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Best Antler Dog Chew – Deer Antler For Dogs?

The most popular chew for dogs today are deer antler chews. They are made from real deer antlers which are harvested legally and sustainably in North America. These chews have been used since ancient times to train hunting dogs. Nowadays they are widely available at pet stores, online shops, and even some veterinary clinics.

There are two types of chews:

1) Natural chews made from deer antler, such as those sold at pet stores or online shops.

These are usually soft and not very strong. They may cause teeth problems if chewed too much. They do not provide enough chewing power to make them suitable for large dogs. (They are mostly used for small breeds. Some dogs may not even like chewing them at all).

2) Processed chews, which are made by taking the natural chew and dipping it in a substance to harden it.

These do not splinter and are much safer for dogs to chew on because they are more durable. However, these types of chews have been known to cause tooth decay in dogs if they are not given other items (e.g. toys) to chew on as well.

The two most popular processed chews are:

1) Deer antler chew (from bucks only) which is a natural deer antler split down the middle and then hardwood smoked.

These are softer than the natural deer antlers. They usually come in different sizes, with the smaller ones being softer and easier to chew. The larger ones can last longer and may be too hard for some dogs to chew. These may be more suitable for larger dogs.

2) Elk antlers which are naturally shed and come from elk (obviously!

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). They may be split into smaller pieces and hardwood smoked. The consistency is harder than deer antlers and they usually last the longest. These are more suitable for larger or aggressive chewers since they can last longer and take more wear and tear.

We have found that elk antlers are better for strong chewers since they last the longest and come from a very large animal. Elk also naturally shed their antlers every year so they are a more sustainable choice for your pet as well.

Besides deer and elk antler chews, there are other processed antler chews that can be found from online shops such as Nutrizzo Antler Treats. These are softer than the natural chews and usually given to puppies or elderly dogs. They may be more suitable for small breed dogs since they are a lot softer.

These antler chews are great as treats or snacks for your pet. They can also be used as stocking fillers during Christmas time! Since antler chews are all natural, they don’t smell as bad as some other chews do. This means that it is much easier to keep your house smelling fresh, compared to with other chews that have a strong odor.

It is also worth mentioning that antlers are very hard and can break or crack teeth so they should not be given to dogs to chew on unless they are known to be non-destructive.

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