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Best Baby Handprints Kit DIY Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Baby Footprints And Hand Prints

If you are looking for best baby footprints and hand prints kits then you have come to right place. You will learn how to make your own homemade baby foot print or hand print kit. If you want to get started with making these baby imprints, then read on…

How To Make A Baby Footprint Or Handprint Kit?

The first step to making a baby foot print or hand print kit is to gather some materials. These include paper, ink, glue sticks, pencils and tape. All these items will be needed for making your own homemade baby imprints.

You need to collect various supplies before starting the tutorial so you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily.

Paper – Paper is one of the most essential ingredients for making your own homemade baby imprints. You need to use a piece of paper that is not too thick. For example, if you are using a piece of card stock, it would be better to use thin cardstock rather than thicker cardstock. If you are using newspaper, it would be better to use thin newspapers rather than thicker papers.

Ink – The ink that you choose to use for the foot or hand prints is also very important. You should not use a form of ink that is water-based because this type of ink will run when it gets wet. Instead, it is best to use oil-based inks because the foot or hand prints will be able to stand on a piece of paper or cardboard without smudging.

Glue – Glue is also important when making the hand or foot prints. You should choose a glue that dries clear so you can place paper over the top of the foot or hand print without seeing any signs of glue. You also want to make sure that the glue is suitable for paper because if the glue seeps through to the other side of the paper, it will become visible.

Pencils – One or two pencils will also be needed because you will be tracing your child’s hand or foot on the piece of paper or cardboard.

Tape – You will need tape to affix the paper or cardboard to a wall so it does not move while the hand or foot prints are being pressed onto the surface.

These items can all be bought from various crafting stores or department stores.

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The process of making the imprints really depends on the age of the child. For very young children, you will need to help them press their hand or foot on the piece of paper or cardboard. For slightly older children, they may be able to place one foot or hand on their own.

The instructions that are included in this article provide a guideline for how to make these imprints by yourself. You will need to find the appropriate techniques that suit you and your child.

Happy crafting!

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