Best Airless Paint Sprayers

Best Airless Paint Sprayers: Graco Magnum X5 & HVLP

The most popular brand of airless paint sprayers are the two models from the company called “Graco”. They have been around since 1994 and they were developed in California.

These are known as “HVLP” (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers. They are designed to work with very small volumes of paint. They are easy to use and produce less waste than other brands.

The airless sprayers come in different sizes, but they all have the same basic features such as a nozzle that fits over the tank, a pump that pushes paint through the nozzle and into the tank, and a spout that allows you to apply it directly onto your wall or ceiling. You can buy them either individually or in packs of five.

In general, these sprayers are great if you want to do large areas quickly without having to wait long periods of time between coats. If you need multiple colors at once, then these sprayers may not be the right choice for you.

There are some drawbacks though when compared to their traditional counterparts. For one thing, they don’t last as long as conventional ones because they rely on compressed gas rather than compressed air.

However, the most obvious drawback is that these sprayers do not allow you to apply a lot of detail. You can cover large amounts of area fairly quickly, but if you are looking to achieve a professional finish on your walls or ceilings, then you may want to consider buying traditional equipment.

The two models that I mentioned above are the Graco-5N and the Graco-11595. The 5N comes with a 0.9L palette and the 11595 comes with a 1.3L can.

The larger one allows you to work quicker, but it is also harder to handle due to its size and weight. As far as prices go, the 5N is around $100 and the 11595 is $200. The 5N is my personal favorite simply because it is more affordable and easier to handle.

Remember that if you are going to be painting a large area, then you will need to use more than one can. This may not be an issue for walls, but it could be a major problem if you need to paint a ceiling.

Some people also complain about the size of the equipment. While it is true that this equipment is larger than conventional spray guns, they are still reasonably sized and easy to handle.

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If you are doing a ceiling, then you can rest the gun on the floor and it will be perfectly comfortable to use. If you are using the equipment for smaller areas, then you can always get a stand that is sold separately.

You can even mount it on a wall so that it is out of your way when not in use.

I cannot recommend these products enough. They are affordable, easy to use and very convenient.

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to your painting problems then I recommend that you buy one of these.

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