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Best 50-Inch TV Under $500: What’s the Difference Between Best 55″ and Best 60″?

The difference between these two models is only one aspect of buying a good television. Other aspects include picture quality, sound quality, features, price range etc are all important factors to consider when choosing your next TV. Below you will find some interesting facts about different types of televisions.

Picture Quality

Picture quality refers to how bright or dark the image appears. Generally speaking, a brighter screen will appear clearer than a darker one. However, there are differences in the way each type of TV displays images.

Some TVs have better picture quality than others. There are several things which affect picture quality such as size of the display panel (diameter), backlight technology used and so on.

Below you can see comparison pictures of various brands of TVs. You may notice that some TVs look grainy while others look sharp. The reason why some TVs appear grainy is because they use inferior backlighting technology which produces less light output compared to other technologies.

A good example would be Samsung’s LCD panels which are known for their excellent picture quality.

Light Output:

TVs have different display panels. Each display panel has a different light output. The larger the display panel, the more lights you need to backlight that display panel.

Along with size, brightness is also affected by technology used in TVs. For example, some display panels are brighter than others depending on the brand.

Screen Resolution:

Televisions use screen resolutions to display images and videos. Most common resolutions used in TVs are 1366 x 768 and 1920 x 1080. Televisions which support higher screen resolutions display more detailed images.

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However, screen resolution is only one of the factors which affect image quality.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality refers to clarity and bass performance of a TV. Poor sound quality can result in muffled and unclear sounds. Though most TVs come with standard sound systems, there are some models which support external speakers via Bluetooth or other connectivity options.


There are several brands available in the market. Most popular TV manufacturers include Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG. Each brand has its own pros and cons with respect to display quality, sound quality, features and price range.

For example, if you want a TV with excellent display quality then you should go for a Sony or a Samsung. However, If you want a cheaper brand with almost similar features then you can go for a TCL or a Hisense TV.


Most of the times, price is a good indicator of quality. However, there are some cheap TV models which offer excellent picture quality and good sound systems. If you are looking for a cheap TV with 4K display panel then you can go for TCL 4K or Xiaomi 4K Smart TV.

These TV models produce excellent picture quality and their price is lesser than Sony’s or Samsung’s premium models.

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The more features a TV has, the more expensive it might become. Most cheap TVs have low resolution display panels and don’t support many features. Higher end models come with smart features such as built in apps for streaming web content, full HD display panel etc.

Smart Tv:

Most of the modern televisions come with inbuilt smart features. These smart features allow you to directly stream content from the web and your televisions come with an inbuilt media player as well. Most modern televisions also support voice commands which allow you to control the TV using your voice.

We hope our buying guide was helpful in choosing the perfect TV for your needs. Feel free to contact us in case of questions.

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