Best Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases

Anti Gravity Phone Case – iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is one of the most powerful smartphones available today. Its screen size measures 5.8 inches diagonally, making it larger than the previous models.

The device features a 12MP rear camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), and a True Tone flash for better white balance. The front facing camera is 8MP. Apple claims that the iPhone XS Max’s A11 Bionic chip delivers twice the processing power of its predecessor, which makes it faster and more responsive.

The iPhone XS Max comes with iOS 11 out of the box, but there are some notable changes in this version compared to last year’s model. For starters, Apple has removed support for 32-bit apps on iPhones running iOS 10 or earlier versions of OSX.

Instead, developers will need to port their apps over to 64-bit platforms like macOS Sierra. Also, the new iPhone XS Max supports wireless charging, so you’ll no longer have to plug your handset into an outlet every time you want to charge it up.

Apple’s latest smartphone also includes a brand new feature called Face ID. Face ID uses facial recognition technology to unlock the device when using TouchID on the Home button.

While this feature can be helpful, it has been known to be less reliable in certain situations. For instance, if you put on weight or grow a beard, the device may not recognize you and prevent you from unlocking your phone.

Moreover, there have been concerns about how Apple has implemented Face ID to replace Touch ID. While the company claims that your facial data will be stored on the phone instead of its servers, many people still have their doubts.

We’ve already seen in the past how Apple’s iCloud service has been breached, leading to leaked nude photos of celebrities in 2014. It’s unclear if the company will suffer a similar fate, but only time will tell.

The iPhone XS Max starts at $1099 for the 64GB model. That’s $200 more than last year’s model.

The price goes up to $1249 for the 256GB model.

Best Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases

The best anti-gravity iPhone cases help you achieve more while also keeping your phone secure and looking fabulous. If you are one of the many people using an iPhone, you may have come to the realization that standard phone cases are just not working for you.

Perhaps you need something with a bit more intelligence and pizzazz. If so, there are a lot of cool and interesting anti-gravity phone cases to choose from on the market right now.

The first thing you may notice about these types of cases is that they are not like anything you have seen before. These types of cases are specially designed to accommodate any iPhone.

Many of these cases are made with a special non-Newtonian fluid or gel within their shell. This aspect allows your phone to be less likely to break should you drop it. These cases are also equipped with powerful neodymium magnets.

These strong magnets are attached at the corners of your phone. The result is that your phone is able to float or levitate in mid-air.

Cool, right?

These cases and their special features do not stop there. These cases also include something called the iCP Combo Pack. This pack includes an app as well as a card system. The card system allows you to carry around multiple cards from your bank or other places. These cards easily clip onto the back of your phone. Thanks to the strong magnets, your cards will be secure and floating right before your eyes.

Both the app and the card system work together to give you quick access to everything you need. The app can store multiple cards as well as any other information pages you may need on a regular basis.

All of your information can be updated or changed on the app. The cards are floating right before your eyes so you do not have to worry about digging around in your wallet or purse for them. It is important to remember that this case includes a non-Newtonian fluid which can only support a certain amount of weight. Your phone will not be able to float without the case.

In order to use this system, your phone must be placed in either a horizontal or vertical position. Once the phone is placed in position, the iCP system will recognize what you have and will proceed accordingly.

These cases are not cheap but for serious gadget lovers they may be worth looking into.

The Best Anti-Gravity iPhone Cases start at $89.99 depending on what type of phone you are looking to support.


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