Best Aboveground Pool Ladders

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Above ground pool ladder is one of the most common type of pools. There are many types of above ground pool ladders available. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Some have platforms while others do not. These pools can be used for swimming or other activities like sunbathing, lounging etc. All these types of above ground pool ladders are called as “above ground” because they are built into the ground.

Below is a list of best above ground pool ladders:

1) Walk-in Steps – These are the easiest to build and maintain.

You just need some stairs which you will dig out and put down your foundation. There are various kinds of walk-in steps including those made from concrete, stone, wood, metal, plastic and even bamboo!

2) Platform Pool Ladder – A platform pool ladder is a type of above ground pool ladder which is attached to a deck.

Most of them are made from steel and are very sturdy. They are usually installed at the top of the pool where it would look most beautiful.

3) Decked Pool Ladders – These are also known as walk-in steps or decked stairs.

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They are constructed with the help of wooden planks. These planks are installed usually on the top of the pool walls so as to provide a comfortable platform for entering and exiting the pool. Some are built directly into the ground and have no deck at all, though nowadays they are built with small platforms at the top.

4) Stairway Pool Ladders – These above ground pool ladders are very similar to decked pool ladders.

The only difference is that on the top of the ladder is a series of stairs for easy ingress and egress. You can also make them with diving platforms.

5) Tube Style – These above ground pool ladders look like tubes made from metal or plastic.

You have to sit on the inside edge while using these ladders. These are normally the cheapest available and hence most people buy them.

6) Endless Railing – These above ground pool ladders look almost like decked pool ladders.

They have a long railing which goes all the way around the top of the pool. The only difference is that they are not attached to the sides of the pool, rather they stand on their own. This makes them very easy to install.

7) Intex – These above ground pool ladders are made by a company called intex.

They are made from durable plastic which will not corrode, rust or crack. Unfortunately they are very expensive and hence not very common.

8) Metal Pool Ladder – These above ground ladders are made from steel and are very strong.

They do not require any maintenance and can be used for many years to come. They are also very expensive and require professional installation.

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Most above ground pools come with a ladder but if you ever have to buy one separately you can choose from the above types.

On the whole above ground pools are very easy to maintain since there is no real deep end and hence no pile up of dirt. All that you have to do is keep it topped up with water and add the required chemicals every once in a while. You also do not have to worry about debris since all you have to do is clean the surface of leaves, twigs etc.

Also since these pools do not take up too much space they can be installed even indoors if you want!

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