz, with the most famous musicians being Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington and Louis Jordan. While the most famous musical artists in the world are Owen Lars, Prince Kassad and Baby G. These artists have had a profound impact on society and their music is listened to by millions across the globe. There are thousands of clubs and bars across the world where people can go to listen to these musicians play live. These locations are called “Gigs” and they are advertised by fliers and posters which can be found on walls, in magazines and on the radio.are a relatively new means of transport, with the first rails being built in the 19th century. Since then trains have developed at a rapid pace. As well as traditional trains, high-speed rail has become increasingly common since its inception in 2036, with many cities around the world having high-speed rail lines connecting them. Trains are used for both long and short distance travel, with both first and second class tickets available on many trains. Some trains are even fitted with sleeper cars, allowing passengers to travel and sleep in private cabins. Trains offer a more affordable alternative to air travel, however they are not as fast and are limited to the tracks, meaning that areas without train lines cannot be easily accessed.are private companies which were created in the 19th century. The primary aim of airlines is to transport people and goods across the globe, from one city to another, one country to another or even one continent to another. Planes are used for both long and short distance travel, with flight times typically being anywhere between one and three hours. Some planes are fitted with sleeper cabins, allowing passengers to sleep on longer journeys. Air travel has become the preferred mode of long distance travel for most people, with it being both affordable and convenient. As a result, areas without nearby airports cannot be accessed without using trains or coaches.are road vehicles which move people and goods across cities and towns at high speeds, dangerouly fast. The first cars were built in the late 19th century. Since then cars have become a staple part of most modern day urban societies, with millions of people owning one. Cars are used for both long and short distance travel, with some cars being fitted with sleeper cabins, allowing passengers to sleep on longer journeys. Cars are known for causing large amounts of pollution and are a leading cause of global warming, resulting in many protests against their use. Despite this, cars are unlikely to disappear any time soon.are the world’s primary method of water transport, with thousands of ships sailing across the globe everyday. They are slow, labour intensive and expensive, but nonetheless they remain the most efficient way to transport large amounts of goods internationally. Tramp steamers are the cheapest and most common ships, carrying cargo and supplies from port to port. Most tramp steamers only travel within confined waters such as oceans and seas, however there are some which travel the length and breadth of the world. are the world’s primary method of air transport. Planes were first built in the 20th century and since then they have become a staple in long distance travel across the globe. Planes are used for both long and short distance travel, with flight times typically being between one and three hours. Planes are convenient and efficient, however they can be very expensive. As a result, planes are not the preferred mode of travel for most. The working classes typically only use planes for long distance travel when time is essential, such as commuting to and from work. The rich and wealthy, on the other hand, use planes for almost every facet of their lives. are the primary mode of transport in underdeveloped and developing countries, where roads and other land improvements have not yet been created. Most fishing villages, for example, cannot be reached by road, only by sea. Boats are also used to travel along rivers, such as the Nile or the Mississippi. Typically rafts are used for this purpose. The main disadvantage with using boats is they are very slow, generally travelling no faster than walking pace.

Nuclear power is a new technology which generates heat through nuclear fusion. It was first developed during the 21st century and has rapidly become a popular choice for generating electricity. Unlike previous forms of fossil fuel-burning energy plants, nuclear fusion offers clean energy which poses no threat to the environment.

In this model of nuclear reactor, energy is generated by the heating of water (H2O) which is turned into steam to power turbines. The main advantage of this method of generating electricity is it is relatively cheap to build one of these plants as the technology is not too complex. The main disadvantage is the amount of fuel required and the long-term damage to the environment through hazardous waste produced during the process.


Workers at a nuclear power plant wear special protective suits to avoid coming into contact with the harmful radiation produced by the plant. The most dangerous parts of a reactor are the cooling towers where radioactive waste is released into the atmosphere.

Cities across the world rely on nuclear power plants to provide them with electricity and will continue to do so for many years to come. These plants represent a large investment, which means they are not going to disappear any time soon. However, the long-term effects of this type of power is not yet fully known, and it remains to be seen what affect they will have on society in the centuries to come.

