Best 12-Person Tents

The following are some of the most common questions asked by people:

What’s the difference between a regular 12-person tent and a 14-person tent? What’s the advantage of using a 14-person tent over a regular 12-person tent? How many people can I fit into one coleman weathermaster shelter? Can I use my car or truck as a roof rack for my coleman shelter? Is it possible to use two tents side by side for extra space? Do I need to buy separate tarps for each person?

It is important to note that these are all valid questions. However, there is no right answer. There are several factors involved when choosing which type of shelter will work best for your family. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of each type of shelter before making our decision.

Regular 12 Person Tent vs. 14 Person Tent

There are three main differences between the regular 12-person tent and the 14-person tent. These include:

Size – The size of the shelter is different depending on whether you choose a regular or a large model. A standard shelter measures 18′ x 15′ (45″ x 35″) while a large model measures 20′ x 16′ (50″ x 40″). This extra space can mean an added degree of comfort for your family.

Entry – A standard 12-person tent has one large door, while a large tent has two doors (one on each end).

Vestibule Area – The vestibule area is the covered porch-like area outside the door of the shelter. A regular 12-person tent has 6′ x 8′ of vestibule area while a large model measures 8′ x 10.5 ″.

Coleman WeatherMaster 12-Person Tent

The Coleman weathermaster shelter is a great choice for families who want a reliable and affordable option. It has been designed with durability and convenience in mind. The engineering behind the frame makes it strong enough to withstand severe storms and high winds while remaining lightweight enough to carry comfortably. Families can fit all their gear inside the tent, including 2 queen airbeds, without making it feel crowded.

The WeatherMaster line is designed to protect you from the elements with the WeatherTec system which keeps away insects, moisture, and cold wind. It also comes with a handy gear loft and an LED lantern for a little extra comfort.

The main advantages of the shelter are:

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It is very well made and should last for several years of regular use.

It is large enough to fit two queen airbeds and all your other gear without feeling crowded.

It is very reasonably priced.

The major disadvantage of this model is:

It cannot handle extremely heavy winds and may require some extra weight to anchor it down in such conditions.

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