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Art Set for Kids: Best Art Sets For Kids

The best art sets are those which are made with high quality materials such as wood, metal, plastic or fabric. They have been designed and manufactured with care so they last longer than other sets. There are many different types of art sets available online but the most popular ones include:

Wooden Art Sets – These wooden art sets come in various sizes ranging from small to large. They are usually made out of hardwood such as maple, walnut, oak or cherry. Wooden art sets are very durable and will not break easily.

Metal Art Sets – Metal art sets are typically made from stainless steel or brass. They come in different sizes ranging from small to large. Metal art sets are durable enough to withstand daily use but they do tend to rust over time making them less practical for everyday use.

Plastic Art Sets – Plastic art sets are generally made from polycarbonate (plastic) or ABS plastic. They come in various sizes ranging from small to large. Plastic art sets are easy to clean and maintain and they don’t rust like metal or wood art sets do. However, they may crack if dropped too much during playtime due to their light weight.

Felt Art Sets – Felt art sets are generally made from wool, acrylic or felt. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Felt art sets are less durable than other types of art sets such as plastic, metal or wood but they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Fabric Art Sets – Fabric art sets are made from cotton, wool or felt. These types of art sets are typically used by children who like to paint since they can easily be wiped clean afterwards.

Paint Brushes – There are many different types of paint brushes each with their own unique purpose. For example, some types of paint brushes are better suited to watercolour painting while others work better with oil-based paints.

Drawing and Colouring Books – There are a wide range of drawing and colouring books available to suit different age groups and skill levels. Some books contain step-by-step instructions to drawing your own figure or paint scenery while others are just pages of open space to draw whatever you desire.

Coloured Pencils – Coloured pencils can be used on their own or with colouring books. They are available in many different colours and can create very vibrant drawings.

Watercolour Paints – Watercolour paints come in many different colours and can be used with watercolour paper or paint pallets. They have a smooth texture and are perfect for painting landscapes or portrait art.

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Oil Pastels – Oil pastels are made from wax and oil. They are great for drawing lines, filling in backgrounds or creating portraits.

Oil Paint Sets – Oil paint sets contain everything you need to create colourful paintings using oil-based paints. These paints can be used on their own or with oil-based paint pallets.

Watercolour Pallets – Watercolour pallets are made from wood, metal or plastic. They can be used on their own or with watercolour paints.

Drawing Boards – Drawing boards can be made from wood, metal or glass. Wood boards provide a natural look while glass provide greater visibility when drawing. Metal boards are usually the sturdiest and can be used with a variety of mediums including markers and paints.

Portfolios – Portfolios are a great way to store your artwork. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you’re certain to find one that fits your needs.

Art Easels – Art easels are a great way to display your finished artwork or sketches. They come in many different sizes, colours and designs to suit every style and taste.

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Arts And Crafts For Gifted Children

As gifted children have such active imaginations, they tend to enjoy arts and crafts. These types of activities allow them to use their imagination to create something that’s entirely their own. As they can also be very messy, it’s best to supervise these types of activities as much as possible to avoid any accidents or tears!

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Below are some examples of arts and crafts activities that gifted children enjoy.

Decorating Ceramic Ornaments

Ceramic ornaments make wonderful Christmas gifts for family members, teachers and friends. They can be painted and designed in many different ways and truly personalised so your child can make something that’s just for them. Your child could paint their name and birthday on the ornament, decorate it with holiday-themed colours or even create a picture or painting. Let them be as creative as they want to be and supervise them carefully to make sure the paint is dry before the ornament is placed in the oven to bake.

Painting With Watercolours

Watercolour painting is a wonderful way for your gifted child to create something artistic and colourful. Watercolours come in beautiful, vibrant colours that are perfect for painting landscapes, scenery or portraits. They’re also very easy to work with as you only need a paintbrush and water to create a masterpiece.

If your child is really young, put the paintbrush in their hand and let them hold it. That way they can get a feel for what the bristles feel like, the paints colours and how easy it is to make a mark on the paper. Your child will be so proud of their work, they may even decide that they want to create a masterpiece every day!

If your child is a little older or ambitious, you could provide them with paintbrushes of different sizes and let them have fun painting whatever scenery or objects that they can think of. This is a great way to encourage them to think outside the box and explore different ideas without any boundaries. If they’re having trouble thinking of ideas, provide them with a picture of something that inspires them and let their imagination take over from there.

