Best Baby Travel Trays

Best Baby Travel Tray: Best baby travel tray is one of the most popular items among parents. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are made from plastic while others are made out of metal or even wood. These types of travel trays have been used by travelers since the beginning of time. There are several reasons why these products are preferred over other ones. First of all, they are easy to clean. Second, they provide extra protection against bumps and bruises during your trip. Third, there is no need to worry about losing or breaking them when changing diapers. Fourth, it’s very convenient if you want to take a break from traveling with your child so you don’t have to carry around another bag or purse full of stuff. Finally, they are extremely affordable. You can buy a good quality travel tray for less than $20.00!

So, which type of travel tray is right for you?

Well, that depends on what kind of trips you plan to go on and how much money you have available. If you’re just starting out or planning to spend a few weeks away from home then the best option would be to use a portable crib style travel tray. These types of trays usually consist of a plastic base and a detachable arch style frame made out of plastic or metal. The trays with the arches are extremely easy to set-up and take down. You can go from placing it in your car to having it ready to use in less than a minute. They are also very easy to clean and come with a storage bag for convenient and safe transportation. The only thing you need to worry about with these types of travel trays is how your baby will react to being in a “crib” type structure. Some babies get very fussy when they can’t see their parents. If this sounds like your child then you might want to consider getting a baby gate style travel tray instead. These types of travel trays look similar to a play yard for babies except they only surround the seat the child sits in.

These types of travel trays can still be set-up and taken down in less than a minute. They are extremely light weight and can easily be stored in the trunk of your car when not in use.

They are also very easy to clean because they consist of little more than mesh material. Travel trays like these are not as secure as the crib type ones, however. Due to safety concerns, you should always use a car seat harness with these types of travel tray to keep your baby from falling out of the tray. Finally, there is the portable high chair travel tray style. These types of travel trays look just like a high chair at a restaurant or cafeteria. The tray portion attaches to the seat of your chair and can either be secured with straps or with velcro. You can also get travel trays that come with their own small chair to place under the tray. These types of travel trays are the least recommended because they are not very secure and babies can wiggle out of them relatively easy. They do have their uses though if you prefer to feed your baby while on the go. Just make sure you always place your baby in a car seat harness before putting them in the tray.

Some people think that travel trays are for women who are to lazy to hold their babies while they eat. While this argument does have some merit to it, there are benefits to using a travel tray for your baby.

Using a travel tray can help strengthen the bond between you and your child by allowing you to make eye contact while feeding or eating. Research has also shown that infants who are placed in these types of chairs will gain weight faster than those who are held 24/7. This is due to the fact that the constant holding of an infant does not allow them to process hunger the same way a baby in a travel tray does. There are some other benefits, such as using these types of chairs can also help prevent the “Babies on Board” sticker frenzy. You may have noticed more and more mothers these days traveling around with their babies strapped to their chests in some sort of sling.

These mothers are actually contributing to their baby’s lack of development by not allowing their baby experience the different range of feelings that come from being held all the time. Using a travel tray allows the baby to feel hunger and pain from lying in a strange position while strapped into a car seat.

The constant feeding and burping also helps the mother and child bond while on the go.

Finally however you should do what is best for you and your child. Some mothers have found success using a chair with arm rests that can be propped up to hold the baby while they eat.

Others have had success simply holding their child. Some even use a pillow to prop their child up in their carseat while they eat. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your baby is safe and secure during feeding time.

Last updated: 09/05/09

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