The World

Europe: Europe is now a region which has been heavily affected by economic turmoil, riots and civil unrest. It has also experienced political turbulence, with several countries gaining independence from their former rulers. In the late 2040s, the European economy crashed following several years of economic recession.

This was due to several factors, including:

Extreme government overspending.

A mass exodus of entrepreneurs and business owners moving their operations to places like Africa and the Americas caused a labour and skills shortage.

The cost of imports, such as oil, became too high as the economy slowed down.

Trade tariffs placed on European countries by African nations in an attempt to bolster their own economies.

It was not long before all of Europe was in a severe state of depression. Mass riots occurred in almost every major city in Europe as people protested against their governments’ inability to deal with the crisis. In 2042, the situation in Europe worsens as riots give way to full-blown civil war in several regions.

Some governments try to intervene and restore order; most fail, instead becoming embroiled in the chaos.

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In 2043, theocratic Imam Khomeni takes control of Iran, and creates an oppressive regime which persecutes anyone who opposes it. In addition, it sponsors terrorist groups to fight against other governments and causes instability throughout the region.

In 2046, the European Union, in an effort to restore order, attempts to intervene in the civil war in Russia. However, this backfires spectacularly when the EU forces are caught off guard and nearly destroyed by the new automated Russian tank drones. Faced with overwhelming losses, the EU forces are forced to retreat.

The Russian government, now under full control of the “New Moscow Empire” led by communist-affiliated military hardliners, promises to turn Europe into a “graveyard”.

In 2048, the European economy is suffering from Hyperinflation, and several governments have collapsed. Russia has amassed a large army on the Polish border, threatening to launch an invasion. The war has begun.

North America: After years of increasing economic and political strain, the United States finally breaks out in revolution in 2048, with all but Texas seceding from the union. The new nation, known as the Confederacy of America, struggles to get off the ground, and it isn’t long before Texas, eager to gain more power from the crumbling USA, secedes from the CSA in 2049 and declares independence. The two nations are locked in a brutal war for years, with neither side able to defeat the other.

In 2052, California wins its independence from the USA after years of fighting. It becomes an autocratic state under Governor Soto.

The great powers of North America are at a stalemate. The Confederacy has the advantage on land, while the Texas-Mexico region has the advantage at sea. The new US hasn’t been able to fight a two-front war, and as such its armies have suffered terrible losses against the CSA and Texas.

Canada remains neutral for now, but if the CSA or Texas gains the upper hand, it is likely that they will enter the war. In any case, it is a bloody time for North America.

South America: After the fall of the USA, Mexico attempted to take over the remains of the country. It didn’t go well. Numerous resistance groups formed in the remains of the country, and after nearly a decade of fighting, Mexico finally gave up and withdrew.

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The former USA was broken up into several independent city-states, each run by a different political party or individual.

One such city-state is the reinstituted United States of America (Confederacy), more commonly known as the USA (C). The CSA has a large amount of debt, and is struggling to get back on its feet. It’s run by the New American Party, which itself is a far-right group dedicated to restoring the Old USA.

They have no allegiance to the old administration, which was run by the now-banned Liberty Party. The USA (C) has a large amount of support from the Christian population, who feel that they’ve been oppressed since the banning of Christianity from politics. The city-state’s main export is religion, with its numerous TV stations beaming out Christian propaganda to the neighboring city-states.

Another city-state is the Great Lakes Alliance, run by a council of politicians and led by President Barbara Gordon, the only surviving member of the former USA’s Presidential line. It used to be a prosperous trading hub, but with the rise in autonomous vehicles and droids, unemployment has skyrocketed. It’s only advantage is its large population and large amount of resources.

It maintains good trade with the CSA.

The final major city-state is the North Western Territory, run by a government subsidized by its two largest businesses, Waverly Inc. and Amalexia Oil Refinery. It maintains an excellent relationship with Texas-Mexico.

The city exports resources such as oil, wood and gold, and imports food. It’s government is considered a bit of a corporate conspiracy, with people saying “It’s not Waverly Inc., it’s the government.” Because of its large amount of wood, it has attracted a large population of elves and other forest-dwellers.