Colouring Pictures In

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Colouring pictures in is a fun way to get your gifted child to express their creative side. While some children like to create their own pictures and scenes, others prefer to colour in drawings and images that are already established. This could be drawings in a colouring book or images found online. Either way, your child is sure to enjoy the creative process and they may even decide to make their own drawings to colour in!

Colouring books for children are available in every book store and department store, however you may find that your gifted child is enticed by the pictures in a different kind of book. Older children and even young adults tend to enjoy the artwork found in anatomy books, as the drawings are so detailed that they appear to come alive off the page. If your child wants to draw a realistic picture of a human heart or brain, there’s no better resource than an anatomy book!

Creating Clay Animals

Children love playing with clay, which is why it’s such a great medium to use when trying to keep them entertained and engaged. If your child is a little younger, provide them with some clay and a few cookie cutters. Choosing a fun shape such as a heart, star or flower will encourage your child to create something that hasn’t been done a million times before.

Older children may enjoy using the clay to create a more realistic animal or person such as a figurine of themselves or a family member. Either way, they’ll be able to express their creativity while having fun with the soft clay. Encourage them to leave their creations out to dry rather than putting them away immediately, as this will help them feel motivated to continue creating.

If your child is a little older, they may enjoy creating clay models of actual people. Using pictures of a family member or friend, your child can create something that they can keep around to remember them by. Alternatively, they could even create pieces of art for their home! If you have some old wine bottles collecting dust, your child can try creating realistic models of them to decorate their room.

The options with clay are virtually endless!

Obstacle Courses


If your child is a little older and more coordinated, they may enjoy an obstacle course. Set up a course around your backyard or driveway with cones, chairs, hula hoops, and anything else you can find. Mark the beginning and end of the course with two markers so that your child knows when they have finished. This is a fun way to get them exercising and encourage them to try new things while keeping track of their time!

You can even join in the fun with them so they don’t feel self-conscious.

If your child is older or doesn’t like the idea of an obstacle course, try setting up a mini skate park in your backyard or driveway. Set up some small ramps and rails for them to perform tricks on. This will encourage them to engage in risky behaviour such as jumping and speeding, which can lead to accidents and injuries. Keep an eye on them to make sure everything goes smoothly.

A children’s entertainer will provide the most fun for your child on their special day, however if you’d like to take a more active approach, these activities are sure to keep them engaged for hours on end!

Children’s entertainers will provide the most fun for your child on their special day, however if you’d like to take a more active approach, these activities are sure to keep them engaged for hours on end!

Find a Children’s Entertainer in Your Area

There are a lot of things that you can do to keep the kids busy on their birthday, but most of the time you still need some way to keep everyone satisfied. Whether they want entertainment, or if they want desserts and snacks, you won’t have any issues when you hire a children’s entertainer. Check out this website for clowns in Perth that can make any kid happy.

Most kids love clowns. They love the make-up, the oversized clothes, and act. Now, some kids might be a little scared because of all the bad stories they’ve heard, but if you hire a quality clown then the kid should be just fine. These clowns can do a whole variety of things to keep the kids entertained such as games, magic tricks, and even some small bits of balloon twisting.

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This is a great way to keep all of the kids busy and happy throughout the party.

One thing that you do want to be careful about is the food. You definitely do not want a bunch of people with big noses running around eating all the pizza and cake. They do tend to be very hungry creatures, so make sure you have more than enough food for them. Check out this website at (LINK REMOVED) to find a great children’s entertainer in Perth that will keep everyone happy and busy.

If you want to learn more about having a clown at your child’s next birthday party, click (LINK REMOVED) right now.

Clowns: Something Old, Something New

There are many different types of birthday parties when it comes to children. You can have a themed party where everyone comes dressed up as their favourite movie or TV character. You can also have a candy or color theme where everyone is given a certain color of balloons to blow up and bring to the party. One of the more popular themes, however, is to have a clown come and do face painting and balloon twisting for the children.

When most people think of a clown at a child’s birthday party, they usually shudder at the thought. They remember the stale orange makeup from years ago that curled up nose and hair that resembled fuzzy sticks. However, the clowns of today are a far cry from those of yesteryear. Gone are the itchy, bright colored suits, replaced by clean cut, tailored clothing that is both comfortable and easy to move in.

The oversized shoes have been traded for comfortable sneakers. Even the makeup has evolved from that neon orange to a softer red that compliments the wearer better.

While the new clowns are a far cry from the old ones, their purpose is still the same. They stand out and draw in the children with their games and balloon twisting while the parents can enjoy some time to talk amongst themselves. While it may seem strange to have enough trust in a stranger to let them entertain your children, most of these clowns are more than qualified for the job. They’ve gone through extensive training in dealing with all types of kids.

