Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

Best Acoustic Guitar Case Brands:

The most popular brand of acoustic guitar cases are made by Gibson, Fender, Martin and Epiphone. These three companies have been around since the early 1900’s. They all make their own guitars from scratch using only top quality materials.

The guitars are then finished with special lacquer or wax to give them a unique look and feel. All these guitars come in different sizes and shapes which makes it difficult to choose one for your needs. However, there are some things you need to consider before buying an acoustic guitar case.

Guitar Cases For Travel:

Traveling with your guitar is always a good idea because it will protect your instrument during long trips. You may not want to take it along when you go out at night, but if you do, then you’ll definitely want something that can keep your instrument safe while traveling. The best acoustic guitar cases for travel are made by Gibson, Fender and Martin.

These three companies have been making their instruments for over 100 years. Their guitars are very durable and they’re well known for being reliable. When you buy an acoustic guitar case, you’ll get a nice carrying bag that includes a strap so that your instrument won’t fall off the case when you’re travelling.

Guitar Cases For Storage:

If you don’t mind keeping your guitar in its case, then an acoustic guitar case might be just what you need. These cases are made by many manufacturers and for the most part, they’re all very durable. When choosing an acoustic guitar case you’ll want to make sure that it has a good padding around the neck area because this is the part of the guitar that usually takes the most abuse.

If your case has enough padding it will prevent dents in the neck as well as scratches on the finish. A good acoustic guitar case will also have locks on it and it should have some type of a handle so that you can carry it easily.

Brand Names:

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There are many different companies that make quality acoustic guitar cases. Companies like Gator, Musician’s gear, Roadrunner, Reunion Blues, SKB and others all make very good products. You can find a case to fit any budget.

If you want the very best, then you should consider a case made by one of the major guitar manufacturers. Companies like Fender, Gibson, Martin and Yamaha all make very good cases that are specifically designed for their brand of guitar. These cases are usually more expensive but they’re also higher quality. If you have a vintage or rare model guitar, it’s a good idea to get a case that’s made specifically for it since there might not be another one ever again.

Guitar Case Accessories:

Most cases don’t come with a lock. If you want to lock your case, then you’ll have to buy a lock separately. If you’re worried about people taking your guitar out of the case in transit, you should also buy a TSA padlock so that the case can be locked shut while being checked on an airplane.

A TSA padlock has a key that airport security can open if they need to get into your case. You may also want to buy a humidifier for the case since you never know how dry the climate will be where you’re traveling. If you get a humidifier, make sure that it’s designed for use in an instrument case because certain types can damage the guitar. You’ll also need to buy some silica gel packets to put in the case to keep the humidity at a reasonable level.

Amp Cases:

An amp case is mainly designed to protect the amp during travel, but they can also be used to protect your guitar if you decide not to use a guitar case. There are soft amp cases and hard shell amp cases. A soft amp case is mainly used for amps that have fragile corners, or it can be used in addition to a regular guitar case to give extra protection to the sides of the guitar.

A hard shell case is mainly designed for when you need your guitar to arrive in one piece because you’re traveling a long distance, or you don’t feel comfortable with just using a standard guitar case. Most hard shell amp cases are made of fiberglass and have interior padding to protect the amp during travel.

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