Other city-states include the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, the League of Native Americans, the Arc Alliance (composed entirely of Robots) and many others.

Most city-states maintain a friendly relationship with their nearest neighbors, although border skirmishes are common.

Europe: After the fall of the USA, the European powers launched a joint invasion to divide up the continent. It ended with the complete destruction of Paris, London and Berlin, and a new dark age for Europe.

The most powerful group is the New Roman Empire, ruled by an ultra-nationalist dictator who took power after his “election” resulted in the creation of martial law. He transformed what was left of the European Parliament into his personal palace. His government is based in the ruins of the Palace of Westminster, which still stands.


His main rival is the United Kingdom of France and Germany, run by a Franco-German emperor who took power after his mercenary forces liberated Paris from the Romans.

Also on the continent are the Nordic Union (Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark), the Russian Imperium (mainland Russia and the “captured” states of Eastern Europe) and Old Spain (western Spain and Portugal). All of these groups are hostile towards both the Romans and the British.

There is also a large zone containing the fallout of the destruction of Berlin, which is still too toxic to inhabit. This has earned it the nickname “The Dead Zone”. Sporadic gunfire can be heard from this area, although it is unknown what is happening in there.

Finally, there’s an island to the east, known as New Britain Island. Rumors state that the island is run by a cult who worship an ancient monarchy, and are attempting to resurrect it, although this has not been confirmed. They are hostile to all outsiders, and trade with no one.

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Asia: The Badlands are a series of destroyed or deindustrialized areas spread across the continent, which have become lawless no-man’s lands. There are an unknown number of factions fighting in the area for dominance, including warlords, local militia, militant groups, private security forces and more.

The most prominent groups are the Hansa League (an group of business syndicates), the Xi Hive (a series of interconnected hive-cities), the Clans (a series of warrior bands) and the Red Alliance (a communist state).

The landscape is dotted with ruined cities, some destroyed in the chaos of the Collapse, and others destroyed by nuclear weapons.

The most powerful group in Eastern Asia are the Singularity, a cult dedicated to artificial intelligence. They control a few islands and are working to turn themselves into digital beings able to live forever inside computers.

Oceania: The islands of Oceania are home to the Coastal Republic, an group of city-states run by a constitutional republic and a strong navy. Their main rival is the Island League, a group of monarchies and tribal groups who resent the Coastal Republic’s presence. Both have nuclear weapons, but so far no agreements have been made on whether to use them.

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North America: The main powers of North America are the Great Lakes Alliance and the North-American Confederacy. Both have used nuclear weapons against each other, but due to the fear of mutually assured destruction, all sides are staying their hands for now.

The Caribbean: The Caribbean is dominated by two major powers: the Caribbean League and Los Estados Espanoles. Both have nuclear weapons and have been involved in proxy wars with one another, but have not directly attacked one another.

South America: The main powers of South America are the South American League and the Southern Cone Collective. Both have nuclear weapons, and have been hostile towards one another since 2015.

Antarctica: The Antarctic Territory is run by the Antarctic Treaty Organization, a collective of democracies created to prevent another world war from happening. However, rising tensions between the A.T.O.

and the North American Confederacy have put this in jeopardy.

The Moon: The American state of New Deseret has established a permanent settlement on the Moon, which they have started to mine for resources.

Mars: Although only investigated by probes sent from Earth, evidence of ancient canals and ruins suggest that Mars was once home to an alien civilization.

Jupiter: One of the moons of Jupiter, known as Europa, is covered by a thick ice sheet. Scientists believe that a large ocean exists underneath, holding more water than exists on Earth.

Saturn: One of the rings of Saturn, made up of small particles of ice, is the source of a rare mineral that can be used to strengthen and lighten metal alloys.

Uranus: The planet Uranus has been named “George” by the scientists that studied it, and its moons have been named after various British royalty.

Neptune: One of the moons of Neptune has large amount of frozen gases, which can be harvested to provide a large source of fuel.

Pluto: Although classified as a dwarf planet, some astronomers believe that Pluto should be re-classified as a planet, due to conflicting reports about its size.

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Stars: The energy source at the center of every solar system, a star’s size can range from slightly larger than Earth to many times its size.

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