They can keep them entertained and most of all, they ensure that everyone has a good time at the party.

So the next time you’re looking for a children’s entertainer in Perth, make sure to hire one with a little added flair.

Why Hire a Children’s Entertainer in Perth?

Most parents dread the idea of having to watch their child have a tantrum in public. It can be threatening to everyone around them and embarrassing for the parents. It’s even worse when you have multiple children all throwing tantrums at the same time. This is when many parents wonder if they should just leave the store and go home. Of course, this is never a solution because then the child has won. They’ve caused so much trouble that their parents just have to leave the store because of their behavior.

The best way to handle this situation is to remove the child from the situation and talk to them about proper behavior. However, not every parent is equipped to do this. That’s why it can be helpful to hire a professional children’s entertainer in Perth instead. These entertainers help by keeping the children happy and busy with games and activities.

The children won’t even realize that the adults are stepping away to deal with something in private.

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Of course these entertainers don’t just help parents. They also help the elderly and those with limited mobility. These people will be grateful for someone helping their children while they do their shopping. It’s a win-win situation when you hire a children’s entertainer in Perth.

When hiring a children’s entertainer, you’re not limited to getting just one. You can get as many as you need. This is especially helpful if you’re putting on an event like a Graduation Party or Wedding Reception where you have a lot of children attending. You may also want to hire one for your own children if you don’t feel comfortable entertaining them yourself.

No matter what your situation is, there will be a children’s entertainer in Perth to help you out.

Children’s entertainers in Perth can be found easily if you know where to look. Start by asking your friends and family if they can provide you with a reference. If not, then try looking online for websites and reviews. Once you have a few prospects, give each of them a call to see if you can set up a meeting with them to see if you all get along.

Just like with any job, you’re going to have to put in some leg work in order to find the right candidate.

After you’ve found the right person, the kids’ entertainment will be a huge hit. These entertainers will keep the children happy and engaged in all of their activities. The parents will be able to relax and enjoy your party also. Everyone wins.

Children are a blessing to have in our lives, but can also be very stressful at times. Help relieve some of that stress by hiring a children’s entertainer in Perth today!

Why Hire a Children’s Party Entertainer in Perth?

Having a party for a child can be both fun and stressful. It’s fun to watch the joy on your child’s face as they play with their friends and enjoy the party games you’ve prepared for them. At the same time, it can also be stressful if the children don’t behave properly or if the party goes off without a hitch. Hiring a children’s entertainer in Perth is one way to help cut down on the stress so you can just enjoy your child’s special day.

Children’s entertainers are pros at working with kids and have a variety of fun party games and activities planned that are sure to keep the children busy and having fun throughout the entire party. From magic shows to puppet shows to balloon twists, there are a lot of different types of acts that you can choose from depending on your child’s interests. The children will be so occupied with all the fun activities that they won’t even realize that you’re also setting out the food for them.

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When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to hire a children’s entertainer for your child’s special day. You want the day to be fun and memorable for your child and their friends and a children’s entertainer in Perth can help you do that. They’ll be able to keep all the children entertained and feeling special on the big day while you get to sit back, watch, and enjoy the show.

When it comes down to it, your child’s happiness should be your number one priority on their special day. They’ll be happy if they have a fun birthday with all their friends and that’s why it’s a good idea to hire a children’s entertainer in Perth for the big day.

Book a Children’s Entertainer in Perth Today

Hiring a children’s entertainer in Perth is one of the best ways to help make your child’s party one they’ll always remember. It will also help you enjoy the party more since you won’t have to worry about keeping the children entertained or supervising all the activities.

So why not book a children’s entertainer in Perth today?

Children are a blessing and a handful at times. They say the more the merrier but when you have more than one in your house things can get chaotic pretty quickly. Having lots of kids around is fun, but it can also be stressful at times too. You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of activities and things for the kids to do, but even then they may get bored.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kid’s entertained and have fun doing it, then maybe you should look into hiring a children’s entertainer in Perth. There are many different types of performers that can come to your home to keep your little ones busy and their minds stimulated.

It’s very important to keep kids busy and engaged in activities while they’re still young. The mind is like a muscle, it can grow and expand and develop depending on the types of experiences that a person has while their growing up. This is why it’s so important to get your kids into certain activities as early as possible, so that way they have more of chance at success in life. Their minds are like empty cups, ready to be filled with useful knowledge and experiences.

