Best Aroma Rice Cookers

What is Best Aroma Rice Cooker?

Best aroma rice cooker (BAYCO) is a type of electric rice cooker which uses natural aromatics such as fresh herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. These are cooked using a special method called “Aromatherapy”. The cooking process creates a pleasant smell that makes it easier to enjoy the food. There are many types of BAYCO including electric rice cookers with different features and prices. They are available in various sizes and colors.

Why Use Best Aroma Rice Cooker?

There are several reasons why one might want to use a BAYCO:

1. To make your meals taste better.

You will not have to worry about overcooking or undercooking the food because the food will still be cooked properly even if it is served cold.

2. To save money.

Because you won’t have to buy expensive ingredients like meat, fish, eggs etc., you can spend less on other foods and thus save money.

3. To reduce waste.

If you don’t need to eat every day then it’s good to keep some leftovers for later use so that they’re ready when needed instead of having them sitting around unused for weeks or months at a time.

4. To have more variety in your diet.

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By cooking your own food, you can then choose what goes into it so that you can make the most healthy choices for your body.

5. To increase the lifespan of your food.

If you’re cooking for just one or two people then it can be a lot of waste to throw away partially eaten food, but keeping it for another day or two is a perfect solution because you already have all the ingredients that are needed.

6. To improve the look and feel of your skin by eliminating unnatural chemicals from your diet through the avoidance of processed foods and excessive meat and dairy products.

These are just some of the most important reasons why a BAYCO can improve your life, but there are also other benefits that may be unique to the individual so you should test it for yourself to find out what they might be.

How Does Aroma Cooking Work?

It’s quite simple, really. The natural aromas that come from the food being cooked can be ingested and absorbed into your body then reach the part of your brain that deals with your sense of smell. Because there are scents involved, you can literally smell your cooking even before you take your food off the stove. This can cause your brain to start releasing pleasure-inducing chemicals into your body so that you get a natural “high” as a result.

There are other benefits that come from this as well. Because you will be eating healthier, you will start to feel better. Because food cooked this way tastes better and smells better, you will eat less because it is simply not necessary to do so in order to feel full.

The bottom line is, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t. It’s all proven to work and the evidence is right there in the medical journals if you care to look for it.

What You Can Cook With Best Aroma Rice Cookers?

Pretty much anything that you can cook in a normal cooker or even microwave, you can also cook in a BAYCO. Some of the common ones include:


oWhite Rice

oBrown Rice

oWild Rice

oRed Rice

Best Aroma Rice Cookers - Purch Marketplace

oBlack Rice

oBasmati Rice

oJasmine Rice

oLong Grain Rice

oShort Grain Rice

oGluten Free Rice (brown, black, red, basmati and jasmine varieties)

oOther Foods (popcorn, eggs, oatmeal etc. — check your instruction manual for safety guidelines)

These are some of the most common types of food that you will be able to cook with your aroma rice cooker. As stated before, this is not an exhaustive list so if you wish to find out what other types of food that you can prepare in your own machine, refer to your instruction manual.

One of the great things about these BAYCO cookers is that you don’t have to stick just to rice. You can prepare a wide variety of different foods all at the same time and they will all turn out perfectly because of the consistency of the heat that the machine produces.

Why Wait?

The next time you are in need of a new appliance for your kitchen, consider picking up a aroma rice cooker because they’re more beneficial than you think. Not only will your food taste better, but it will also make you feel better as well. Feel free to experiment with different types of food and find the ones that you like best. Before you know it, cooking aromatherapy will become second nature.

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