Best Backpacking Water Filters

Best Backpacking Water Filter – Sawyer Squeeze System

The Sawyer Squeeze System is a portable water filtration device made by Katadyn. The filter works with any standard plastic bottle or canister. It’s easy to use and it filters out 99% of microorganisms including bacteria, protozoa (such as Giardia), viruses, parasites and other harmful organisms.

The Sawyer Squeeze Filter is designed to remove contaminants from your drinking water. It uses a patented pump action design which allows the user to fill up their bottles or cans at the tap without having to worry about spilling them all over themselves. The filter can be used for both domestic and outdoor purposes such as camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing and much more!

Sawyer Squeeze filters are available in different sizes that fit most common size bottles/cans. You can get one of these filters for yourself or you can give it to someone else.

Sawyer Squeeze Filter Comparison Chart:

Features & Benefits:

• Works with almost any type of bottle or canister. • Can be filled using a hose connection, faucet, pump action or directly from the container itself. • Easy to use; just insert and turn on the filter. • The filter is very durable and will last many years if properly maintained. • The filter is capable of filtering up to 100,000 gallons of water.

• It can effectively filter out most microorganisms that are harmful to health. • A range of different size adapters are available so you can use this on a wide range of containers or bottles.

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Very affordable.

Will last many years.

Available in different sizes.

Can be used for outdoor and everyday use as well as emergencies.

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