Children’s entertainers in Perth can help with this process by providing your child with fun and engaging activities that are both educational and imaginative. They can teach your children about music, dance, the arts and even magic! This is great for children because not only are they having fun, but they’re also learning things at the same time. There’s no better way to teach a child than to let them have fun while they’re learning.

A children’s entertainer in Perth can also help by providing you with some needed time to yourself. Many parents might not have the extra cash to go out and hire a babysitter, but this is one expense that you really shouldn’t avoid if you can help it. You need time away from your kids to maintain your own sanity!

Of course, this isn’t really an option for a lot of parents who work every hour God sends to keep their family afloat. That’s why something like this can be so beneficial to families in need of some extra special help and relief. Whether you need a birthday party entertainer or some sort of fun-day activity entertainer, these professionals will keep your kids happy and busy while you take a day off.

Hiring a children’s entertainer in Perth should be high on your list of priorities if you have kids. It’s a win-win situation because not only does it provide fun and relaxation for your little one, but it also gives you time away from the responsibilities of parenting and gives you time to do the things you want to do too!

So don’t waste another second, contact a children’s entertainer in Perth today and set up a meeting. Your kids will be glad you did.

Crowd Surfing To New Heights

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It’s no secret that professional wrestling is one of, if not the most popular sports in the country. With its combination of excitement, drama and pure adrenaline it’s easy to see why people from all walks of life tune in to watch the action unfold every week.

Of course with increased popularity comes a lot more scrutiny, especially from people who have no knowledge of the “art” of professional wrestling. The most common complaint is that it’s “fake”. While it’s true that the outcome is pre-determined, anyone who’s ever stepped into a ring (or even watched a few matches) can attest to the fact that it definitely isn’t a soft performance. Taking bumps, delivering punches and kicks, and executing a variety of other maneuvers can definitely leave one feeling sore the next day, if not worse.

Another complaint that’s often heard is the crudely-drawn dividing line between “good guys” and “bad guys”. While the characters in the sport are definitely black and white in terms of their moral standing, there is a lot of depth to each of them and their motivations for what they do. Of course, people who complain about this are probably also the same ones who believe that reality television is actually “real”.

Of course the biggest complaint of all is the supposed lack of authenticity surrounding the sport. People claim that it’s all just a fake facade meant to lure unsuspecting people into the arenas and then fleece them of their money. While this definitely holds some truth due to the performers being “independent contractors” and thus not part of a trade union, it’s hardly the case for every wrestler.

Some wrestlers actually do enjoy performing and get a thrill out of entertaining the crowd. Even if they weren’t getting paid, some would still wrestle simply because they want to.

While this sort of “dynamic” isn’t common knowledge, it’s hardly a secret either. While it may not convince the skeptics, there are other aspects of professional wrestling that can. The fact is, the majority of people watching wrestling don’t do so because they’re wrestling fans. They do it for the pure escapism and the entertainment value.

Seeing a 350-pound giant leap from the top turnbuckle and crash down on his opponents with a thunderous impact is entertaining in itself. Add to that the fact that this same man can deliver a Shakespeare-quality soliloquy and you’ve got something that people will pay to see.

Which brings us to the crux of this article: Professional wrestling is theatrical in nature. While some may argue that point, it really isn’t. It’s no different from watching a play or a musical on stage. The performers are putting on a show and the more entertaining they are, the more people will pay to see it.

And that’s the key – entertainment. If a performer can entertain, they’ll go far in this business and will succeed. Perhaps not in monetary terms, but they’ll be gratified by applause, cheers and the admiration of fans.

Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone and not everyone has the personality to become a “face” (i.e. good guy). Some are naturally aggressive and hostile and would much rather get revenge on their opponents than gain their sympathy.

For these people, there is always the option of becoming a “heel” (i.e. bad guy).

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Of course this too has its limits and only those who are truly dedicated to their “evil” roles will succeed. This means getting the desired reaction from the crowd whether it be boos or jeers. Those who try to half-assin it or are somehow “neutral” generally don’t succeed for very long.

But then there are the “independents”. The performers who are either too talented to be ignored or innovative but aren’t quite skilled enough to make it in the big leagues. These are the competitors that get the most respect from their peers since they have the most talent and have to work the hardest to succeed.

Naturally, in any business where competition is involved, there’s bound to be a fair amount of trash-talking. This is especially true in wrestling where everything is fake but still taken seriously by the competitors. Some of it is good-natured ribbing, but most of it is outright insults intended to put down an opponent. This can be done for several reasons such as establishing a character’s arrogance or to get into their opponents head and throw them off their game plan.

