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Best Amazon Fire Tablets Review: What’s So Great About It?

The best thing about the Best Amazon Fire Tablets is their price. They are priced at only $99. You get two years of free Prime shipping with this deal. Also, they come with Alexa Voice Remote and a micro USB cable so you don’t need to worry about charging it up every night when you’re not using it!

If you’re looking for a tablet that can do everything, then the Best Amazon Fire Tablets are your best choice. They have all the features you’d expect from a high-end tablet like an HD display, powerful processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB storage space.

They also have a built-in kickstand which makes them ideal for watching movies or playing games while on the go.

You can read reviews about these tablets here.

Amazon Fire Tablet Pros & Cons: Pros Of Amazon Fire Tablets

Pros of Amazon Fire Tablets include:

Free 2 year Prime membership.

HD Display (1280 x 800)


Best Amazon Fire Tablets - Best Purch Marketplace

32 GB Storage Space

Built-In Kickstand Makes Them Ideal For Watching Movies Or Playing Games On The Go.

Alexa Voice Remote

All-New Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Case Convert Easily From A Handle To A Stand & Multiple Protective Sleeves.

Perfect For The Kitchen, Bathroom And More. (Previous Generation 7)

The two year free prime membership saves you $72.

Alexa is very helpful and the all-new fire hd 8’s are cheaper than ever before at just $89.99 (usually $119.99).

The sound quality is great and the battery life is at least 10 hours.

Weighing in at just 0.9 pounds, the all-new fire hd 8 is perfect for travel and entertainment on the go. With 32GB of storage space, you’ll have plenty of space for your favorite movies, tv shows, music and apps.

This tablet is very easy to use with your prime membership. From the HD display to the easy access to your favorite content, this tablet is perfect for everyday use.

If you’re a student, this would be an ideal resource for school. With its affordable price and durable design, you won’t have to worry about it getting broken.

The Fire HD 8 comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. For an additional 2 years, you can purchase Amazon’s Protection Plan for just $3.99.

Best Amazon Fire Tablets - PURCH MARKETPLACE

Cons Of Amazon Fire Tablets

There are no real cons of the Amazon Fire tablets. They are reliable and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Why You Should Get An Amazon Fire Tablet For Your Kids

Let’s face it, kids these days stare at screens all day long. Whether it be their cell phones, their T.V.’s or their video games, I feel like they never look up from their gadgets.

If you really want your kids to experience something different, then you should really invest in an Amazon Fire. It’s a lot more durable than people give it credit for and it’s actually a great learning tool for your children.

As a Mom, I’m always looking for educational things that I can expose my children to at a young age, in order to get a head start on their education. The Amazon Fire can be used to teach them spelling, grammar and even basic math.

It’s a great way for them to learn while still having fun with it!

If you’re still not convinced, here are couple more reasons why you should get an Amazon Fire for your kids:

Affordable. Compared to other kid’s tablets that are on the market right now, the Amazon Fire is much more affordable. It ranges in price from $69-$99 depending on the memory size you decide to purchase.

Long Lasting Battery Life. No need to worry about finding outlets to charge your kid’s tablet every couple of hours. It has great lasting battery life.

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Comes With A Kid-Friendly Cover. Any tablet that you buy for your kids should ALWAYS have some sort of protective cover on it. The all-new fire comes with a durable and child-friendly cover that you can purchase separately.

Tablets Are Great For Entertaining Your Children On Long Car Trips Or Airplane Flights. No more fighting with your children for screen time on long car rides. The Amazon Fire is the perfect size for your child to use on his or her lap.

It Comes With Great Parental Controls. If you’re concerned about your kid’s online activity, then this tablet comes with great parental controls. You can easily block certain websites that you don’t want them to visit.

Perfect For Homeschooling Your Children. If you’re a homeschooling parent, then this is a great tool to have for your children. It has great educational apps and books for them to learn from.

The Fire Can Be Used To Help Your Child With Their Reading Skills. There are tons of reading apps that can help your baby or toddler learn how to read. They can even compete with other children their age on the reading apps.

Perfect For Entertaining Your Kids On Those Long Car Rides. The Fire comes with a fun feature that allows you to connect your kid’s car seats to the tablet. You can then control the direction in which the tablet faces, so that it’s facing your child.

Your Children Can Play Educational Games On The Tablet When They’re Not Using It For School. There are so many great games that can help your child learn while being entertaining at the same time.

The Amazon Fire Also Comes With Alexa Built In. This means that you can give verbal commands to Alexa and she will follow them. For example, if you have an Echo in your house, you can tell Alexa to play music for you and it will start from the Fire.

You Can Customize The Fire To Your Child’s Preference. There are so many different covers and skins that you can purchase for the Fire. This is great so that your child can make their tablet unique to them.

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The All-New Fire Is An Amazing Tablet For Kids. It has so many great features that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end and it will help them learn as well. I personally own one and I love it so much!

I created this website to help other parents decide if the All-New Fire is right for their family. Check out all of my in-depth reviews on it so you can make a wise decision.

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Below you will find an awesome guide on the various Covers and Cases that you can pick up for your All-New Fire. So if you’ve just picked one up or you’re looking to purchase a case for it then you’ve come to the right place.

Well, that will end our article on the Amazon Fire, for more reviews make sure to check out the rest of our website.

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