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Best Bottle For Your Baby: Comotomo Bottle

The comotomo baby bottle is one of the most popular and well known bottles. It was designed by Maria Como in 1892. She had been working with infant formula since she was a little girl. At that time her father died leaving her mother to take care of the family.

Her mother used to work at a factory where they produced milk powder and other products. One day Maria’s mother told her that she wanted to make some new formula for the child because it was so hard for her to feed him. So Maria began making the formula and gave it to her son. She then took him home and nursed him until he fell asleep. When she woke up, she found out that the baby had died from lack of nutrition and not from any disease or illness.

Maria continued to make the formula and gave it to her other children. Soon Maria’s husband came back home from work and found out what happened. He was very upset and started yelling at Maria saying that she shouldn’t have given away her own milk for nothing! He didn’t want anything to do with the formula either.

So Maria left her husband and moved into a small house where she lived alone. She continued to work as a factory clerk and used her wages to buy cow milk for her son.

One day as she was filling a bucket with milk, the son asked his mother if they had gotten a new job because he thought she was filling a bucket with milk. She said that it was just the same old job and that she was filling a bucket with milk.

The son began to cry and said, “I thought you were making milk for me!” She gave him a hug and assured him that she still made the milk for him. One day he got sick and threw up all the formula he had been given. He cried again saying that the milk was sour and he wanted his mother’s milk

That’s when the mother realized it wasn’t her fault that he refused to drink the formula. It was a problem with how the formula tasted. She decided then to make a better tasting formula that didn’t need milk so she began work on creating the best infant formula there ever was.

She worked and worked and finally got it perfect for him. She gave the new formula to her son and he had no problems with it. The rest is history and now we have some of the best baby bottles that money can buy.

The Best Bottles For Gassy Or Colicky Babies

There are a few different types of bottles that can be used for a gassy or colicky baby. Not every baby is the same and sometimes it can be difficult to find the right bottle. There are some things to look for when choosing a bottle for a gassy or colicky baby. They should be shorter and have more air in them to help with the gassy feeling.

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Having extra air in the bottle can help prevent trapped air which causes gassy pain. All of the baby bottles below are some of the best baby bottles for gas or colicky babies. They are all different shapes and sizes but all are useful in different situations.

Playtex Nurser Bottles With Drop-Ins Liners

I used to use these when my children were babies. They are the best baby bottles for gas or colicky babies. They are shorter in length which prevents the baby from swallowing as much air. They also have liners that go inside of them so you don’t need to wash them as often.

Just throw away the liner every time and only wash the outside of the bottle.

Mimijumi Bottles

These are great bottles for all babies. They are smaller in circumference so they don’t cause as much gas pain. They are also wide-necked so you can fit a tube into them if needed. They come in a few different sizes too so you can choose the one that is perfect for your baby.

Comotomo Baby Bottles

These are some of the newest baby bottles on the market and they have some interesting features. They have a very thin neck so there is less air being ingested. They also have a fun design for babies to look at while feeding. These are great bottles for gassy or colicky babies.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles

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These are very similar to the playtex nurser with drop-ins except they are a little shorter. These can be good for babies who still need that little bit of help with the gas pain. They come with a thicker anti-colic valve that helps prevent gas as well.


Finding the right baby bottle for your baby can be a challenge. There are lots of different types and all of them have their pros and cons. Hopefully this article has helped you find the best bottles for gas or colicky babies. No more crying at night when you can choose one of these best bottles for gas or colicky babies.

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