Sometimes this trash-talking can go too far. Insults end up being taken personally and grudges can get out of hand. When this happens, the competitors will meet either backstage or in the locker room and have it out with each other. These fights are usually closely-guarded secrets, but sometimes details end up leaking out to the general public and cause a minor scandal though most fans just accept it as part of the “nature” of wrestling.

And these are the types of fights we will now explore…

Note: Fights involving entire stables (i.e. large groups of wrestlers who act as a team) have been excluded from this list. While they can be violent at times, it would be too much work to incorporate all of their fights on this list and I’m only focusing on individual superstars for this article.

Also note that some of these fights have not been verified and are just rumors.

These have been marked with a “?”


FIGHT #1: The Undertaker vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

BACKGROUND: Jake “The Snake” Roberts was known as being a pious Christian who took his profession seriously and tried to help younger wrestlers whenever he could. However, behind the scenes, he was struggling with his addiction to drugs and alcohol. This caused him to have erratic behavior which was starting to become a problem for everyone involved. The most infamous example was when he was wrestling Randy “Macho Man” Savage and went into a profanity-laced rant about how much he hates him.

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The most severe incident, though, involved The Undertaker. During a house show (i.e. non-televised event), Jake met with Taker and during the conversation he made a comment that he would love to f**k Taker’s wife.

This understandably offended The Deadman who told Jake to keep his distance from him from that point forward. This didn’t stop there as Jake continued to go to Taker and piss him off with more sexually-oriented taunts such as telling him he hopes his wife is giving someone a blowjob at that moment.

Finally at SummerSlam ’92, the two were paired against each other. During the match Jake pulled out a metal crucifix and repeatedly hit Taker over the head with it. He finally pinned him while holding the crucifix against Taker’s throat. After the match, Jake took the crucifix and shoved it down Taker’s trunks (not quite as bad as it sounds, as you can’t see anything except Taker’s belly).

Though no shots were fired, Jake’s antics led to him being suspended indefinitely (he would quietly be let go a few months later). He claims this all contributed to his addiction to painkillers and his eventual suicide in 2013.

FIGHT #2: Ahmed Johnson vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Ahmed Johnson had returned to the WWF in the summer of ’96 after an injury forced him to take some time off. While he was gone, the company had changed significantly. Many of his close friends like Sensational Sherri, Randy Savage, and Razor Ramon were no longer with the company. More importantly, his position as the top face (good guy) was taken by newcomers like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the newly-arrived Ultimate Warrior.

When he returned, he was immediately placed in a feud with the Warrior, who was even more popular than he was when he debuted the year before. Ahmed’s poor attitude at the time got him into trouble right away as he complained about his lack of pay-per-view involvement and not being pushed as strongly as the Warrior. Johnson also made the mistake of complaining about Warrior’s music, which was written by Jim Hellwig (aka The Ultimate Warrior) himself and featured heavy metal legends King Diamond and Rob Halford. Johnson claims Warrior took great offense to the criticisms and wanted to fight him right there and then.

The two fought at SummerSlam ’96 where the Warrior won after a mid-match botched suicide dive by Ahmed resulted in him reinjuring his earlier injured knee. Ahmed continued to complain about Warrior and at one point said he hoped that Warrior would get fired because he felt he wasn’t getting a fair shake. He eventually cooled off (but not his knee) and the pair faced off a second time at Survivor Series where Ahmed finally got his win over The Warrior.

However, Ahmed suffered a legitimate ruptured intestine during the match. Thinking he could work through it, he refused to go to the hospital until after the pay-per-view had ended. The WWF then suspended him for 30 days (although pathetically they claimed it was due to not going to the hospital for his injury) and Ahmed quit the company altogether in January of ’97.

The Warrior, who harbored ill feelings towards Johnson since their first match, blamed the two losses (and Johnson’s general complaining) for his own firing in May of ’97.

FIGHT #1: Kane vs. The Undertaker


This is one of the more well-known backstage fights in WWF history. It isn’t entirely clear what started it exactly, but many believe it was over a storyline involving Tori. Kane and Paul Bearer had been feuding with Taker and his new girlfriend at the time, Sara. However, Kane and Bearer were getting over with the fans with their antics while Taker and Sara weren’t, so they were made to look like the bad guys.

Taker was one of the most popular wrestlers at the time and he felt embarrassed over how he was getting booed while Kane and Bearer were getting cheered.

