Best All-In-One Computers

Best All-In-One Computers

The term “All-In-One” refers to a single piece of equipment that combines or combines several different pieces into one unit. They are usually larger than a desktop PC and often have multiple functions such as media center, entertainment system, etc. There are many types of all in one PCs available today including those with touch screens, full size keyboards and even some without any display at all. Some models can even run Windows software.

There are two main categories of all in one PCs: Desktop and Laptop. Desktop all in one PCs typically include a keyboard, mouse, monitor and other components needed to operate it. Most of these machines are designed primarily for use on a desk or table top but they may also be used standing up when necessary. Laptop all in one PCs tend to be smaller and more portable than their desktop counterparts. Many laptops come with a touchscreen display, which allows them to function like tablets rather than traditional notebooks.

Desktop All-In-One Computers

Most desktop all in one computers are designed for use on a desk or table top but they may also be used standing up when necessary. These machines are generally larger than typical laptop PCs and can accommodate large monitors. Most desktop all in one computers come with a large desk-mounted base that contains most of the necessary wiring such as power cables, USB ports, and audio connections. These types of computers usually have a single AC adaptor that plugs directly into a wall outlet rather than a power cord that would have to be routed under or around a desk. This helps prevent the device from falling off the edge when you pull on the cord.

Desktop all in one computers are often on “standby mode” when not in use.

Laptop All-In-One Computers

Laptop all in one computers usually have a base that can be detached so they can be used like a traditional notebook computer. They are sometimes called “2-in-1” machines. Many of these types of devices come with a touchscreen monitor, which allows them to be used as tablets or media players when detached from the desktop base. Some of them can also be used in conjunction with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to serve as a replacement for traditional desktop PCs. These types of devices are often run on battery power so they can also be used away from the home or office.

All-In-One Software

Several different types of software are designed to be used with all in one devices. Many of these programs are designed for media consumption such as watching videos, listening to music, playing games and surfing the internet. Other software is designed to be used in more specific ways such as educational software, office suites and various specialty programs.

All-In-One Hardware

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All in one devices typically come with a wide range of hardware. The exact specifications will vary depending on the exact model and manufacturer but most all in one computers come with adequate processing power, memory and other features to operate multiple applications simultaneously. These types of devices also come with a keyboard and mouse so you can navigate through all the different menus and functions.

All-In-One Input And Output Ports

All in one devices typically have a wide range of input and output options. Many of these devices include audio and video output jacks that allow you to connect the computer to a monitor, television or external speakers. Some all in one computers also have an HDMI or other type of video output so you can connect it directly to a high-definition television. These types of devices may also have a media card reader that allows you to transfer photos, music and video from an external device such as a digital camera. Many also have output jacks for a traditional analog television set as well.

All-In-One Printing Options

All in one devices come with a variety of printing options. Many that are designed to be used primarily on desks and tables come with a built-in printer. These printers may or may not be capable of producing high-quality output and photo-realistic graphics. Many of these devices also support wireless printing so you can print documents and images from a networked computer on a local printer. Other types of all in one computers such as laptops and 2-in-1 devices often have built-in support for wirelessly printing over a wireless local area network.

All-In-One Memory

All in one devices typically come with at least one memory slot that can be used to expand upon the internal memory of the device. With most devices you can either add more internal memory or add a memory card reader that allows you to add memory cards such as SD or microSD cards.

All-In-One Platforms

All in one devices typically run a specialized version of either Windows, Google’s Android or Linux. Microsoft’s Windows is available in several different versions for different types of devices. Each of these versions has a specialized interface and is designed to work well with the available hardware. For this reason most all in one desktops are designed to work best with either Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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All-In-One Features

Several features are common to almost all all in one devices. Many of these devices come with built-in webcams, microphones and speakers. Most of these devices also have processors and graphics processors suitable for playing games or watching high-definition video. Almost all of these devices have a long-lasting internal battery that allows you to use the computer without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

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