Taker approached Vince McMahon about turning heel, but he was shot down. He then went to Jim Ross who also disagreed with him. Taker would have one more discussion with Vince about it, but by that time he had already made up his mind that if they weren’t going to turn him heel then he would quit. It was at that point that he fought with Kane and Bearer, who naturally sided with their employer over the hired gun.

Taker stated in an interview that he tried to talk to Kane and Bearer about it first, but they wouldn’t listen and the fight just “happened”. So in other words, Kane and Bearer were right to defend Vince.

Fight #2: Ahmed Johnson vs. Dan Severn

Ahmed Johnson had a lot of backstage heat for a long time due to his diva-like behavior and lack of selling moves by other wrestlers during matches (including taking finishers and immediately getting up without selling it). He finally got a push as “#1 contender” in late ’96 by winning a battle royal, but it was short-lived as Shawn Michaels soon returned and won the championship at Survivor Series.

By early ’97 Ahmed was still getting PPV matches, but to his annoyance they were at the bottom of the card. He got even more annoyed when he found out a new wrestler named Dan Severn was being featured ahead of him. Ahmed confronted Severn in front of everyone and the discussion turned into a shouting match before it was broken up. Ahmed immediately got fired for his actions, even though he claimed it was Severn who started it and that he wanted to settle the issue in the ring (which some of his fellow wrestlers agreed on).

Ahmed would be re-hired a couple months later. He would remain reasonably popular among the fans despite only getting roughly an average of three minutes in each match (the lowest for any major wrestler at the time).

FIGHT #3: Jake Roberts vs. The British Bulldogs

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was another wrestler with a reputation for being difficult backstage. Specifically, he was known to enjoy his recreational pharmaceuticals a little too much. He especially enjoyed smoking marijuana on a regular basis, which didn’t exactly make him many friends since that was a rather frowned-upon activity back then. For whatever reason, he decided to make the British Bulldogs (who were already the “black sheep” of the WWF at that point due to their preference for sticking together and partying together instead of mingling and making friends with other wrestlers) his enemies.

At SummerSlam ’88, Roberts purposely snuck up on Davey Boy Smith and bit him in the arm hard enough to break the skin and leave a noticeable mark. Everyone in the front row saw it.

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As you might expect, the Bulldogs weren’t happy about this and wanted to settle the issue in the ring. He was lucky he had such a high status at the time otherwise he might have gotten into a fight he couldn’t win. As it was, the Bulldogs settled for an apology, which Roberts gave.

As most people know, Roberts was fired by the WWF a couple years later due to his erratic behavior (among other things), drug problems, and being generally unreliable. When he returned to the WWF in 1993, the Bulldogs refused to do anything with him.

Fight #4: Undertaker vs. Sid

Undertaker and Sid were supposed to have a big feud leading up to SummerSlam, but plans had to change when Sid severely injured his leg during a match with Owen Hart. He ended up missing around 6 months of action and when he returned he wasn’t used at anywhere near the level he was before the injury. As a result, the feud was considerably shortened and toned down.

By most accounts (including Meltzer’s), Sid did not take his position as “mid-carder” very well. He especially did not like Undertaker getting such a huge rub from his return by being put into the Main Event of SummerSlam while he was left to fight Rude for the second time at In Your House: Mind Games in the semi-main event.

The match was unspectacular, but not bad and received a lukewarm reaction at best. No one really knew how to react considering Undertaker was the #1 contender to Bret Hart’s WWF Title and Sid was never exactly over in any huge way like he should have been.

After the match, Undertaker tried to console a very upset looking Sid, patting him on the shoulder a few times in an attempt to say, “Good match.” He probably didn’t know just how mad all those months of forced midcarding had made the big man.

The two collided in the center of the ring before Sid threw his forearm into ‘Taker’s throat. He then proceeded to kick him in the stomach and drop an elbow on him, all the while screaming “this is for that leg!” over and over. He then picked up a fallen Undertaker and powerslammed him before leaving the ring without saying a word to anyone.

As strange as this story is, it gets even stranger when you consider that he did something very similar only 11 months later during his initial WCW run. Still, it’s a great story of how one man’s short temper can lead to another man’s 15 minutes of fame.

Fight #3: “Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Marty Jannetty

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Right before WrestleMania VI, Rick Rude convinced his manager “Luscious” Joanie Laurer (yes, the same woman who a decade later would become famous as Chyna in the WWF) to convince her fellow fitness model and former Rocker, Marty Jannetty to take a photo of her and her in a bikini.

After getting the pictures, Rude proceeded to show them to all of his fellow wrestlers. While this isn’t a big deal now, in the early 90s this was slightly more scandalous because Laurer was considered “off limits” as far as pictures like that were concerned because she was dating the Ultimate Warrior at the time.

Jannetty and Rude got into a brawl over the pictures, causing all the wrestlers to get involved and have to be broken up. Because a melee occurred in a bar without proper security, everyone ended up getting fined and ordered to behave themselves… but Jannetty took it a step further.

At the “Festival Olympia” show in France (a show run by former WWF star Eddy Mansfeld), Jannetty finally got his revenge on Rude…by peeing on him. In front of hundreds of people.

Fight #2: “The Model” Rick Martel vs. “The Narcissist” Chris Walker (Raven)

right before SummerSlam ’92, “Model” Rick Martel reunited with his former tag team partner, the legendary “Ravishing” Rick Rude. Rude was now managed by the ultra-smooth talking “Million $” Ted Dibiase (who had just recently split from the Nasty Boys and was in need of a new client).

The reunion of Martel and Rude was short-lived, however, as Rude quickly turned on Martel during their match against the team of former Tag Champs, the Legion of Doom. After slamming Martel and a ‘Dingo’ partner (one of the Names) for a quick 1-2-3, Rude left the ring and motioned to the crowd to acknowledge his part in the victory.

Though Martel would usually be a team player and shake hands with his new opponents, he instead took this opportunity to attack the two men and tell the ringside photographers to get a photo of him shaking his fist and giving a nasty look at Rude on the floor.

After the match, Rude demanded an explanation as to why Martel attacked him, but Martel wouldn’t give him one. A backstage brawl between the two ensued, and as they scuffled back-and-forth, former Intercontinental Champion “The Narcissist” Chris Walker (aka Raven) attempted to break them up. Instead of helping his partner, Rude shoved Walker into a nearby locker.

This did not sit well with Walker, who took exception to being helped up by Martel only to be pushed into him by Rude. A fight broke out between Rude and Walker, which was one-sided from the beginning as Rude got a severe chokeslam on his former friend.

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Despite being closer to Rude in terms of height and weight, Walker was no match for the more muscular Martel and the fight ended with him getting a pile driver on the concrete floor. Once again, the wrestlers got fined and reprimanded by management…

…but only for Walker.

Despite being involved in the first incident, Rude was given a free pass because he was a favorite of owner Vince McMahon. Martel was also written off TV by claiming he had an injured jaw (which may be why you don’t see many wrestling jaw braces anymore). As for Walker, despite pleas of self-defense, he was fired from the company.

You see, even in ‘sports entertainment’, the biggest dog eats.

Fight #1: “Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

While on the subject of favorite bosses, we all know who that was. Let’s just say that you didn’t want to disappoint Mr. McMahon…

because if you did, he would let his “Good Friend” Rude kick the ever-living crap out of you as a warning to not disappoint him again.

One such victim of this would be ‘The Ultimate Warrior’. Now, I’m sure you all know the story about how Warrior had a long-lasting feud with Mr. McMahon over pay, creative freedom and other issues. But what you may not know is that long before his return to the company in 1996, Warrior and Rude were sort of friends.

Now, I say sort of because Rude was the sort of guy who would call anyone his friend as long as it served his purposes. During this period though, Warrior and Rude would socialize outside of the arena from time-to-time. One such night, they went out for drinks, and as usual, Rude picked up the tab…

or rather, Vince McMahon did.

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Later that night, a completely sauced Warrior ended up having phone-sexual conversations with Linda McMahon over the hotel phone. It’s unknown what exactly was said, but it was raunchy enough that housekeeping complained to the front desk the next morning.

Whether or not this played a part in Mr. McMahon firing Warrior or not, we may never know, but we do know that Rude always had a bit of a chuckle about it afterwards.

Fight #2: “The Model” Chris Walker vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Chris Walker was a guy many of you probably don’t remember. While he had a moderately successful run in the WWF, his major claim to fame is being one-third of the original ‘The Truth Commission’ with Papa Shango and The Berzerker. He left the company in the mid 90’s and wouldn’t return until late in 1997…

…by which time he had gotten himself in the best shape of his career. No longer the bloated ‘Model’ he once was, Walker returned as a model-like Adonis. He became an instant hit with the ladies, and let’s just say when he cut those models’ photos in half for his finishing move, it wasn’t always with his scissors.

While Walker seemed on top of the world, things weren’t all peaches and cream for him. While he was ‘bigger’ than most of the other wrestlers, he still had to prove himself to be ‘the man’. One night, during a tag match with Too Cold Scorpio against Steve Austin and Marc Mero (before Mero turned into such a joke), something caused him to go into a rage.

Suffice to say, a lot of egos were damaged that night.

Fight #3: “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes vs. Captain Lou Albano

This was one of the most unexpected fights in recent memory. We all know how Dusty has always been outspoken about the way things should be done in wrestling, and that it should be done ‘his way’. Never was this more true than in 1996 during the infamous ‘Curtain Call’ incident that took place between he and Vince McMahon.

The story goes, Dusty went into Vince’s office to ask him to reinstate his son, Dustin (who wrestles under the name Goldust), but a curt reply from Mr. McMahon led to a slap to the face. This led to both men getting up and going at it. The fight would be broken up, but not before Dusty grabbed a statue on Mr.


McMahon’s desk and broke it over his head.

Lou, who had been with the WWF since the 70’s, was a mentor to Dusty during his early days and seeing his friend in trouble was enough to make him go after the boss. From what I’ve heard, it was ugly and embarrassing for both men involved.

Fight #4: Steve Austin vs. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Finally, the most infamous fight in WWF history.

Most of you are probably aware of what started this fight, but just in case… While most of us knew them as wrestlers, others knew them as friends (or at least friendly acquaintances), but early in 1997, a rift formed between Bret and Steve. This rift would lead to both men getting their respective friends and allies involved in the situation.

The first blow was struck by Steve, when he made a rather rude comment about the death of Owen Hart (Bret’s brother) being a joke. This instantly turned Bret into the angry brother looking for revenge, but it took him a while to get around to it. He had just returned from an injury and was not yet in fighting shape. It wouldn’t be until the summer that he fully attacked Steve.

By that time, other members of the Hart Foundation had gotten involved, most notably Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and Brian Pillman (God rest his soul). The Alliance was now in full swing, with Steve having support from his own group of wrestlers as well as the hierarchy of the WWF.

It came to head when both men wrestled each other at Ground Zero: In Your House. The match ended when Steve got himself DQ’d by blindsiding Bret with a tire iron. With tensions at their highest, it seemed like a riot was going to ensue, but it never did. In front of his children, Steve finally got his revenge when he beat down and humiliated his long time best friend.

It’s been a year since then, and the war between the two factions still continues.

So there you have it, folks! The true story behind the greatest and bloodiest feud in the history of professional wrestling!

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Name: Steve Borden

Height: 6’2

Weight: 240 lbs.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Entrance Music: None (he enters to the sound of booing)

Style: brawling

Alias: “The Texas Cowboy”, “The People’s Champion”

Previous Gimmicks: Super Ninja


Rage: 70

High Pain Threshold: 90

Fatigue: 100

Blood Type: O Positive

Titles: None, though is the reigning Tag Team Champion with…

Name: Phillip Jack Brooks…or should I say Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Height: 6’0

Weight: 225 lbs.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Entrance Music: “Hell’s Comin’ With Me” by Drowning Pool

Style: brawling

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Alias: “The Crazed Cultist Of Chaos”, “The Wrecking Machine”, “The Rabid Wolverine”, “The Road Warrior Of Wrestling”

Previous Gimmicks: Ringmaster (mid-90’s), “Pizza Man” Stevie Richards, The Punisher, Ring Ninja, Vampiro Americano

Rage: 100

High Pain Threshold: 80

Fatigue: 90

Blood Type: B Negative

Titles: WWF World Heavyweight Champion, WWF Tag Team Champion (with Kane)

Story: Steve has had a rather eventful career in the WWF, with his most notable run being as the Ringmaster. He also was a very popular mid-carder as The Punisher, though he left the company after failing to win the WWF World Heavyweight Title from Stone Cold at the first In Your House (he and his partner Owen Hart were defeated by Stone Cold and his partner Jake Roberts).

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After spending some time in Japan and Mexico, he returned to the WWF as The Ringmaster. This was a much more pompous, arrogant gimmick that was based on his real-life nickname of “The Texas Cowboy”. He aligned himself with the equally arrogant commentator Jerry Lawler and formed a stable known as The Truth Commission, whose goal was to bring injustice to the victims of Savannah Jack (aka Brian Pillman). Despite his arrogance, Steve was a fan favorite.

After this stable was done with its business in the WWF, Steve was moved to the mid-card. He later aligned himself with a hairless cat-like creature by the name of Mr. Kitty (sort of like Baby Funny Hide, except with a much more sinister appearance). The gimmick was a flop and it didn’t last long.

Afterwards, Steve joined his long time buddies, the Road Dogg Jesse James and “Bad Street”

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